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Beigong Yus abrupt death was quite the shock. Lu Yun didnt even have time to resurrect him. After his body disintegrated, his fragmented soul immediately turned into a yin spirit and was lured over by the celestial master tomb.

Lu Yun had wanted to summon Cangyin to check if the qilin tomb was in the area as well, but now thought better of it.

The celestial master tomb had devoured the kunpeng nest, which was closely linked to Beigong Yu. Beigong Yus demise must have been the result of some strange bloodline power.

“The Ingress Path is there as well!” Lu Yun sensed a slight tremor from the branch of the Ingress Path in his possession; it seemed eager to make its way to the tomb as well. He quickly circulated his inner energy to restrain the treasure. “Come on, lets head to the tomb!”

Looking off in the direction where Beigong Yu had vanished without a trace, Lu Yun conjured another small boat and ferried himself and Qing Han toward the tomb. The Kunpeng King was only an Infernum, but he was an important asset to Lu Yun.

Hell was no longer the barren, lifeless world it had been. With the City of Life as the central hub, countless Infernum and the Dusk inhabitants brought in by Su Xiaoxiao and Xingzi had formed a full fledged society like those of the real world.

Beigong Yu played an important role in hell as one of the deputies of the City of Life. With his sudden and inexplicable death, the city would fall into temporary confusion.

Moreover, he was one of Lu Yuns first batch of Infernum. He possessed great strength and the potential to become even stronger. There was a chance for him to reach the dao immortal realm, so Lu Yun wasnt going to just let him die like this.

The Sal Tree of Life and Death in Lu Yuns dantian had a good number of karmic fruit swaying on its branches. One of them would be more than enough to resurrect Beigong Yu.

First, though, he would have to find Beigong Yus yin spirit.

The celestial master tomb was about two hundred and fifty thousand kilometers away, which wasnt that great a distance for Lu Yun to traverse now. With Boundless Step, he could make his way to the tomb in a single stride.

“Oh” He stopped himself just short of utilizing the death art, expression grave.

“Whats wrong” Qing Han asked, noticing his change in mood.

“My death art is amplified at least a hundred times in this world!” Lu Yuns face gained a tinge of shock. “One single step will take me twenty-five million kilometers in this unknown world. Why is this” He stared at the land with confusion. “My death art being buffed to this extent… thats only ever happened in hell. What does this place have to do with hell”


Lu Yun extended his hand and ignited a wisp of hellfire from his palm. His mastery over the flame had improved more than a hundred times as well, just like how things were in the netherworld.

Within the netherworld, Lu Yuns strength could reach peak origin dao immortal realm, on par with the celestial emperors. Here, however, his death arts and hellfire were the only things being strengthened.

“This world must be connected to hell somehow! No wonder whatevers in the celestial master tomb can break the power of the Tome of Life and Death and turn Beigong Yu into a yin spirit!” Lu Yun turned to Qing Han, hesitant.

“Dont even think about sending me away,” Qing Han said without missing a beat. “Im not going anywhere.”

Lu Yun was reluctant, but he could never say no to Qing Han.

“Alright. But if we run into danger, Im taking you to hell!” There was a resurrection layout in the netherworld that was the greatest layout Lu Yun had encountered thus far in the world of immortals. Itd managed to create a lively world in hell, and Qing Han would be able to safely take up temporary residence if she stayed in the layout.

The disguised girl nodded slightly.

“Boundless Step is too powerful here. If I make a mistake in my calculations, we may end up somewhere dangerous.” Lu Yun had only acquired the death art when he ascended to the returned void realm, which enabled him to easily traverse the ocean.

Hed experimented with the death art during the trip to this ghostly land, calculating the maximum travel distance of the art and identifying its unique properties.

Here in the ghost realm that brimmed with the unknown, the death art was even more powerful. Far from happily surprised, Lu Yun was on his guard instead. Hed merely estimated that the art had been strengthened a hundred times, but that was just an initial guess.

He needed an exact number and understanding of how much force he should put behind each step to travel the right distance.

Decisively returning to hell, Lu Yun began studying the death art with the support of the Tome of Life and Death.

He first deconstructed the art and returned it to its original state, studying its most basic runes and patterns. Then, he calculated its strength and deduced what had changed based on its trajectory and frequency of the patterns.

Lu Yun continuously moved between hell and the ghost realm, experimenting and measuring results to obtain an answer.

In hell, he was able to deconstruct the death art with the power of hell pushing him to peak condition. In the ghost realm, he tested the improved death art again and again.

Qing Han had been sent into the resurrection layout a while ago. Bored from her position atop the floating summit, she watched as Lu Yun moved around busying himself.

“I feel like you can study other combat arts this way too,” she said suddenly, cocking her head at Lu Yun. “The combat arts in the current world of immortals are much weaker than those of the Primordial Era, and most of them are incomplete. If you can deconstruct and revert them back to their most basic forms, you should also be able to restore them to what they should be, or even invent new combat arts.”

Shed changed back into Qing Yu at some point and opted for womens clothes as well. Shed found a river somewhere and was happily kicking her feet in the clear water.

Realization of her change struck Lu Yun mid calculation. He turned around and gaped at Qing Yu.

Qing Yu winked at the overlord of hell.

“Teach me how youve been studying your combat art, and Ill see if I can improve it.”


The Scroll of Shepherding Immortals circled around Qing Yu, isolating her from the oppressive death energy in hell as she walked up to Lu Yun. Upon entering hell, the treasure began naturally exuding a power that separated the world within it from the netherworld. Empress Myrtlestar, the Azure Dragon King, and the Dragon and Tiger Princes seemed to have been sealed in the scroll as well.

“Alright!” Pointing, Lu Yun transmitted the knowledge to Qing Yu.-

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