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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 618.1: Never Backing Down

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Somewhere within Dusk City, a golden pillar of light shot into the sky before transforming into an imperial edict.

A deafening, majestic voice rolled through the province like a surging wave. “By the order of this emperor, Lu Yun of Dusk Province is to present himself in Yellow Springs Capital for an imperial audience within three days!” 

Aloof, indifferent, and highly superior, this voice belonged to none other than the emperor of Yellow Springs Land. Against all expectations, a decree from the monster spirit ruler of one of the ten lands had come as soon as Lu Yuns dao-establishing tribulation had ended.

Afflicted by an adverse environment and thin levels of natural qi, Yellow Springs Land boasted of few powerhouses beyond their emperor.

But while it ranked dead last among the ten lands in terms of strength, the emperor himself was without a doubt the strongest existence in all ten monster courts. If not for the poor conditions hampering his dynastys development and the close ties between the ten courts, he likely wouldve gone on a rampage long ago and unified the ten lands with his power alone.

Of course, titles such as “monster courts” or “monster emperors” were what outsiders called them. Locals knew them as celestial courts and celestial emperors, just like in the nine majors.

While no one had expected the Yellow Springs emperor to be so openly confrontational, it wasnt so shocking a turn of events, either. After all, Yellow Springs monster king Zou Longxiu had publicly defected to Lu Yuns side, even becoming the young mans disciple later down the road, so it wasnt all that strange for someone as high-handed as the Yellow Springs emperor to act this way.

Although it was a mere edict, it nevertheless demonstrated the supreme, unassailable authority of an emperor. At the same time, it was a slap at Lu Yuns face.

True, the young mans attempt to establish a sacred land had attracted the projection of the Dao Flower, but his efforts had nearly failed. And while he was being hailed as the master of a future sacred land, Dusk Province wasnt one yet. Such an imperial edict was nothing more than a parade of bluster and prowess.


“Hes forcing my hand,” Lu Yun murmured as he stood atop the city walls and gazed at Dusk City five hundred kilometers away.

Since this emperor had detained Zou Longxiu, Lu Yun had no choice but to go and get to the bottom of the matter. His second disciple was very important, and hed already shared the legacy of the tomb raiders with him.

“We might as well go and find out what this emperor is up to. At worst, well turn his place upside down and into a right mess.” Aware of the Zou Longxiu matter, Qing Yu glanced at the edict with displeasure.

“Its not that simple.” Lu Yun shook his head gently. “There is indeed a place called the Yellow Springs in hell. Meanwhile, Yellow Springs Land is named after the Yellow Springs River that runs through it. I suspect some sort of connection between the two.”

“Lu Yun.” The Azure Dragon King fidgeted uncomfortably beside the youth. What the two humans were discussing obviously touched upon Lu Yuns deepest secrets, secrets he wanted no part of.

He was currently in Lu Yuns camp simply to witness the birth of a sacred land, but being privy to any secrets would tie him to the young man for good. It was the very position that Empress Myrtlestar now found herself in.

Though shed obtained sustenance for her damaged soul and begun to heal, she relied on Lu Yun to truly come back to life. It was why shed displayed the true force of an empress at the border between Dusk Province and the North Sea, even shattering space itself to deter Primus Major.

At this stage, she was firmly in the same boat as Lu Yun and Qing Yu.

“A few days ago, I saw azure dragons roaming near the provinces borders. Some of my tribe must have survived the war a hundred thousand years ago, so Im going to head to the ancestral lands and take a look.” Without further ado, the Azure Dragon King departed in a stream of light.

“What a shrewd old fellow.” Lu Yun grinned as Qing Yu poked his side.


Another pillar of golden light shot into the sky from Dusk City. A second edict!

“By the order of this emperor, Lu Yun of Dusk Province is to proceed immediately to Exalted Major Palace for an audience!” With the boundless voice came an oppressive power that spread throughout the province.

Yet another simple, plain declaration reinforced by a tyrannical, imperial aura that one couldnt avoid. For these figures, Lu Yun was a gnat of no importance, a mere edict sufficient to command his abject obedience.


