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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 564: The Skyturning Seal

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Void sword dao, a sword that pierces the void itself!

Just now, Fangyang Xings final strike had touched upon the domain of space. If not for the Arcane Golden Bell that Qing Han had loaned to Lu Yun, the attack most likely wouldve ended him for good.

“Sword dao of the void… This sword dao doesnt belong to you either, does it” Lu Yun tightened his grasp on Violetgrave, mockery creeping across his face.

Though formidable, the attack had required Fangyang Xings full power. Moreover, his comprehension of sword dao was shallower than Lu Yuns.

Lu Yun had already begun to fumble into his own sword dao thanks to Violetgraves inspiration, while Fangyang Xing was still mimicking someone else. As such, he couldnt truly be called an initiate in the dao of the sword.

“Its enough to kill you.” Fangyang Xings sword hummed in his hand and released an azure beam of light that vibrated the surrounding space.


He suddenly struck out once more. The firmament awash with azure light, his attack pierced forward with the momentum of rolling thunder, crowding the sky with a dense lattice of illusory swords.

Faster than one could blink, he stabbed forth a full eighty-one times, each thrust filled with monstrous power. Those eighty one swords assaulted not only Lu Yun, but also the meditating Jing Huaci, who was in the middle of refining the Timelight Tower.

Each of them is as strong as the attack from earlier! He really isnt pulling any punches! Lu Yun trembled in the face of the pressure bearing down on him. Whatever, lets do this! He gritted his teeth.


Eighteen karmic fruits went up in flames and flooded his body with the colossal power of virtuous merit. Hellfire simultaneously erupted as well, its black flames setting his body aflame.


A peculiar violet sword light blossomed his hand as he slashed forward.

Vast Dragon Seaturner! 

Peng of Kun!

Starstream Stroke!

Endless Cosmic Ocean!

Four sword forms blended perfectly into one, combining and fusing together to give rise to endless variations. And in that instant—

From one, the sword also became eighty-one as it collided with Fangyang Xings swords. Violet and azure entwined together in the air before canceling each other out.

A terrifying energy deluged Lu Yuns body.


Blood steamed out of his pores as he sagged to the ground, devoid of strength. Meanwhile, Fangyang Xing was sent flying by the impact. A Lu Yun whod been boosted by the might of hellfire and eighteen karmic fruits wasnt something that could be withstood by a void-realm immortal that was yet to undergo their immortal tribulation.

Gurgle gurgle gurgle.

Strange noises emitted from Lu Yuns body as his wounds healed at an incredible rate, and it wasnt long before he slowly stood up again.

“It looks like Ive underestimated you!” He gingerly moved his body about, a hint of relief on his face.

Hed used the Tome of Life and Death just now to steady his consciousness and protect his nascent spirit, so the injuries hed sustained were merely flesh wounds. His soul remained unharmed, and the six paths of nascent spirit in his consciousness deployed the Tome of Life and Death to heal his injuries.

“What, this… this is impossible!” Fangyang Xing gawked in shock. He clambered back up painfully and swallowed a few pills, barely keeping his injuries under control. The attack hed deployed just now was his strongest move.

“Why isnt it possible” Lu Yun grinned. “I already told you, you cant kill me before you pass your tribulation.”

He raised his sword and took step after measured step in Fangyang Xings direction, blood glowing with a black luster dripping from Violetgraves tip. Blood. Fangyang Xings blood.

“Is that so” Fangyang Xing suddenly smiled. He steadied his balance and spread out his right hand, calling forth a great seal that threw off a bright golden light.


The aureate radiance slowly blossomed into dazzling light that mantled his figure, and a mild smile appeared on his lips. “I know that you have Lord Sugatos sword, but let me enlighten you right now, that sword is no match for the Skyturning Seal!”

The Skyturning Seal! Also known as the number one man-made treasure, it was the strongest weapon crafted by man!

A treasure without equal! Legends claimed it originated from the three founders of the immortal dao, and that it could shatter connate-grade treasures!

The Sugato Sword

While also dubbed the number one man-made weapon, that was merely in reference to its own era.


Inside Lu Yun, the Sugato Swords howl of challenge sounded once again. When Fangyang Xing had last mentioned the Skyturning Seal, itd reacted and seemed eager for a showdown. Now, it fiercely responded the moment the seal emerged.

Fangyang Xings cultivation had initially been at peak returned void realm, quite a distance away from a void-ascended immortal. Then everything had changed after hed obtained the Skyturning Seal. The treasures prodigious strength had instantly propelled him into immortality.

Ideally, he wouldve preferred to suppress his strength and cultivation so that he could undergo his tribulation first. That way, the energy and minor world inside himself couldve been fully reforged by the power of immortality.

Alas, hed failed to contain the Skyturning Seals immeasurable might and had directly broken through inside the celestial master tomb.

“The Skyturning Seal!” Lu Yun peered at the immortal treasure. Memories belonging to Xingzi and Luli surfaced in his mind, memories concerning this item.

“The greatest man-made treasure in the world! It once sealed a powerhouse as strong as the primordial immortal emperor and resigned him to death!” Lu Yun inhaled sharply, expression growing grave. He, too, spread out his hand and the Sugato Sword gradually materialized in his grasp.


Faster than one could blink, illusory swords projected from the Sugato Sword formed a dense cover around Lu Yun, while his figure seemed to burn with dark cyan fire.

“The Sugato Sword Nothing but the weapon of an ingress realm immortal from the Primordial Era. How can it be mentioned in the same breath as something created by the founders of the immortal dao” A faint smile appeared on Fangyang Xings lips, but inwardly, he wasnt as calm as he seemed.

Just like the Timelight Tower, the Skyturning Seal was the kind of treasure that represented a certain taboo. Once word of it got out, itd throw the entire world of immortals and others beyond into chaos.

Thus, hed killed all the dao immortals accompanying him after obtaining the seal. And were he not so eager to get his hands on the Timelight Tower, he never wouldve brought out the seal. The Sugato Swords reputation paled greatly in comparison. 

They say itd once shattered a connate treasure

Well then, that broken treasure had only been bottom-tier at best.


Preempting Fangyang Xings attack, Lu Yun waved his hand and the Sugato Sword disassembled with a boom. It transformed into a sea of spectral swords that stretched as far as the eye could see, all of which shot in the seals direction.

“Hahaha! Lu Yun, you must have a death wish!” Fangyang Xing laughed boisterously as his Skyturning Seal flew into the air and transformed into a giant mountain.

“Maybe I do, maybe I dont. All I know is that youre dead for sure.” A cold smile crept on Lu Yuns lips. Without warning, a full thirty weapons of war appeared in the air, their inky black cannon mouths pointed squarely at his enemy.

Fangyang Xing almost jumped out of his skin. “Weapons of war! You really do carry those around!”-

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