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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 686: Come And Get It

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The two Black Tortoises bellowed and raged furiously in the air, their figures unleashing fearsome sword energies that transformed the area five thousand kilometers around them into a sea of swords.

“How is this possible!” Ge Yanxias bovine eyes grew round as saucers; even her giant father froze in disbelief. How could Black Tortoises unleash sword auras

Sword Divine Dongfang Haos stick-straight eyebrows wrinkled in a frown. Naturally, he knew where the Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise Formations sword auras came from—the Sword Barrow.

The Black Tortoise had made Sword Lake outside the Sword Barrow its home; the Dusk Phalanx was also stationed there, meditating in the dense sword aura of the Sword Barrow day after day. And today, tortoise and formation had finally bared their fangs for the first time, displaying the full extent of their might for all to see!

The waters within five thousand kilometers became a sea of blood. Countless fur seals surged and were instantly diced into mincemeat. While the creatures demonic aura was formidable, the collective sword aura manifested by millions of immortals was even stronger!




A clamor of battle cries rose again in the distant sky; the heavenly legions of several majors had also come to the rescue. Arranged in vast and majestic battle formations, they charged into the battlefield and massacred fur seals, thereby destroying the sacrificial momentum pervading the region.

“Forget about those soldiers. Kill Lu Yun and take the Demonic Sovereign Cauldron from him,” Sword Divine advised from afar.

Reminded of their true target, the giant fur seal, Ge Yanxia, and other dao immortal fur seals exploded into action. They struggled free of their current opponents and frantically threw themselves at Lu Yun.

Seeing these creatures fixated on killing Lu Yun, many people subconsciously paused and didnt try stopping them. They still remembered their primary reason in coming here: to kill Lu Yun and take the Dao Flower projection for themselves!

Therefore, it made no sense for them to prevent the fur seals from killing the Dusk governor.

Although the young man was nothing but trash whose phenomenon of ascension had been confined to four hundred kilometers, miracles followed him wherever he went. Content with the status quo, many immortals werent keen to see the rise of one who created marvel after marvel. 

More importantly, they didnt know what the Demonic Sovereign Cauldron was or what it represented for the demon god.

“You want to kill me” Lu Yun sneered. With a backhanded throw, he pelted yet another three Nineheavens Pure Yang Talismans at the immobilized demon god. 

He could enter hell at any time, craft new talismans, then return to the same point in time. Hed drawn these talismans just a split second ago. Now that his talisman creation skills were becoming more practiced, the process was increasingly less time consuming.

Like three comets, the three Nineheavens Pure Yang Talismans shot toward the demon god. However, they met Dongfang Hao first. A few slashes of the Sword of Chaos across the sky cut them to pieces right in front of their quarry.


Dongfang Hao stiffened the next second and coughed up black and red blood reeking with an abominable fishy stench.

“Poison talismans! It was all a trap!” Blood drained from his face as black lines snaked over his skin and continuously nibbled away at his flesh and energy.

“You bastard!” Turning on his heel, he quickly made his exit. Even so, hed already bought enough time for the big fur seal, Ge Yanxia, and the other dao immortal fur seals to reach the Dusk governor.


Out of nowhere, a giant fortress ship appeared at Lu Yuns feet. More than ten times the bulk of a lord-grade ship, it pulsated with terrifying waves of power. With a rattle, the ship unleashed a cloud of black smoke and blasted a few fur seals away.

The Divine Glory! 

Lu Yuns first fortress ship and also the strongest one on duty, a vessel far greater than any mass-produced lord-grade ship.

Affixed at the bow, the Black Emperor gleamed brilliantly beneath the sun. It hadnt fired a single shot yet, but the bloodthirsty aura emanating from it unnerved everyone present. It was Lu Yuns trump card, one he saved for times of true need! 

Poised on the ships prow, Lu Yun stared at the fur seals ahead with cold indifference.

“Die!!” He pointed somewhere with his finger… and a fur seal wreathed with the power of retribution suddenly turned into ash.

Death art, Judgment of Life and Death!

One point to pass sentencing on life and death!

“Denied!” Lu Yun spat out a single word afterward.

About to enter hell and become a ghostly servant, the fur seals soul fragment was erased from the world. Lu Yun subconsciously abhorred these uncivilized, amoral creatures… They werent fit to become his Infernum. 

“My children!!” a mournful howl arose from the giant fur seal. With a jolt, he turned into a giant beast that spanned five hundred kilometers and threw himself at the Divine Glory.

The giant creature was a primordial origin dao immortal, not the arcane dao immortal of his last appearance. The one thatd appeared in the Exalted Major had been nothing more than his arcane dao replica!

Dense and overwhelming, origin dao energy surged from his figure and compressed into thick battle armor. Battered by the fearsome aura of an ancient origin dao immortal, the Divine Glorys hull creaked as though it couldnt bear the pressure.


Lu Yun spread his fingers wide open and unleashed a black bolt of lightning from his palm.

Thunder Palmstrike!

The mutated lightning from Zhao Wushuangs tribulation, and the judgment lightning hed absorbed from his own via the lightning rod, made for a blended divine lightning of harrowing intensity.


One blast from the black lightning sent the prodigious fur seal flying. Trails of black smoke billowed from its figure and the smell of well-done grilled meat, if somewhat rotten, wafted through the air.

“Father!!” Ge Yanxia groaned mournfully, her own body also scored by a barrage of lightning bolts. However, she was protected by the strange ripple-like treasure. Thanks to that, it barely managed to block the black lightning. Unfortunately, the other dao immortal fur seals werent nearly as lucky.

This was no ordinary lightning; it was judgment from the heavens themselves and infused with a special kind of tribulation!

Black as night, divine lightning spewed forth like a deluge. Amidst the roaring of thunder and hiss of lightning, hundreds of dao immortal fur seals howled in anguish, their bodies reduced to ashes.


With another wave of his hand, Lu Yun transformed the lightning into a giant beast and sent it toward the recovering demon god in a headlong charge.


Black lightning smote the stone statue dead center. The cracks on the statue enlarged once more, and a black liquid oozed out of them like blood.

“Lu Yun!!” the demon god howled tragically. “You are the second on this seats list of targets after Yin Qingran! You will pay for your actions today!!”


The demon gods stone body shattered into gravel under the force of the lightning, even as a dot-sized true spirit flew out of it and disappeared from the land, its indignant fury echoing across the world.

Inside Dusk Province, observing the events in the North Sea through a formation, Yin Qingran stared blankly into space.

“Heavens above, who did I offend to deserve this!” he too wailed in despair.


“Retreat!!” Heavily wounded, the giant fur seal lightly rolled his tail around Ge Yanxia. Together, the two figures vanished from sight with a ripple.

“Exterminate them!”

Zzzzzzz CRACK!

With unstoppable momentum, unerringly accurate black lightning struck every fur seal present. A second later, all of the fur seals were fried to the last!

Robe flapping in the wind, long hair fluttering behind him, and black lightning crackling around his figure, Lu Yun landed beside the Dao Flower projection. 

“My life is here. The Dao Flower projection is also here. Those of you who want them, come and get them!”-

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