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Not a single blade of grass grew on this barren island. Dizzy from the fall, Lu Yun nevertheless saw Qing Han rush to his rescue without the slightest hesitation. That someone would readily risk their life for his sake, even in this unfamiliar world, gave rise to a strange, nameless emotion.

“You shouldnt have come. Its too dangerous.”

Qing Han or no Qing Han, the situation was still as helpless as ever. Here was a land where not even the grandmaster of tomb raiders would willingly tread. Lu Yuns original plan had been to scout the area with a few armored soldiers, but he hadnt expected Situ Yun to so mercilessly toss him onto the island.

“Too late, Im already here.” With a decidedly Lu Yun-like shrug, Qing Han helped him up.

All of a sudden, Mo Yi also landed softly in front of them in a cloud of sweet fragrance.

“What are you doing here as well” Lu Yun stared at her in confusion. He and Qing Han had gone through life and death together, so it wasnt strange to see such a comrade come to his rescue. But Mo Yi There was no deep relationship there, merely a contract and nothing more.

“The three august immortals wouldve forced me to come, in any case,” Mo Yi sighed quietly. “Moreover, I promised to keep you safe, so keep you safe I shall.”

Lu Yun mightve undone the inversion of yin and yang and dispelled the life-devouring force, but unknown threats were still lurking on the island. He and Qing Han were just cultivators. What if they were to encounter a creature strong enough to make escape impossible 

An august immortal like Mo Yi could help them survive in such a situation.

As for the three men on the Path of Ingress, they simply watched on indifferently. Lu Yuns group was nothing but cannon fodder, plus, there was nowhere for them to run. The path beneath their feet was the only way out of the island.

Meanwhile, Lu Yuns five formation disks were still floating in mid-air, producing an endless flow of energy that countered the reversion of the island. They couldnt stop for a single instant, else the life-absorbing properties of the island would make its return.

A girl stood quietly at the center, a breeze tugging lightly at her clothes.

“Who are you What are you doing here” Mo Yi asked quietly, on high alert while she observed the girl standing not far away. The girls robes had seemed white from the distance, but they were grey and worn out when seen from up close.

About sixteen years old, her features were elegant and graceful. Eyes tightly shut, her thin eyebrows were set in a faint frown that expressed vague resentment. Her skin was white like a pale sheet of paper, and straight locks of hair flowed all the way to the ground. 

She held her hands in front of her chest, seemingly cupping something between them. As still and silent as ever, she ignored Mo Yis question.

“Stay away from her.” Lu Yun caught Mo Yi and stopped her from approaching the figure. Halting, the city lord looked back at him, but the governors gaze never left the girls closed eyes. His lips were tinged blue as they trembled uncontrollably. 

There was a faint, bloody light overflowing from the girls eyelids.

“I see. I shouldve heeded the grandmasters warning. I really shouldnt have come here,” he whispered to himself.

“Whats the matter” Qing Han and Mo Yi wondered, astonished by his words.

Qing Han, in particular, felt perplexed. Lu Yun had demonstrated complete poise and resourcefulness inside that terrifying burial mound, ultimately escaping from horrifying monsters against all odds. Yet he was having second thoughts here And was that regret in his tone

Not once had he previously expressed regret, despite having been caught in much greater danger. What made this girl different

“Do you know who… or what she is” Cautiously sizing up the girl, Qing Han immediately realized the truth. Despite the pretty face, the girl wasnt human. She was a dreadful monster in human skin.

“Defying the laws of nature, pilfering the essence of all life, overturning life and death.… Its a zombie king! Thats whats buried in the tomb for the living,” Lu Yun said, his voice hoarse as he stressed every syllable.

A zombie king was the greatest taboo among tomb raiders. Abandoned by heaven and earth, shunned by the living, and neither dead nor alive, zombies were creatures outside the three realms and six paths.

But in special circumstances, such as a tomb for the living, particularly strong specimens could defy the natural order and reforge a soul to come back to life, evolving into a zombie king. They were still a zombie, and their bodies were as dead as lesser kin, but they possessed a living soul. Those souls were trapped in a dead body and suffered torment, day after day.

Legends spoke of their eyes that shone crimson and brought devastation to whatever their gaze rested upon. A zombie king was a type of living dead, hence the Spectral Eye had failed to discern the truth, leading Lu Yun to mistake her for something alive.

“I was wrong. The phenomenon on the island isnt caused by formations.” Lu Yuns expression contorted. “This creature has subverted the laws of the heavens by its sheer power alone. It siphoned the life force away from every creature on the island, as well as those who have accidently stumbled upon this place.”

When hed previously gazed into the mysterious abyss with the Spectral Eye, hed only seen too many dead bodies to count. In all likelihood, they were this zombies victims. Only an endless stream of vitality could fuel its rebirth and evolution.

“A zombie king” Mo Yis face was grim. “Do these vile creatures truly exist in this world” Needless to say, it wasnt the first time shed heard of such an existence.

As if shed caught their conversation, the girls figure trembled lightly and she slowly lifted her eyelids. Light the color of blood instantly filled the scene before them.

“Fecking A!” Lu Yun swore. An enormous, black donkey hoof appeared in his hand. Hed prepared it before venturing inside Myriad Formation Summit, but it hadnt been needed there in the end. 

Now however, they faced a zombie king. The hoof could restrain ordinary zombies, but its efficacy against zombie kings was unknown.


The zombie king howled so loudly and shrilly that it almost ruptured Lu Yuns eardrums. As for the hoof, the soundwaves shattered it on the spot. An intense crimson glow shrouded the entire island.

To Lu Yuns eyes, the world seemed to transform into mountains of corpses and seas of blood, from which countless zombies crawled out to throw themselves his way.

“This isnt an illusion!” The Dusk governor clenched his teeth. “But its not real either!”

The mountains of corpses, the oceans of blood, the countless zombies... everything was born from the light in the girls eyes. In other words, it was one of her arts.

“What are you three bastards waiting for” The governor ran wildly for his life while swearing loudly. “The Formation Orb is in her possession. Shes going to get away if you still dont act!”

Dragging Qing Han and Mo Yi along in his wake, he sped toward his formations. For the time being, the five disks were still holding strong, forcibly withstanding the zombie kings power. The sea of corpses and oceans of blood melted like snow the moment they approached the formations.

“What She has the orb!” The sudden onset of the light filling the sky over the island had startled Qi Shenghui and the two others, but Lu Yuns resounding shout goaded them into action.

“Thats right, she seems to be holding a black bead!”

“Lets go!” Clenching his teeth, Qi Shenghui landed on the island, soon followed by Situ Yun and Qin Xianhuo.-

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