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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 619: The Lineal Tomb

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If there was one person in the world whose each and every move could attract the attention of all, it was Lu Yun. Master of the future sacred land with a host of treasures to his name, each one powerful enough to turn his peers green with envy!

In the eyes of many, him setting foot inside Exalted Major was no different than a lamb venturing into a tigers mouth.

The dao weapon protecting the dao fruit tree was in Lu Yuns possession. Perhaps he didnt usually carry it around with him, but if Exalted Major captured him, ransoming the brat for the weapon didnt seem out of the question.

And now that he was already inside the major, his fate was sealed.

Other than the imperial court, the Exalted Immortal Sect was another powerful presence within the major. Just like twin pillars supporting the sky, they worked in tandem to bolster the faction.

Among the nine majors, Primus Major was deservedly ranked number one, while the number two laurel jointly belonged to Citrine and Exalted Major.

On the surface, the Exalted Court and Exalted Immortal Sect didnt get along and frequently undermined each other, but everyone knew that for the pretense it was. If both were to one day act with a common goal, even Primus Major would have to consider giving way.


The Exalted Courts emissary turned on his heel after saying his piece and left without further ado. While quite a few immortals had come to receive Lu Yun, they didnt exhibit any particular courtesy. In fact, they looked more like a regiment sent to escort a prisoner. 

Their lack of manners was easy enough to understand. In three short days, Exalted Major had sustained heavy losses in Witherdew Major, its soldiers defeated at every turn by ten lord-grade ships. Serenity Province, once theirs for the taking, had been wrenched from their grasp.

Now that the chief culprit had arrived, these immortals wouldve unsheathed their flying swords and dismembered him into a thousand pieces at the drop of a hat, if not for the celestial emperors orders.

Instead, the delegation of immortal officials resorted to their flying treasures with nary a word and took to the air toward Mount Exalted.

Rather than trying to ingratiate himself with plainly hostile people, Lu Yun stuck to bantering with Qing Yu along the way. Hed already guessed that his arrival would throw Exalted Major into disarray. They probably hadnt imagined hed really show up, and were likely now debating how to deal with him.

After traveling for an hour or so, the dao immortal emissary suddenly came to a stop.

“Its getting dark, so you should rest here for now. His Celestial Majesty will receive you tomorrow on the morn.” Without waiting for Lu Yuns reply, the official summarily disappeared beyond the horizon, his men in tow.

Li Youcai looked up blankly at the blinding sun hanging high above them. “Is it getting dark” he muttered foolishly. 

“Of course not. Its all a show from the Exalted court to put me in my place.” Lu Yun sneered at the opulent manor in front of him, a trace of chill on his lips.

“Whats the matter” Qing Yu asked subconsciously when she noticed something amiss with his expression.

“This is a lineal tomb, one that kills without drawing blood.” Lu Yun had been prepared for a trip fraught with danger, but the presence of Ashu by his side bolstered his confidence. To think that Exalted Major would use a lineal tomb to kill him!

A lineal tomb was a place of eternal rest, in which lay coffins of familial ancestors. But it only took a small alteration to turn such a tomb into a lethal weapon.

The tomb in front of him had once housed the remains of a great clans ancestors, but itd been abandoned for a long, long time and slowly transformed into an ill-omened place, a natural killing layout. 

The manor seemed opulent on the surface, but through the Spectral Eye, he could see the blood and gore that stained the place, remnants of untold numbers of living creatures thatd died here. By arranging for Lu Yuns group to shelter here for the night, Exalted Majors officials were obviously intent on having the structure do their dirty work for them.

But who was Lu Yun Someone this easily frightened He glanced around the surroundings and spotted furtive figures darting past. Chuckling, he calmly led his group into the residence.

“The manor looks magnificent and the decorations are all sumptuous, but why does it feel so cold in here” Lin Yu couldnt help but shiver once they were inside and hastily scrutinized the surroundings.

“This place is filled with yin energy and thinly-veiled murderous intent. It must be the Lineal Tomb Killing Layout as described in the secret archives of the tomb raiders.” Without undue haste, Lin Xuan leafed through a thick paper book in his hand and compared the writings with their environment. “Look over there. Yin energy converges in that spot, while yang energy is repelled. Its fine enough in the daytime, but ghostly creatures are sure to run amok once night falls.”

Compared to Lin Yu, Lin Xuan was a little more interested in feng shui layouts. The secret archives of the tomb raiders in his hand was a book Lu Yun had written according to the classics of his sect, one that also integrated everything hed experienced during his time in the world of immortals.

Rather than jade slips that could be read with ones consciousness, Lu Yun had a preference for books made of paper.

“Over there, you say…” Blinking, Lin Yu shook his head and smiled wryly. He really didnt understand the ways of feng shui.

“Unless Im mistaken…” Paying no heed to his brothers expression, Lin Xuan looked around and declared in a solemn tone, “theres a ghost king here! An extraordinarily dangerous ghost king. This residence actually turned into ruins a long time ago, everything we see now is an illusion that the ghost kings created by combining the tomb with the lands feng shui. We fell into the ghost kings trap the moment we came inside!”

With an imperceptible smile, Lu Yun nodded gently at Lin Xuans words. His pupil was very close to the truth.

“Its not an illusion,” he corrected. “As a medium of the underworld, ghost kings wield power over life and death and extinguish heaven and earth. Strictly speaking, this places become a separate world of its own. Just like the tombs of the yin and yang realms, it occupies the same space as the outside world, but on a parallel plane. Everything here is real.”

Lu Yun looked around them. “Although this ghost king is formidable, it cant isolate its domain from the yang energy of the world, yet. Its daytime, so it must be hidden somewhere, observing us. Night will be when it reigns supreme.”

A circulation cycle had formed in this minor world, one that combined various feng shui of extreme yin to repel yang. The ghost king wasnt truly afraid of what little yang energy there was left, just instinctively reluctant to show itself during the day.

The explanation made Lin Xuan increasingly excited, while Lin Yu couldnt help but shudder. As for Li Youcai, his wide figure curled into a ball and hid behind Lu Yun.

“Ho-how about we leave” the trembling Li Youcai offered.

“Exalted Majors powerhouses will slaughter you if we take half a step outside this manor.” Qing Yu glanced sideways at him. If he werent so useful, she wouldve kicked him out already.

“What should we do now” Lin Xuan carefully observed the surroundings while constantly referencing the book in hand to assess the situation.

“Honestly, everything will be easily resolved as long as we find the ghost kings corpse. And if this ghost king was this strong in life…” Lu Yun was still one Envoy of Samsara short. He could feel that the quota of ten envoys allowed by the Tome of Life and Death wasnt a random, meaningless number.

Thus, before he ascended to immortality, he planned to gather all ten envoys.-

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