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The phenomenon of ascension encompassed the entire world—grander, more striking than during Zhao Wushuangs ascension!

It was, for all intents and purposes, comparable to the staggering phenomenon thatd taken place during the birth of the Karmic Tree.

The cries of innumerable swords resonated in the world of immortals, accompanied by a boundless sword aura that turned the entire world into a sea of swords.

Sword Divine had become an immortal!

Every immortal was painfully aware of the fact. Always lurking in the dark, sometimes appearing to destabilize the world of immortals, Sword Divine had finally become an immortal.

“This is Sword Divine ascending to immortality!” someone shouted in alarm. “If so, what about the tree-shaped phenomenon the last time”

Many realized the crux of the issue. Last time, the world had witnessed the vision of a golden tree. Prevailing wisdom then had been that it was Sword Divines phenomenon of ascension. However, the divine sword cutting through the world and the symphony of swords were more befitting of Sword Divines ascension.

But in that case, who had it been the last time

Lu Yun

Lu Yun had been spotted only a few days prior, his phenomenon a mere purple aura a few hundred kilometers across.

Qing Yu She wasnt an immortal yet! Perhaps there was yet another hidden peerless genius in the world that no one knew of

“Hes truly better than me!” In Dusk Province, inside Dao City, Zhao Wushuangs eyes dimmed with sadness.

A phenomenon of ascension bespoke of an immortals potential and almost always determined the heights one would reach in the future. True, her own phenomenon had also affected the entire world, but it still paled compared to Sword Divines.


Meanwhile, Dongfang Hao raged with indignation. The essence of his tribulation had been stolen away! Hed be able to guess the culprits identity even if he threw his brain away. 

Lu Yun!

Tribulation essence could temper an immortal body and strengthen ones immortal foundations. And in case he didnt need all of it for himself, he could still use the rest to strengthen his clansmen and subordinates!

But now, the liquid essence forming a lake six hundred meters wide had been entirely claimed by Lu Yun, a loss that almost drove Dongfang Hao mad.

“Men, deploy formations! Dont let him escape no matter what!!” he raved as if gone stark mad. His phenomenon still lingered in the air, but hed already lost all semblance of composure.


A somber killing aura enveloped the sea within one million kilometers. Dream-like radiance flickered through the sky as one thousand and eighty-eight killing formations abruptly took to the air, sealing off space within a five hundred thousand kilometer radius.

“Who said I was leaving” An indifferent voice rose, followed by a giant foot more than five kilometers wide from the sky that stepped right on Dongfang Hao.

Dongfang Hao saw red! Hed become a void-ascended true immortal, but Lu Yuns replica Xing Chen was a peak golden immortal! 

Inside the replica, the heart and lungs of heaven and earth echoed in harmony and generated an inexhaustible supply of strength. Now that Lu Yuns primary body had also become an immortal, his nascent spirit propelled Xing Chens strength to unprecedented realms. 

Death art, Size Manipulation!

Lu Yun had become an unfathomably huge giant. Stepping down with one foot, he sank Dongfang Hao straight into the sea, stirring up prodigious waves in the West Sea.

Indeed, Lu Yun hadnt left; the area was blockaded by multiple layers of formations. Unless Feinie were to arrive and operate the Yin and Yang Formation Orbs with him, itd be very difficult to break through these ancient killing formations.

As for Holy Lord Ashu, hed taken to the sky to block an unknown powerhouse.

“Lu Yun!!” Dongfang Hao struggled beneath Yuns foot, seething with anger and indignation, but he couldnt unleash his pent-up fury no matter how hard he struggled.

Hed just overcome his tribulation and become a void-ascended immortal! This shouldve been the most glorious moment of his life, and yet, he found himself crushed under someones foot, unable to move!

He was about to go mad with fury! 

Meanwhile, his phenomenon of ascension continued to swallow the energy of the land, ready to flow into him and increase his strength once it reached completion.

“Why are you shouting my name” Lu Yuns distant voice came from high above. However, no one could see him. Only a giant foot and half a section of calf were visible.

