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“Whoever doesnt want to stay… can piss off.” Lu Yun swept the monsters that were still in their true forms with an icy gaze.

They swallowed their objections back into their throats. They were guests in anothers house and it was only natural that they would have to bend their heads.

“Shrink down as much as you can, turn into human form if you need to!” Situ Zong demanded. “Dont you see that the barrier is stronger when it contracts Out of everyone here, youre the ones wasting the most space!”

“You!” A thirty-meter-tall woolly mammoth glared at him.

“Sect Head, why dont you toss the rest of these animals out, too” Situ Zong turned to Lu Yun.

Terrified by the prospect, the monster immortals instantly shrank to approximately human size, enabling the Divine Glorys barrier to contract smaller still, strengthening itself in the process.

“Let us fight, milord!” Noticing that Lu Yun had ignored their earlier request, Beigong Yu and the Scaled-Dragon King stepped forward again.

Lu Yun turned toward them. “Do you know who these corpse divines are” he asked calmly.

The two monster kings were stunned by the question. What did it matter who their enemies were

“They… are the primordial immortal courts heavenly soldiers.” Lu Yun cast his gaze over the tide of corpse divines. Their armor was cracked and their weapons were rusted, but their motions still exemplified the glory of their bygone era. “If Kui can be resurrected… the same is true for them!”

This army shouldve died in battle, or fallen to the calamity that had destroyed their era, not go out with a muffled whimper in the darkness to satisfy the needs of an intangible fortune. This wasnt the fate they deserved. These soldiers lingering obsession most likely lay on the battlefield, protecting the last hopes of the immortal court.

“Get on!” Lu Yun bellowed.

The giant fortress ship expanded to twice its size at six hundred meters long, delighting the surrounding immortals. They stood up and clambered aboard as quickly as they could.


Black and white burst forth with blinding brilliance upon the ships deck. Lu Yun was employing the Yin Yang Formation Orb from his position at the ships bow.


“Lu Yun is right in front of us!” A number of immortals looked at the young mans back with wavering uncertainty.

A puny cultivator will surely die under my full power, even if he is void realm! A peak aether dao immortal swallowed hard, suppressing his temptations as best he could. If I kill Lu Yun, Ill be able to take the fortress ship for myself. That connate treasure will also be mine! He approached Lu Yun with slow, deliberate steps.

“Hmph!” A frigid snort demolished his plans.

The aether dao immortal stumbled back several steps as a lean, white-haired man in black robes appeared suddenly before him. Though he was only a peerless immortal, his aura was deeper and more foreboding than even the Scaled-Dragon King and Beigong Yus. His gaze was as sharp as physical blades as it pierced into the aether dao immortals own.

“Aieee!” the immortal howled in pain as blood streamed out of his eyes.

“A divine!” Many immortals colored at the sight of the white-haired man. Divines were the public enemies of the entire world, but no one dared make the first move on him.

“Forget it, Tianhuang,” Lu Yun shook his head.

“Yes, milord.” Yuchi Tianhuang retreated to Lu Yuns side and kept watch as a cautious guard. He couldnt kill people now. If he did, the five thousand immortals aboard the ship would be thrown into disarray, and Lu Yun would have a hard time staying alive in the resulting chaos.

“Who is she” Lu Yun lifted his chin with curiosity, his focus upon the corpse divine atop the bone dragon.

“Yu… Yuer…” Finally focusing his attention on the army commander in front of him, Yuchi Tianhuang stared at the female divine perched there. His body began convulsing in anger.

“Ge Yanxia! You bitch! You whore! Ill cut you to pieces if its the last thing I dooooooo!” the Infernum suddenly wailed in anguish. Two trails of bloody tears trickled out of his eyes.

“Shes a dao immortal general of the primordial immortal court who died here before the primordial war. How do you know her” Lu Yun frowned.

“A general of the ancient court… dead before the primordial war!” Yuchi Tianhuang was incredulous.

“Who is thisGe Yanxia you just mentioned” Lu Yun pressed again. The name made him rather uncomfortable. There had been a Ge Clan in Dusk City, once, and Ge Long formerly its steward. The head of that clan had been possessed by someone from the Exalted Immortal Sect to target Lu Yun.

However, the entire clan had vanished overnight after he grew in strength, and there was no sign of them anywhere in the province anymore.

“Milord... do you believe in time travel” Yuchi Tianhuang ventured uncertainly after some hesitation.

“Time travel” Lu Yun blinked. “You mean…”

He wasnt some antiquated relic who couldnt accept anything new. Yuchi Tianhuangs merest mention unlocked in him a new realization.

“Yuer is a Black Tortoise Divine… but that race went extinct long ago. I thought she was the last heir of the race, but…” Through the barrier, Yuchi Tianhuang stared at the figure upon the bone dragon, enraptured. “It turned out that Id traveled back in time to the Primordial Era. No wonder… no wonder she had other clansmen around her, and no wonder she hadnt been surprised to see me.”

In the Primordial Era, the four cardinal divine tribes existed as the four pillars of their race. They were quite plentiful back then.

“Milord, do you see the spear in her hand I refined it for her…” Yuchi Tianhuang wasnt a master refiner, but he wielded connate metal energy through his White Tiger bloodline. He was capable of harnessing its power, and the spear had come about through exactly that.

He recounted everything he had seen during his time in the past. Back then, he hadnt realized hed traveled back in time, and had always thought herclansmen to be those who had adopted her. Hed thought hed stumbled upon an isolated pocket of the world.

“You say you went back to the Primordial Era from the West Sea And you brought Yuer and your daughter back to the present”

“Yes!” Yuchi Tianhuangs eyes narrowed in pain. “If not for that Ge bitch, Yuer wouldnt be dead… she wouldve been able to come to the present with me too…”

He clutched his head in silent mourning.   

In the Primordial Era, Yuchi Tianhuang had brought his wife and the young Yuchi Hanxing to a secret realm in the West Sea to return to the world as he knew it. However, their encounter with the Ges there had led to a woman destroying the realm altogether.

Hed only been able to save his daughter; his wife was lost alongside the secret realm. Hed always thought his wife to have died then and there, but the evidence in front of his eyes showed that shed only returned to her proper time.

The Ge Clan was a major clan of the West Sea monster court, and Ge Yanxia was a dao immortal. The considerably weaker Yuchi Tianhuang couldnt seek vengeance against them in any effective capacity. His only resort was to bide his time and found House Yuchi. After making arrangements for Yuchi Hanxing, he then used the resources of the divines to find the Divine Spymirror and other treasures to gain strength.

Of course, thatd eventually led to him crossing Lu Yuns path and becoming an Infernum.

“Some things are set in stone by destiny.” Lu Yun looked at Yuer atop the bone dragon and noticed that the corpse divines eyes had focused on Yuchi Tianhuang. The soldiers under her command had long since ceased their attacks.-

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