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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 529: A Great Sum

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The Demon Sovereign retreated with Jiangchen Xie and was followed by the Hadal Bonefire, leaving the chamber in vast, endless darkness. The human skins that Fangyang Xing had scared away popped out again, their eyes shifting around as they scanned the surroundings.

“Scram!” Dark cyan light exploded through the air. Startled, the human skins darted away like headless flies.

The Firmament Medallion slowly rose into the air and released rays of iridescent radiance; the strange layout permeating the chamber broke without further ado.

“All of you should leave,” Fangyang Xing said slowly, hand pressed to his chest. “This isnt a place for people like you.”

The immortals exchanged nervous looks, but no one wanted to retreat.

“Immortals who havent acquired the power of heaven and earth will die if they set foot in here,” Fangyang Xing continued, wiping away the streak of blood at the corner of his mouth as he looked even more wan.

“Youre a member of the Fangyang Nobles!” exclaimed a dao immortal.

Fangyang Xing didnt deign to respond to that. His eyes remained fixed on where the Demon Sovereign had retreated into, his complexion turning another shade paler. “Dammit, that demons begun refining the Skyturning Seal. If he acquires this greatest man-made weapon, the consequences will be dire!”


Following that statement came the howl of a sword from within Lu Yun. Strands of sword energy abruptly erupted—the Sugato Sword!

Known as the most powerful man-made treasure under the heavens, the sword had once cut down connate-grade treasures and possessed great sentience. Hearing another treasure bestowed with the title ofgreatest man-made, the sword emerged of its own accord, seemingly ready to prove its superiority against the Skyturning Seal.

“The Sugato Sword!” Fangyang Xing called out in surprise. “It hasnt been destroyed yet”

“Of course not.” Lu Yun extended his right hand and casually splayed his fingers. A nine story tower emerged on his palm.

“It really is the Sugato Sword!” Fangyang Xing inhaled deeply. “I was wrong, the Sugato Sword can rival the Skyturning Seal.” He finally gave Lu Yun a proper look and asked, “Who are you”

“Just a random nobody.” Lu Yun could tell Fangyang Xing held less-than-friendly intentions toward him, so he didnt want to waste his breath.

Although Fangyang Xing had driven away Jiangchen Xie and the demon sovereign, saving countless immortals by breaking the Corpse Refining Formation in the process, he maintained an unapproachable air about him. It was as if the immortals here werent people in his eyes, but some random trash beneath him. He was merely fulfilling his mission.

More importantly, Lu Yun noticed that Fangyang Xing wasnt alive. Their savior was a yin spirit that had manifested here through something else. A special combat art had been deployed over him, making it impossible for Lu Yun to influence him while his internal energy was contained.

Fangyang Xing was a great genius of his time as well. It was only natural for him to feel challenged when he saw Lu Yun, another stunning returned void realm cultivator who wielded the fabled Sugato Sword. He nodded and paid Lu Yun no mind.

“I wont force anyone to leave, but right now I need thirty-six dao immortals to stop the demon sovereign with me and prevent him from acquiring the Skyturning Seal.” After a pause, Fangyang continued, “That treasure rivals the Sugato Sword, and I wont claim it for myself. Once we stop the demon sovereign, it will belong to whoever manages to acquire it. And after that, the Firmament Palace will also reward you handsomely!”

Fangyang Xing upped the stakes when he sensed the crowds hesitation, which drew an immediate response. 

“The Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign induced a reign of terror in the world during the Primordial Era. It is the duty of us immortals to eliminate demons like him. Since Sir Fangyang has requested our assistance, we will not back down!”

“Then,” said Fangyang Xing, “I would like to thank you all on behalf of the countless lives in the world of immortals.”


Soon, thirty-six dao immortals were gathered around Fangyang Xing.

Although the primordial genius had yet to ascend to immortality, hed reached peak returned void realm and could rival some initial aether dao immortals. Being surrounded by dao immortals that lacked the power of the world wasnt going to intimidate him.

Fangyang Xing threw a thoughtful glance at Lu Yun and the Scaled-Dragon King, but didnt say anything.

“Wait,” Lu Yun sighed before Fangyang Xing could lead the dao immortals into the chamber to the rear. “Heres thirty-six Principal Nineheavens Talismans. Take them with you.”

He knew that the immortals were after the powerful Skyturning Seal and the promised rewards, but he also knew that the chances of the immortals surviving the next room were slim to none. Some of them had given Lu Yun goodwill before, so he didnt want to see them march to their deaths—hence the talismans.

Principal Nineheavens Talismans could suppress immortal ghosts and counter all manner of evils. Wearing one would increase their chances of survival by at least fifty percent.

“Principal Nineheavens Talismans!” a peak aether dao immortal exclaimed, overwhelmed. “This is a real talisman! The warding power within it exceeds the one in my clans vaults!”

He accepted Lu Yuns gift with trembling hands, his gaze brimming with gratitude.

There were countless ancient tombs in the world of immortals, and most factions had only risen to power by raiding them. One such talisman was enough to be the greatest treasure of a clan, its value rivalling even a connate-grade treasure.

The latter was meant as a form of intimidation to strengthen a factions dominance. They were rarely used until a danger that could destroy the entire faction presented itself. On the other hand, Principal Nineheavens Talismans were practical items that could protect dao immortals when they were in ancient tombs.

The one Situ Zong had brought with him that time was damaged, containing little power. But now, Lu Yun handed out thirty-six Principal Nineheavens Talismans in one go, and whole ones at that. His generosity stunned everyone; even Fangyang Xing was visibly shocked.

“These same talismans will appear at the auction in two months. They wont be auctioned—instead, anyone can buy them as long as they can pay,” Lu Yun said with a smile. “Good luck with your mission. I have come to the celestial master tomb in search of the Ingress Path for the Nephrite court, so Ill leave you be.”

He raised a cupped fist salute at Fangyang Xing and left in another direction with the Scaled-Dragon King and Zou Longxiu.-

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