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The vast expanse of the West Sea was located at the western edge of the world.

Once the center of everyones attention, the monster spirit court ruling the West Sea for eighty thousand years had been silently overthrown almost overnight, the coup so swift that not a single rumor had leaked abroad.

As for the West Sea emperor, a peak arcane dao immortal powerhouse, hed been killed in a single blow and refined into a replica.

On a deserted island at the westernmost part, three hundred and sixty-five lightning rods positioned in a mysterious formation sparkled dazzlingly beneath the sun. In the middle of this array sat a man clad in blue. Beside him was stuck a sword into the ground at a slanted angle… the Sword of Chaos.

Once powerful beyond measure, it now gave off an incomplete, imperfect feeling, as though it was missing a vital part—its heart.

The heart of the Sword Chaos was in Zhao Wushuangs possession. But in the past, shed been under the protection of Exalted Celestial Emperor Zhao Luo. And now, shed been granted shelter in the safety of Dusk Province, out of Dongfang Haos reach.

Even so, his strength was bound to grow in spades after his ascension to immortality, and hed make certain to find a way to take the sword heart back. 


“The kid probably knew a long time ago that youd come, so hes deployed many killing formations in advance and is waiting for you to walk right into his trap.” Holy Lord Ashu stood beside Lu Yun, both of them transformed into infinitesimal particles standing on a speck of dust floating in the air.

Ashu continued with a frown, “The killing formations look to be the strongest ones of the ancient divine court. They might only be partial reconstructions, but you shouldnt underestimate them. Even if I recovered my essence, itd still be difficult for me to withdrew unscathed.”

“Oh” Xing Chen, Lu Yuns replica, turned to look at Ashu.

“If you want to stop him passing his tribulation, youll have to get creative. For example, why dont you lure other powerhouses here like he did against you” Ashu replied after a moment of silence.

“Lure powerhouses here What for” Lu Yun gently shook his head. “If he wants to undergo his tribulation, leave him to it… Its not like Im trying to stop him.”

“Then why did you come” Ashu blinked in confusion. Was he here just to spectate To personally witness Sword Divines ascension to immortality

As a cultivator, Sword Divines had been above Lu Yuns, and as an immortal… hed still hold the upper hand in all likelihood.

Letting such a dangerous foe develop unimpeded

That didnt sound like Lu Yuns style at all.

But for his part, the young governor merely stood on the speck of dust and silently observed Dongfang Hao from afar.

“I came to see what tricks he has hidden up his sleeve.”


Dongfang Hao had spent a long time preparing for this tribulation. In fact, hed begun these preparations ever since his failure toborrow another tribulation. To stop disruptions from ill-intentioned people, hed deployed many traps in advance. 

One thousand and eighty-eight killing formations were hidden nearby. Together, the combination formed the strongest killing formation known to the ancient divines. Even if the nine celestial emperors from the previous generation were to arrive, theyd find themselves powerless to interfere in his tribulation.

“I wonder if Lu Yun will come… I certainly hope he does.” Dongfang Hao took a deep breath. At first, hed left Lu Yun alive so as to use him as a whetstone, a rival to motivate himself. But now, he was slowly losing control of this whetstone.

More importantly, he wanted Qing Yu. He already had three sword gods at his service: Wu Tulong, Zichen, and Mo Qitian, all three dao sovereigns as anointed by the Dao Flower.

If he could also bring Dao Sovereign Qing Yu into the fold and add her to that list, he could use these four masters, along with another existence, to rule over the immortal dao. And then, hed slowly supplant it and become the master ruling over all of this world. 

Lu Yun, this former whetstone of his, had become the last hurdle to his grand scheme.

“Wu Tulong is also progressively getting out of control. It seems I need to find time to refine another soul seed and plant it inside of him.” Random thoughts flitted through his mind.

Unbeknownst to him unease had begun to take hold inside his heart. He carefully studied the lightning rods inserted beside him. These were all one-time-use and would be destroyed once his tribulation was over.

Hed already examined them individually and even used the Sword of Chaos to scan them, but found no formations or restrictions on them, nor any consciousness hidden inside. The judgment of the Sword of Chaos was infallible. No one was controlling these lightning rods from afar, no one had left anything hidden inside. More importantly, Lu Yun wouldnt ruin his own business brand.

Otherwise, why would Dongfang Hao have spent such a large sum to buy three hundred and sixty-five lightning rods

Of course, as a prudent man, hed brought them indirectly from Dusk Province through unrelated people, or second-hand from previous buyers.


The sky suddenly trembled violently. Thick tribulation clouds quickly materialized in the sky, dyeing the entire dome dark-red. Soon, navy bolts of lightning snaked inside the clouds. 

“Its not the Diabolical Tribulation of World Refinement!” Dongfang Hao sprang to his feet and looked at the dark-blue lightning above, his voice soft as a whisper. “The Navy Thunder of World Extinction!” 

The Navy Thunder of World Extinction! It was a phenomenon comparable in magnitude to the Diabolical Tribulation of World Refinement, but also as different as night from day... 

The Diabolical Tribulation of World Refinement was a prison in which countless demons were shackled. When the lightning struck, demons arrived into the world to tear the tribulations target apart.

As for the Navy Thunder of World Extinction… it was simple destruction in its purest form. With the infinite power of lightning, it destroyed its target… and everyone else in the process!

“What a pity its not a heavenly judgment. Is Lu Yun truly better than me” 

Dongfang Hao tightly knitted his brows together, taking exception to the notion.

While Lu Yuns phenomenon of ascension had seemed insignificant, that strange, gigantic snake had made the Sword of Chaos tremble.

During Lu Yuns phenomenon of ascension, when a purple aura four hundred kilometers across had come from the east, Dongfang Hao had clearly observed an ephemeral six-colored radiance flickering in and then out of existence. That light must have been Lu Yuns true phenomenon of ascension, but itd been promptly concealed by something.

After all, heavenly judgments were the strongest tribulations of them all.

While the Navy Thunder of World Extinction was strong, it didnt deserve to be mentioned in the same breath.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Divine thunder welled up in the sky and roared into fearsome, gigantic beasts, and the claps of thunder gradually turned into bestial howls. A second later, lightning struck from above. A dark-blue lightning dragon slithered down from the heavens and cruelly struck Dongfang Hao.


Three hundred and sixty-five lightning rods lit up at the same time, producing a dream-light radiance. They disintegrated the lightning dragon before it could touch him, reducing it to sparks that streamed toward the iron.

“It really works!” Dongfang Haos eyes lit up, his fears finally allayed.

But suddenly, the unexpected happened!

The dreamy glow around the lightning bolts winked out, and the previously diffused lightning coalesced back into a dragon and pounced on him, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

Caught by surprise by the sudden attack, Dongfang Hao was blasted away like a broken kite!

“Lu Yun… You tricked me!!!” he screamed in anger. Hed sensed Lu Yuns presence on the premises!-

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