Shortly after, the third, fourth, and fifth edicts followed suit. With the same authoritative tone, they likewise summoned Lu Yun to an audience. In next to no time, a full nine edicts filled the sky, their aureate hue bathing the provinces forty thousand kilometers in gold.

Apart from Nephrite Major and the now-destroyed Witherdew Major, the celestial emperors of the other seven majors had all sent an edict. Added to that the Yellow Springs emperor and the Untroubled Sea dragon kings edicts, nine glowing golden scrolls glittered with unbridled arrogance. 

Rather than truly wanting to meet Lu Yun, they meant to humble the young man. Even if Lu Yun established a sacred land, all would know that these emperors remained the true masters of this world!

No one could eclipse an emperors might.


“Milord, you can consider going to Exalted Major.” Ge Longs fawning voice suddenly sounded by Lu Yuns ear.

“Exalted Major” Lu Yun blinked in surprise.

Still inside hell, Ge Long sat cross-legged near the four evil coffins and used voice transmission to communicate with his master.

“No, to be more precise, I mean the Exalted Immortal Sect. Theres a treasure inside the sects Exalted Divine Tomb. Milord, if you can obtain that item, Dusk Sacred Land will be as solid as Mount Tai.” There was a trace of reverence in Ge Longs voice.

“The Exalted Divine Tomb” Lu Yuns eyes shone bright as he recalled the two Exalted Divines whod buried Su Xiaoxiao on Levitating Island. Without question, some Exalted Divines were still alive in the world of immortals. And Sword Divine… might be one of them.

For Lu Yun, Sword Divines existence was a bone stuck in his throat. The man was mysterious, powerful, and constantly plotting against Qing Yu, trying to plant a soul seed in her. Lu Yun had yet to find a way to deal with him thus far, but perhaps a solution awaited inside the tomb of the Exalted Divine Tribe.

Theirs was the tribe thatd once severed the immortal dao and engraved their divine runes on the Dao Flower, instituting divine dao as the one prevalent dao of the world.

Although divine dao had ultimately fallen, no one could deny the magnitude of the tribes strength. Likewise, the Sword of Chaos theyd left behind was beyond terrifying. A resurgence of these people would herald untold chaos across the world of immortals.


“Very well, were going to Exalted Major then!” A smile appeared on Lu Yuns lips. “Alright, I got it.” His response to the edicts traveled throughout the province, so mild it seemed he was addressing an insignificant trifle. 

“Hmph, to act so unconcerned in the face of nine imperial decrees, this Lu Yun must be tired of living!” Inside Dusk Province, quite a few immortals were waiting for Lu Yun to make a fool of himself. Not even the master of Destiny City or Levitating Islands monster sacred land couldt withstand simultaneous pressure from nine celestial emperors.

Possessing unfathomable power and influence, the celestial courts had dominated the world of immortals for close to eighty thousand years. It was too tremendous a history to just be brushed aside.

Moreover, that they thought nothing of acting so brazenly was proof of their absolute confidence. Perhaps the emperors of the seven majors had already integrated their heavenly mandates within themselves and reached origin dao immortal realm.

Even as flawless origin dao immortals, celestial emperors with or without a mandate were two different things altogether.

Lu Yuns irreverence was more than excuse enough for them to descend on Dusk Province in person, and even the immortal restriction, the fearsome human demon, would crumble in front of such might.

“I think Lu Yuns merely putting up a front to preserve the face of the master of a future sacred land,” some people sneered. “Lets see how he gets himself out of this predicament!”

Many were assuming that he wouldn't dare set foot outside the province. As a result, going against the edicts would give the nine emperors ample justification to punish him in person.

But even if he decided to go, which court was he supposed to choose Any edict he obeyed would offend the other eight. Therefore, most people thought that Yellow Springs Land would be his most likely destination.

“Go back and tell the Exalted emperor that this seat will pay him a visit in three days.” Lu Yuns response left quite a few people dumbfounded.

Exalted Major What was he trying to do

A month ago, the Exalted Immortal Sect had spearheaded the invasion of Dusk Province! Lu Yuns next words subsequently set the entire world astir.

“Yuchi Hanxing, select a million soldiers from the Dusk Phalanx and ten lord-grade fortress ships. Depart for Witherdew Major immediately. Your mission is to seize the majorsSerenity Province.”-

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