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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 580.2: Fright

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“Is this the supreme treasure of the fur seals” Lu Yun frowned faintly. “That cant be it. According to Su Xiaoxiaos memories, the fur seals didnt have any special lineages or powerhouses. As a species, they were the lowest of the low in the Primordial Eta. Aether dao immortality was the limit of their potential, so its absolutely impossible for them to craft this kind of treasure.

“Plus, theres a rich energy inside that obviously came from demons… Demons… Ge, Ge!” 

His eyes shone as he suddenly thought of something. “The four celestial masters of the ancient immortal court… were from the human, monster spirit, demon, and divine races! Their family names were respectively Zhang, Xu, Ge, and Sa!”

Celestial Master Zhang, Celestial Master Xu, Celestial Master Ge, and Celestial Master Sa! As it happened, the demon celestial masters family name was Ge!

“Does this mean that this jar once belonged to the demon celestial master”

According to Su Xiaoxiaos memories, the demon celestial master was the then number one equipment refiner in the immortal world, one who could manifest the forge of earth and sky—the highest realm of the equipment dao.

“Hes probably the one who refined the bone bricks as well. The fur seals are surnamed Ge, but they cant possibly be Celestial Master Ges descendants. Maybe theyre one of the insurance policies he left behind”

He recalled Ge Yun saying that, if not for Lu Yun freeing the fur seals from their self-isolation with his formation of heaven and earth, the race wouldnt have been able to set foot back in the world.

Fur seals were primitive creatures that didnt form clans or take on family names. However, the ones hed run into now claimed the surname Ge and possessed Celestial Master Ges treasure. It was impossible for there not to be some sort of connection between the two.

“Ill have to ask the little fox when I head back…” He couldnt help but shake his head with a wry smile. “That fox had everything planned out from the start, thats why she told me not to discuss any part of what happened here when I return.

“But the demon celestial masters treasure is immensely useful to me. I have quite a few precious treasures on me, but none that someone of my level can use… A primordial treasure like this jar will suit me just fine.”

He regained his calm and started refining the jar. The treasure held a universe inside, and he could even sense a complete immortal dao in it. 

“I must obtain a copy of the complete immortal dao and research it from every angle. To do so, I need to go where the fur seals live… Ge Yanxia, was it I need to take her alive!”

But right now, Kui was the only method at his disposal to capture a primordial dao immortal alive—one who possessed a complete immortal dao. Neither he, nor his other subordinates had that kind of strength.



Quite a long time later, the Lake of Yin suddenly erupted, energy boiling forth from underground and flooding an area a hundred kilometers wide. Almost palpable, the yin energy lacerated the surrounding space like a sharp blade. Meanwhile, faintly discernible dragon howls could be heard below ground.

Lu Yun immediately paused his refinement of the jar and sprang to his feet, pointing one finger at the sky and another at the land while shouting, “Hold!”

Simultaneously, he deployed the Dragonsearch Invocation and Dragonshift Method to stabilize the giant yin vein underneath.

“Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method… Dragonspike Litany!” he roared furiously.

Still below ground, Zuo Longxiou was at a critical stage in his bid to absorb the yin vein, so Lu Yun had unleashed the final legacy art of his sect: the Dragonspike Litany!

His sect possessed two great inheritances: the first was the cosmic feng shui method, a skill that allowed one to decipher feng shui through observation of the stars. The second was the sects core legacy, an inheritance with power far exceeding the cosmic feng shui method… namely, the Dragonsearch Invocation series.

Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method, and Dragonspike Litany!

The so-called spike in the Dragonspike Litany referred to the kind of spike used to skewer something. By forcibly manipulating the power of the land, it could pin earthen and dragon veins in place.

Allegedly, when the Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method, and Dragonspike Litany all reached great perfection, they could be combined into one singleDragonquake Scripture. 

According to the annals of the tomb raider sect, the three feng shui arts originated from the split Dragonquake Scripture. But since time immemorial, no one had ever cultivated all three arts to great perfection, not even the sects ancestor.

In fact, forefathers throughout various eras had used only the Dragonsearch Invocation at most.

While the Dragonshift Method and Dragonspike Litany had always been passed on, no one had ever practiced them, given that the Earth had been in its Degenerate Age.

But this time, in order to help Zuo Longxiu devour the yin vein, Lu Yun had resorted to the Dragonspike Litany without hesitation. It was his first time using it ever since hed arrived in the world of immortals.

One step away from taking form as a true dragon, the yin dragon vein shrieked with anguish as it found itself impaled by a formless spike, unable to move a single inch.

Zuo Longxiu transformed back into his true form. A huge beast, somewhere between a tiger and a lion, with a body covered in icy patterns, opened its maw wide and relentlessly devoured the energy of the yin vein.

“Stabilize your cultivation, dont try breaking through!” Lu Yuns voice rang out like a thunderclap, the enormous commotion immediately reaching his disciples ears.

The monster spirit shook from head to toe and immediately halted his increasing cultivation. Instead, he turned his efforts to fusing the vein with his bloodline and strengthening the lineage from his mothers side.

“This is the North Sea Scaled-Dragon Kings dual cultivation method, remember it well!” Lu Yun imparted the method to his disciple as he spoke.

Zuo Longxiu returned to human form and sat down cross-legged above the yin vein, entering a deep meditative state.


“A yin dragon vein about to gain sentience cannot be destroyed like this!” A frosty shout came from the emptiness as a long spear dove from the sky like a golden dragon and stabbed straight at Zuo Longxiu. The speartip reached the monster kings brow even as the voice echoed.

“Wu Tulong!!” At this crossroad between life and death, Lu Yun sprang into action and stopped the fearsome spear light with his hand.

A trace of blood oozed out between Zuo Longxius brows.

“Lu Yun.” Wu Tulong looked at Lu Yun with a smile. The spear in his hand was now golden in color, and terrifying energy pulsated from its entire length. Just like Lu Yun, he was also on the verge of becoming a void-ascended immortal, being a mere tribulation away.

“You arent being controlled by Sword Divine!” Lu Yuns eyebrows shot up. In this moment, he once again saw the young genius glowing with spirit and vitality.

“How can a trivial soul method do anything to me” Wu Tulong grinned. “But although Im not being controlled by the soul seed, I still need to carry out Sword Divines orders.”


He brandished his long spear. “Now that Im here, Im saving this yin dragon vein.”

“Oh yeah” Lu Yun shook Violetgrave with a flourish, eliciting a soft croon from it. “Id like to see you try.”

Wu Tulongs pupils constricted violently. “Wielding dao through the sword... Youve reached the same heights as Sword Divine!”-

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