Dongfang Hao choked on his fury. 

“Some things arent yours to have, so Ill collect them in your stead for now. When you become strong enough, feel free to come find me and take them back.” A giant hand descended from the sky and grabbed the Sword of Slaughter.

“Bastard!!” Dongfang Hao struggled frantically, but Lu Yuns foot was akin to the Five Finger Mountain imprisoning the Monkey King [1] No matter how hard he fought back, Sword Divine couldnt break free from the giant foot crushing him.

Meanwhile, the Dusk governors hand wrapped around the Sword of Slaughter. Shaking violently, the sword unleashed rays of deadly aura that sliced Lu Yuns hand open, splashing bright-red blood in the air.

“Open!!” With a resounding shout, the Gates of the Abyss opened wide and drew the Sword of Slaughter into the kingdom of hell.

“Stop!!” A furious scream reverberated in the sky as a white-haired old man carrying a sword on his back suddenly appeared. His sword shot out of its sheath and slashed straight at Lu Yun.

A giant beam of light a full five thousand kilometers long sliced across the heavens and crashed down heavily on Lu Yun.

“Scram!!” Holy Lord Ashu answered in kind and dispelled all of the accumulated life force within him, returning to his previous state as a living dead.

Deaths aura surged in the air, turning the surroundings into a small-scale underworld. Ghostfire smoldering from his figure, Ashu greeted the sword with an explosive punch.


When the two collided in the air, space began to tear. The old man flushed beet red as his sword shattered into sparks of cold light. He coughed up blood, and his figure lost most of its vigor.

“A holy lord of the underworld!!” he shouted in alarm. “Why have you come to the world of immortals Arent you afraid that powerhouses from the three Firmaments will come together to kill you!”

The old man had realized that Ashu was no ordinary holy lord, but one from the depths of the underworld, an existence similar to a primordial principal realm immortal.

In the world of immortals, such an existence was simply invincible!

Wherever a holy lord stood, the surrounding area became the domain of the underworld. Ghostfire burning in his eyes, Ashu looked coldly at the old man and his now bladeless sword handle. “I dont want to kill indiscriminately… so get lost!”

“Were the ones who should be leaving,” Lu Yun interjected. After gathering the Sword of Slaughter into the netherworld, hed returned to his normal size. “Well then, have a good day!”

With the Boundless Step, he strode millions of kilometers away in a single step and made good his escape.

Ashu stared blankly from the sudden change in the situation and quickly recomposed himself, hastening to seal away his essence and vanished view.

Lu Yun had stolen the tribulation essence and filched the Sword of Chaos. Here, Sword Divine was on home ground, so who knew what other tricks he might have left up his sleeves

Thankfully, Ashu had sealed off his essence in time. Any longer and he might truly have been forever unable to return to life again.

Steal Dongfang Haos phenomenon of ascension

Phenomenons of ascension were connected to the world itself. Other than the one concerned, the world itself would retaliate against anyone reckless enough to touch them, destroying their body and erasing their dao!

“What happened to me just now Why did I let the kid drag me into his madness” Ashu grumbled during his flight. Hed exposed his true self in broad daylight. No one could do anything to him for now, but if the old monsters inside the underworld were to find out, theyd certainly drag him back.


In the sky, the sword-like phenomenon of ascension coalesced into its final form and gradually merged into Dongfang Haos figure.

An empty look in his eyes, Sword Divine lay on his back at the bottom of the sea, letting the enormous phenomenon of ascension wash over him, increase his strength, and heal his wounds.

Pure humiliation!

Hed never been so humiliated in his life!

Starting from the day of his birth, and especially after hed obtained the Sword of Chaos, today marked the greatest humiliation hed ever suffered in his life!

“How did it all turn out like this” he murmured to himself.

1. In the Chinese novel Journey to the West, Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, rebels against the heavens, and is ultimately punished by Buddha and imprisoned under Wu Zhi Shan, the Five Finger Mountain, for five hundred years. The Tang monk Xuan Zang eventually frees him so that the Monkey King can escort him on his journey to the west in search of the Sutras.-

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