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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 632: Standing Guard

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With an earsplitting shriek, Ge Yanxias obese frame smashed heavily into a palace wall. A fraction of a second later, golden talisman glyphs twisted through the air and dispelled the rampaging silver lightning. 

A beat later, silence once again descended on the palace. Lu Yun stood quietly unmoving, one hand extended forward with fingers splayed, tiny wisps of silver lightning playing around his digits.

Ge Yanxias entire figure was charred black. Her hair, protective treasures, and clothes had all been burned to a crisp, exposing scorched skin and a waft of grilled meat.

Sharp breaths could be heard from the Exalted emperor, Donglin Taihuang, and Qi Hai. Ge Yanxia might be a mere aether dao immortal, but as a primordial immortal, she rivaled origin dao immortals in strength. Even so, Lu Yuns lightning had blasted her away and disintegrated the defensive treasures on her before breaching her defenses.

Among them, Qi Hai seemed particularly shaken. Hed previously been confident that hed plumbed the extent of Lu Yuns trump cards and grasped what made the young man so powerful, but the scene thatd just played out before his eyes was beyond his comprehension.

It appears that legacies from the era of human dao arent the only things hes obtained… There are things even more ancient on him, perhaps the legacy of a great emperor. Another thought sprang to his mind, unbidden. And the Tome of Life and Death he spoke of last time, just what can it be…


Ge Yanxia struggled back to her feet, then shook herself all over. Dark radiance flashed across her, restoring her to her previous appearance. Fires of anger blazed inside her bovine eyes, but she no longer dared continue the offensive.

Wreathed in silver lightning, even Lu Yuns hair had taken on a silver hue.

“A fur seal” His lips curved up in a smirk. “Ill show His Majesty some face today and refrain from ending your life. If we were anywhere else… I wouldnt mind making barbecue out of you.”

Lu Yuns leer carried just enough cold ruthlessness to induce a subconscious shudder.

“Enough, please set aside your past grievances for now. We invited you here to discuss serious matters,” the emperor finally intervened.

As for Qi Hai and Donglin Taihuang, they hadnt openly chosen a side from start to finish.

“Serious matters” Ge Yanxia grinned, baring yellow teeth thatd almost turned black with caked filth. “Fine, but before that, tell this brat to hand over my tribes treasure first—the Demonic Sovereign Cauldron.”

The Exalted emperor frowned faintly.

“Your Celestial Majesty,” Lu Yun interjected before the emperor could speak. “In the ancient times, fur seals were the lowest of the low, the most ordinary of wild beasts. Given the presence of such a base creature among us, I assume that whatever you want to discuss must not be that important.”

He glanced at Ge Yanxia with disgust. Truth be told, he really found this... thing... repugnant.

Ge Yanxias wounds were healed, but being charred by lightning, her clothes remained in tatters. Despite the undulating waves of her completely exposed body, she stood there without any sense of shame.

Other than her humanoid form, there was nothing human about her. Lu Yun wasnt brave enough that he dared chance another look straight at the creature.

Struck speechless, the emperor stared vacantly at him.

“You little bastard!!” Infuriated by Lu Yuns insults, Ge Yanxia charged again with a snarl.

Sizzle boom!

Lu Yun unleashed lightning from his hands for the second time and blasted the creature back.

“Stay your hands, both of you!” The celestial emperor found himself a little flustered. Since hed witnessed the might of the heavenly thunder absorbed by Lu Yun, he was truly afraid the young man might kill the fur seal. The fur seal was too useful to him to be allowed to die, at least for the moment.

“The Primordial Era is long past and many things have changed since. Whats more, this is the Exalted Palace. If there is enmity between you, please wait until the end of this matter before acting on it. What say you” The emperor unleashed a formidable aura that restrained Ge Yanxia before she raged completely out of control.

“As I said earlier, I wont end its life this time out of respect for Your Majesty. But my tolerance has its limits if this... fur seal keeps causing trouble.” Lu Yun nodded with great indifference.

Ge Yanxia huffed and panted, the massive mounds of her chest heaving up and down. Everyone else in the hall looked away as the sight was rather nauseating.

“Let tea be served.” With a wave of a hand, the celestial emperor restored the destroyed hall back to its former appearance and invited his guests to seats of honor.

Palace maids entered with tea, alleviating the tension somewhat.

“We invited all of you here because there are two matters We desire your assistance with.” The emperor lifted his teacup and took an elegant sip.

“What fine tea!” Silent thus far, Donglin Taihuang smacked his lips in praise. “This must be the divine races Divine Blood Tea, irrigated by the blood of divine spirits.”

With a smile, the emperor inclined his head.

“Your Exalted Majesty, you must have summoned us for those two matters,” Qi Hai finally spoke.

“Tomorrow, my junior brother will face his immortal tribulation. We would like the four of you to stand guard over him.” The emperors response was solemn. “The tribulation from the heavens isnt Our greatest concern, what We worry most about is the evil of man.”

“Your Majestys junior brother” asked the curious Lu Yun.

“The only son of the previous Exalted celestial emperor, the last of his bloodline,” the emperor sighed.

“For the only son of the former celestial emperor, I will naturally rise to the occasion.” Lu Yun grew solemn.

In the past, the nine celestial emperors of the world had supported him as the foremost youth sovereign and protected him alongside Zhao Fengyang, disposing of many unseen threats before they arose.

In all likelihood, the nine emperors had disappeared from public eye, not because theyd secluded themselves to collectively break through, but to block a rift leading to the world of immortals.

So, whether for rational or sentimental reasons, hed never refuse this request.

“Since the tribulation is tomorrow, why did you wait until today to invite us Also, what do I stand to gain from protecting him” Ge Yanxia asked, but not before throwing a glare at Lu Yun.

“Our court has made all of the necessary arrangements, but those who mean harm to my junior brother are also fully prepared. Therefore, we waited until today to catch them off guard.” The emperor looked at Lu Yun.

The Dusk governors arrival was the greatest gift, if an unexpected one. If the young man could absorb the entire lightning tribulation, itd be one less thing for his junior brother to worry about.

“If Our junior brother can safely weather the tribulation, generous rewards will be gifted as a token of appreciation.”

Donglin Taihuang and Qi Hai exchanged a glance before nodding at the same time.

Lu Yun fell pensive. He could tell that the emperor wanted to use him to block the lightning tribulation, but he was still happy to oblige. “Whats the second matter” he probed further.-

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