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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 581: Bloodline Success

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Seeing the sword river curling around Lu Yun, Wu Tulong turned grave, but an intense fighting spirit overflowed from the depths of his eyes. The golden spear shook gently in his hand, producing a faintly discernible dragon cry.

Dragon soul!

A dragon soul was unexpectedly sealed inside the spear!

Given the formidable might Lu Yun could sense from the soul… it was likely the soul of an ancient skydragon, its colossal strength sealed inside the spear and bequeathing the weapon strength enough to destroy the world.

The projection of a pale golden dragon emerged from the spear and coiled around Wu Tulong, gently burning like a golden flame.

“Alas!” Lu Yun heaved a long sigh. “Wu Tulong, senior brother Wu, I, too, dearly wish to battle you, but nows not the time.”


Space shook as a black cannon appeared beside Lu Yun. Hed previously burned a measly billion immortal crystals to fire at the fur seals, a far cry from the cannons limits.

“You!!” Indignation and frustration descended when Wu Tulong saw Lu Yun vigilantly withdraw his sword form and take out his weapon of war.

Although Wu Tulong was also a mere tribulation away from becoming a void-ascended immortal, his cultivation level still wasnt enough to ward off a shot from a weapon of war. For many, such weapons were a great invention that hadnt existed back in the Primordial Era. If they had… perhaps the immortal dao wouldnt have been severed, and the world of immortals wouldnt have fragmented.

“Lu Yun, are you admitting that youre worse than me That youre afraid of fighting me” Two golden flames burned in Wu Tulongs eyes as his lips curved up with a hint of disdain.

“Theres no need to goad me.” Lu Yun shook his head. “I know what youre trying to do. If we start fighting, itll cause the yin dragon vein to run berserk and ruin my disciples efforts. For my disciples sake, I can only have you suffer some indignation for now.”

He waved a hand, causing white light to glint from the cannons mouth. If not for Wu Tulong agitating the dragon vein, Lu Yun might truly have gone another round with him… But the presence of a dragon soul would resonate with the yin dragon vein and stimulate the vein to break free of the Dragonspike Litany and Dragonshift Method keeping it in check.

“Dont move, or Ill kill you.” A murderous glint flashed through Lu Yuns eyes. “You might be a worthy opponent, but… there are more geniuses appearing everyday in the world of immortals now. Many among them would make as good an opponent as you.”

Wu Tulongs face sank. With a harrumph, he turned on his heels and left; he could see Lu Yuns determination. Had he stayed a moment longer, the Dao Flowers guardian wouldve surely fired the cannon and blasted him to death.


Lu Yun sighed with relief at Wu Tulongs departure. Deep down, he didnt want to kill the man. The terrors of soul planting were a known quantity, but Wu Tulong had defeated it head-on with staunch will alone! Such a feat wasnt something an ordinary man could do.

Despite Wu Tulongs departure, Lu Yun didnt lower his guard. He could still sense several mighty consciousnesses in the vicinity, ones that made regular passes every now and then.

Without a doubt, there were still others eyeing the yin dragon vein.

The yin energy inside the vein had dwindled by now, so it wasnt impossible for a powerful immortal to carry it off with their own power. However, given the deterrence of the weapon of war, none of these people dared show themselves.

The Arcane Yin Fruit had already been sent to hell and was in the middle of merging with the flattened pulp that was left of his replica. But the process was rather slow, and results overnight were out of the question.

On the third day, the yin energy below the lake surged once more from underground, sending the body of energy into a boil.


A series of explosions came from below ground, followed by a disembodied black dragon soaring into the air, howling a draconic challenge to the skies.

“I see… so Zou Longxius lineage of extreme yin turns out to be from the dragons!” Lu Yun stared in surprise.

In the world of immortals, the blood of dragons was an apex lineage, possessing monstrous strength. Among them, extreme yin dragons were a rare bloodline. But for all its potential, it still was a little inferior to an ice mo bloodline, so mos had always suppressed the bloodline and even excised it.

Even so, the blood of an extreme yin dragon was no trifling matter. What was left of it had constantly vied for supremacy with the ice mo blood in Zou Longxius veins and weakened him as a result.

However, devouring the yin dragon vein had instantly brought the yin dragon bloodline to parity with his ice mo bloodline. More importantly, Lu Yun had given his disciple the Scaled-Dragons dual cultivation method so that he could combine his two supreme bloodlines.

As the black dragon roared in the air, a disembodied white ice mo also rushed out and slowly fused with the dragon. A terrifying aura gradually rose in the sky.


“So powerful!” Some dao immortals lying in wait nearby paled at the sight.

“This strengths already reached the limits of the peerless immortal realm. Its the strongest one can be beneath the dao immortal realm! Sadly…” sighed a dao immortal from the Yellow Springs monster court. “Sadly, void-ascended immortals are already appearing in the world, or else Zou Longxiu would have been the number one heavyweight below the dao immortal realm.”

“What do you mean, sadly” another dao immortal countered. “Hes Lu Yuns disciple now, so Lu Yun will definitely etch a formation of heaven and earth for him.”

“Lets go. Zou Longxiu might have betrayed Yellow Springs Land, but hes still a former comrade of ours.” There was a tacit understanding among the monster immortals from Yellow Springs Land.

Although Zou Longxiu had betrayed them, he hadnt made himself an enemy of theirs either. There was still some affection left between both parties. And if Yellow Springs Land wanted to obtain formations of heaven and earth, they would have to go through Zou Longxiu.


“Thank you, master! This disciple has found success due to masters aid!” Zou Longxiu knelt in front of Lu Yun and kowtowed with gratitude.

His appearance was very different at this moment. His previously snow-white hair had become as black as ink, a sign that his extreme yin bloodline had perfectly fused with his ice mo blood. The combination of the two made Zou Longxiu extraordinarily powerful, so much so he could almost go toe-to-toe with void realm cultivators. 

“Get up.” Lu Yun nodded. “Now, leave this tomb and go back to Yellow Springs Land.”

“Eh” Baffled, Zou Longxiu looked back at his master with incomprehension.

“Dont worry, the Yellow Springs Monster Emperor wont make things difficult for you.” Lu Yun pondered for a moment. “This is a letter in my own handwriting. Give it to the emperor, hell know what to do.” He handed a jade slip to his disciple. “Go on, dont fail your masters first mission for you.”

“Understood!” Zou Longxius figure trembled as he quickly accepted the jade slip before turning around and leaving.

After learning the Dragonshift Method, it wasnt very difficult for him to leave the celestial master tomb. As a matter of fact, telling him to leave was another way the tomb raider sect master was testing him.-

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