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“Dont recognize me Lu Yun casually tore off a piece of black cloth and covered his face with it. “Behold! Thou art in the presence of Dusk Provinces Lu Yun!”


He hefted the crystal cannon off his shoulder, put it on the ground, and patted its barrel. 

Ge Yanxia stared at the newcomer. Am I stupid Am I that easy to trick

Crystal cannons were now common goods in the world of immortals. Both the common andlord-grade types could be readily obtained, as long as one was willing to spend enough immortal crystals.

This kid could be anyone. Dusk Provinces Lu Yun Hah, that kid was crystal-starved and willing to risk life and limb to gain any more.

There werent that many in the world who dared use the cannons so brazenly. For one thing, their destructive power was too great, and for another, they consumed too many immortal crystals. Every shot required up to ten billion immortal crystals, and few were willing to spend that much unless as a last resort.

But there were exceptions to every rule—this newly-arrived pup, for example.

Lu Yuns Shapeshifting death art was a tremendously marvelous skill. Neither illusion nor disguise, it was a transformation in the true sense of the word, one that fully altered from the inside out. So, when transformed into Yin Qingran, he became Yin Qingran himself. Of course, that didnt mean he acquired his new identitys combat arts as well.

Qi Hai had already recognizedYin Qingran for who he truly was, but he wasnt fool enough to enlighten Ge Yanxia.


Lu Yun aimed the cannons mouth at Ge Yanxia and fired a second time. The black ripple oscillated in front of the fur seal, preventing the cannon shot from touching a single hair on her body.

“Hmph! Do you think a crystal cannon will stop our tribes great undertaking” Ge Yanxia sneered, convinced thatYin Qingran was trying to stop it from releasing the demon fetus.


A droning hum spread out from Ge Yanxias figure when she returned to her true fur seal form. She grimaced savagely as she leapt out of the ripples of transformation and threw herself recklessly at Lu Yun.


The cannon in front of Lu Yun erupted once more, a huge pillar of light streaking straight toward Ge Yanxias ponderous figure.

Light pillar and fur seal crashed in the air, the impact generating prodigious shockwaves that actually hit the target this time. While formidable, the treasure protecting her had its limits.

“Hurry up and help me!”

The tremendous attack had broken Ge Yanxias spatial restriction, returning freedom of movement to Qi Hai and Liu Chen. But, shaken to their core, man and ghost had been too shell-shocked to act.

With Lu Yuns reminder, Liu Chen immediately left Zhao Chongs body and returned to his ghost king state. An enormous malevolent ghost face coalesced in the air and blew out gusts of terrifying yin energy.

Meanwhile, Qi Hai scrambled back to his feet. A hundred and eight pills flew out of his hands like so many luminous pearls, forming a single string of pills that whipped toward Ge Yanxia akin to a shooting star.

The black ripple wavered tirelessly in front of Ge Yanxia, but the tremendous attacks pierced through its defenses and landed on the fur seal herself.

The creature wasnt a true origin dao immortal; shed merely used a forbidden art to forcibly increase her cultivation. And now that she was besieged by the combined assault of two formidable powerhouses and a crystal cannons constant barrage… it didnt take long for her to suffer heavy injuries.


Ge Yanxia shook off the defensive item producing the ripples. Once off her body, the treasure reverted to a giant sphere that enveloped her in a protective layer.

“Do you really think these pathetic attempts will stop my tribe from reaching our goal” She didnt transform back into her human form this time.

Liu Chen, Qi Hai, and Lu Yun paused their attacks and frowned at Ge Yanxia. Without a doubt, the creature still had cards left to play. As if on cue, her bloody maw yawned wide and heaved out a black water bubble, from which a giant fur seal slowly swam out.

“Mother!” The fur seal looked at Ge Yanxia with excitement.

“Son, display your prowess to your mother!” Ge Yanxia pounced on the other fur seal and, in a scene defying imagination, the two giant creatures began to... copulate in the air!

Lu Yun was at an absolute loss for words.

“What did the other fur seal call the female one just now” His head swiveled mechanically toward Qi Hai.

“This is immoral, dissolute behavior to humans, but its very normal for fur seals.” Qi Hai glanced at the newcomer, certain the man in front of him was none other than Lu Yun. Hed already witnessed Lu Yuns superb disguise skills back in Destiny City. “Its precisely because of this that the ancient monster ancestor refused to incorporate them into the monster spirit race.”

As creatures possessed of morals and civilization, monster spirits were genuine beings of intelligence. However, fur seals possessed neither. While they could cultivate, they had no sense of propriety. As a race, they were far removed from monster spirits. The monster ancestor had once tried enlightening them, but the attempt had ended in failure.

In the air, Ge Yanxia and her child mated with wild abandon, fully unconcerned about the presence of others. For fur seals, such a thing was common as breathing. 

“What are they doing” Liu Chen looked on in disbelief. Why were they doing such a thing here at a time like this Have they gone mad

“Hey kid, ready your cannon… The female is trying to give birth to a litter of sacrifices…” Before Qi Hais sentence finished, a strange sound came from the giant sphere.


Something seemed to have squeezed out of a creatures body. A fur seal about three meters long and black from head to toe slipped out of Ge Yanxias lower body, closely followed by a second, then a third, fourth...

When the fur seals landed on the ground, they grew at lightning speed and matured from newborn pups to adults in a matter of a few short breaths. And then… they matched up in pairs and continued the mating chain. In about a hundred breaths or so, close to a thousand fur seals had spawned in the giant sphere!

A tongue-tied Lu Yun stared in disbelief and a thunderstruck Liu Chen gaped with incomprehension. As for Qi Hai… he, too, pulled a long face.

“How are they doing it How can they reproduce this fast!” Lu Yuns expression sank when he realized that every one of the newborn pups was a true immortal. Connate immortals with a complete immortal dao inside them!

At the astounding rate they were multiplying… the entire world of immortals would soon belong to them.

“I-I dont know either… it must be some kind of secret art” Qi Hais throat felt dry. The scene was simply too appalling. His mind didnt know if it was rattled, repulsed, or revolted. 

“We have to wipe them out! Otherwise, whether that so-called demon god arrives or not, the world will sooner or later belong to these disgusting things!” Lu Yun gagged.

There werent enough fur seals yet, but once their number reached a certain threshold, Ge Yanxia would most certainly sacrifice them on the spot.

“You two, do as I say!” Lu Yun said after thinking it through. “Use your treasures and tap lightly on the sphere.”-

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