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Soft white light flared from the luopan as it slowly incorporated the tribulation into itself. Gray flakes drifted to the ground—the last of the impurities of the feng shui compass.

Since Lu Yun was not yet an immortal, his current abilities were insufficient to refine perfect treasures, even with the help of the three immortal flames. The heavenly tribulation, however, could take care of that last step for him.


The clouds dispersed following the conclusion of the heavenly tribulation, and the crystalline body of the luopan remained glowing softly in midair.

A supreme-grade treasure! 

Lu Yun couldnt discern what level it was, but it was undoubtedly a treasure more powerful than some supreme-grade or dao-grade treasures!

In the eighty thousand years of history marking the current world of immortals, treasure rankings ran from first to ninth. Only treasures refined by dao immortals and supreme-grade treasures surpassed ninth rank.

Since the world hadnt yet had enough time to develop, and exceedingly few records on refinement had been unearthed from the ancient tombs,supreme-grade was more of a general concept than anything.

Treasures that transcended ninth rank were collectively referred to assupreme-grade treasures, but differences in strength still existed. There was just no clear classification in the current world of immortals. Perhaps there had been one in the Primordial Era, but it hadnt been passed down.

“So this is the demon warding treasure that Lu Yun mentioned” The Exalted celestial emperor and Zhao Wushuang stood side by side from afar, marveling at the compass that glowed with soft radiance. Although they didnt sense any demon warding abilities from the treasure, it did indeed exude a mysterious presence.

It even felt like they were looking upon a separate realm when they looked at the treasure, as if what Lu Yun had created wasnt a treasure, but the prototype of a world.



A ripple undulated through the void as an enormous black hand probed out from the center of the imperfection. Wreathed with dense dao immortal strength, it grabbed straight at the feng shui compass. The nearby energy of the land scattered as it moved, forming a perfect vacuum around the hand.

This was the might of an all-out attack by an ancient aether dao immortal!

Ge Yanxia!

Shed made her move right after the feng shui compass had passed its tribulation. So enormous that it blotted out the skies, the black hand swiped ferociously at the treasure.

“You must have a death wish.” Lu Yun looked at Ge Yanxias fleshy hand, a flash of viciousness streaking through his eyes. Black electricity crackled to life around him as he called upon the black thunder bead hanging on the Karmic Tree. It was the mutated lightning hed absorbed from Zhao Wushuangs tribulation, and itd lain untouched after he smacked Dongfang Hao with a few bolts.

This thunder bead was different from the silver one hed distilled before. The silver bead had constantly exuded a strange aura, even if Lu Yun didnt draw upon it. The black one, however, hung quietly on the Karmic Tree when not in use, emitting nothing to be detected.

But with Ge Yanxia unexpectedly intervening and wanting to make off the feng shui compass, Lu Yun activated the thunder bead without hesitation—it was time for a painful lesson!

“Leave it to me.” Qing Yu laid a hand on Lu Yuns shoulder right before black thunderbolts ripped out with a fury. “That bead is your trump card, so nows not the time to use it… Ive got this!”

Silver iridescence scattered from her as she spoke, instantly dying her long black locks silver. Stars appeared in broad daylight, and the boundless dazzle of the cosmos poured down upon her from the sky.

Qing Yus eyes were now as resplendent as stars. She thrust her hand out, slamming an enormous palm strike at Ge Yanxias great black hand.

Ge Yanxia had already seized the luopan, yet the white glow upon it resisted the pressure of her grasp. That alone bought enough time for Qing Yus attack.


One blow to dim the heavens and shift the seas.

“Aaaah!!” A ghastly shriek split the air, followed by a rain of black blood. The meaty hand of Ge Yanxia had been crushed by Qing Yus palm strike, inspiring awe in all those present. As a primordial dao immortal, the fur seal was so domineering that even crippled origin dao immortals avoided provoking her. However, Qing Yu had shattered her arm with one blow!

What kind of great strength was this!

The Exalted celestial emperor and Zhao Wushuang looked askance at one another.

Further away, Donglin Taihuang glowered ominously, but a hint of excitement glinted deep within his eyes. Without a doubt, Qing Yu possessed a cosmic constitution. She wouldnt have been able to fully deploy the starstones otherwise!

“You bitch!!” Ge Yanxias swollen body slowly materialized in the void, rivulets of black blood gathering on her right arm to reconstruct her hand. She glared balefully at Qing Yu—floating in midair like a fairy of the cosmos—so balefully that she seemed one step away from spitting fire from her eyes.


Ge Yanxia beckoned with her left hand, materializing three black short rods that looked like burning sticks, ones that emitted astounding demonic energy.

“Bitch, you meet your death toda—”


A pillar of white light shot up from the ground and blasted her squarely in the chest as soon as she spoke. Another howl of pain pierced the skies as she vanished on the spot, with none the wiser as to where shed been hurled off to.

“Shes still alive after that!” Lu Yun was astonished.

That strike had originated from the main cannon of a lord-grade fortress ship. Itd been a fully-powered shot of ten billion immortal crystals, but it hadnt annihilated the fur seal. Clearly, Ge Yanxia had some sort of ultimate defensive treasure on her—possibly even one at connate grade!


Lu Yun waved his hand to summon the three short rods radiating demonic energy, hanging lost in the sky. They blurred into three streaks of light and arrived before him. With a flip of the wrist, the Demonic Sovereign Cauldron appeared in his hand.

Look at how these fur seals ruin great treasures. I thought the Demonic Sovereign Cauldron was broken, but it turns out they separated the legs from the body on purpose.

Without thinking, he moved to reattach the three legs to the cauldrons body. Off to the side, Qing Yu put away the crystal-clear feng shui compass. She knew Lu Yun wouldnt fuse the two luopans together in public.

“Dont!!” A great cry went up. Qi Hai flashed in front of Lu Yun to prevent him from making the treasure whole again.-

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