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The iron rod that could attract lightning!

That was the real key!

As long as the strange apparatus could be broken or taken away, Lu Yun would certainly be buried under the endless barrage of judgment lightning.

Therefore, the immortals in the vicinity all sprang into action and targeted the rod by the boys side. A plethora of multicolored sword lights and assorted combat arts quickly sailed through the air.


“Who dares interfere!!” a furious shout exploded from the emptiness as a tall figure stepped out of the void. With a sweep of his giant metal staff, he shattered the incoming shower of combat arts and sword rays. However, immense recoil struck him as well, sending him drooping downward with blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth.

“What, is Levitating Island going to protect Lu Yun” some immortals sneered. Although this figure was human in shape, it was in fact a gorilla, a silverback gorilla!

“I! Am! Yuan! Tong!” The silverback spat out a few human words, then transformed into a towering man with a dream-like flash of silver light.

“Lord Lu Yun is my benefactor. In life, I am Lord Lu Yuns man, and in death, my soul is Lord Lu Yuns servant!” Yuan Tong roared furiously. “You want to harm Lord Lu Yun Over my dead body!”

Now a void-ascended immortal, he spun his staff in a howling circle through the air and smashed it indiscriminately into a group of immortals.

“You court death!” 

The group all hailed from the Lang Clan of Enlightened Major. There existed no enmity between them and Lu Yun, but now that the governor was besieged by an assortment of factions from all over the world, they naturally wouldnt hesitate to kick him while he was down.

The clans powerhouses werent the only ones whod come. Even some ordinary immortals and cultivators were in attendance, attracted by the lure of easy gains. Everyone knew that Lu Yuns death would signal the end of Dusk Province. Sooner or later, the province would be pillaged.

Sure, it was protected by a restriction that stopped the most powerful immortals from entering, but cultivators and immortals below the golden immortal realm were free to do as they pleased. Never did they think they would run into a violent silverback thatd charge headfirst at them and storm them with his staff!

The Lang Clans powerhouses roared in anger and several dao immortals immediately surrounded Yuan Tong.


The air vibrated as a silver crescent moon shot into the sky. Caught off guard, the Lang dao immortals whod already caught Yuan Tong were blasted away by moonlight. 

Struggling free of his bonds, Yuan Tong activated a combat art that enlarged his frame until he stood thirty thousand meters tall. His figure gleamed with dazzling silver brilliance and his staff danced in the air, wreaking havoc in the Lang Clans ranks.

A charming girl with silver hair stood under the crescent of the silver moon: Silvermoon Wolfking Silverblaze had arrived.

One of the rare wolfkings born to the Silvermoon Wolves over the past eighty thousand years, she was blessed with potential even greater than Yuan Tongs. More importantly, the two monster spirits had once followed Lu Yun on a rampage through the Sovereign World. Theyd benefited immensely from it, and thanks to Lu Yun awakening the ancestral bloodlines in their veins, their strength was second to none.

After the Sovereign Ranking Battles, the golden scarlet ape had brought them back to Levitating Island and taught them with painstaking care. When the silver scarlet ape returned, shed immediately taken the two of them as her personal disciples. 

How powerful was the silver scarlet ape Shed killed Kui with a single punch inside the celestial master tomb!

Though the two monster spirits were only void-ascended true immortals, having received personal tutelage by the silver scarlet ape made them number among the strongest of true immortals!

“You fool, did you forget what master told us If you want to do something, do it with confidence. Look at you, youre so fearful that you dont even have the courage to kill them. How can you still call yourself a monster spirit!” Silverblazes gaze was as chilly as winter when she saw that Yuan Tong seemed to have some qualms about really going on a killing spree. At most, he only immobilized the Lang immortals during his wild antics.

“But if I start killing, wont that make trouble for Lord Lu Yun” Yuan Tong asked in a small voice. “After all, there doesnt seem to be any enmity between Lord Lu Yun and the Lang Clan.”

Yuan Tong and Silverblaze had long learned of Lu Yuns identity, since the golden scarlet ape hadnt kept the information from them. Now that Yuan Tong was fighting for Lu Yuns sake, he was deathly worried that the Lang Clan would blame any deaths on his great benefactor.

“You idiot!” Silverblaze erupted in a tirade. “Theyve already attacked Lord Lu Yun and tried to send him to the afterlife… Do you seriously think theres no enmity between them”

Yuan Tong wasnt very sharp, and his thought process was slow compared to most people. So when he heard Silverblaze, he stared into empty space for a moment before suddenly exploding into action. Transforming back into his silverback self, he barked a challenge before careenering into the Lang Clan.

“Kill, kill, kill! The deader the better, kekeke!” The silver scarlet ape capered excitedly, cheering on her disciples from the sidelines. 

When it came to being blindly partial to her own, she was even more extreme than the golden scarlet ape. Earlier on, the golden scarlet ape had been about to attack Lu Yuns lightning rod, but the silver scarlet ape had swept him off his feet with her staff.

“This Lu Yun saved my life and freed me from that damned underworld, so stay put!” She bared her teeth. “If you start fighting, the taboo existences in Dusk Province will join the melee as well, and countless children in the North Sea will suffer!

“Listen carefully!” she suddenly bellowed. “Origin dao level combatants are prohibited from meddling in Lu Yuns tribulation. Otherwise, dont blame this queens staff for being merciless!”


She viciously smashed a certain part of the air with her black staff and bared her teeth. “Did you not hear me Origin dao level combatants are forbidden from making a move!”


Space cracked at her feet and turned into an enormous black hole. In response, the silver scarlet ape yanked the cape off her dao partner and draped it over her own body.

“Monster Spirit Ancestor…” A vague figure walked out of the void. Without a doubt, it was a celestial emperor. However, he was employing a special power to hide his presence in order to conceal his identity.

“Shut your mouth!” When the silver scarlet ape heard the title the celestial emperor used to address her, she smacked her dao partner for lack of a more accessible target.

“Monster Spirit Ancestor Kekeke. In this world, no monster spirit other than the fox deserves the title. My name is Silverlight, so that is what you should call me. As for this kid, hes called Goldenlight.” Silverlight casually discredited her so-called monster sacred land with a few simple words. Without a monster spirit ancestor, or the ancient ones sacred land, was her faction even worthy of being called such

“Silverlight, are you not tempted by the Dao Flower” The celestial emperors tones were cold.

“I am, of course I am! But even so, I have to let my arcane dao juniors fight for it. A battle at the origin dao level will affect the current balance of power. That chickenheart from the Purple Firmament ran away, so I have to protect this world myself!

“If origin dao immortals participate… Children!”


The next moment, a full eighteen origin dao auras shot into the sky behind Silverlight, each of which represented a flawless origin dao immortal!

“Very well, origin dao combatants are forbidden from participating in this struggle!” the celestial emperor promptly declared. To think thered be eighteen flawless origin dao immortals on Levitating Island! The number was too terrifying to contemplate.-

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