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While Lu Yun did dote Liu Qingmiao very much so, she was somewhat of a headache most of the time. The little bean sprout often came up with one outlandish idea after another thatd throw him for a loop, to the point where he frequently wondered if she wasnt another transmigrator from Earth and not the ancient monster ancestor reborn.

In the meantime, Xing Chen tugged the small golden dragon out of Liu Qingmiao and took the little bean sprout inside the kingdom of hell.

Even when the replica returned to the netherworld, time outside still flowed in parallel with time outside. As long as his primary body, the one thatd refined the Tome of Life and Death, didnt return to hell, time wasnt altered.

Inside hell, the resurrection layouts floating peak was nowhere in sight. Itd merged with a special biome and become the only location in this world infused with vitality. The five-hundred-kilometers-wide zone of life it created was a taboo region, at the center of which sat the lightning lake.

Sword energy boiled inside Dongfang Haos lightning lake, a place where lightning and sword energy had combined to form a variation of liquid lightning. At less than a hundred meters wide, Lu Yuns own pond wasnt as big, but it was filled with the purest of tribulation essence   and contained a prodigious amount of vitality and natural energy.

Lu Yun severed Liu Qingmiaos cultivation and the foundations of her immortal dao, then threw her into the smaller lightning lake.

“Alright, now use the liquid lightning to recast your immortal foundations and spirit root. Ill stand watch while you do so.” His replica Xing Chen sat down cross-legged and maintained his silence.

“Senior sister…” At the center of another lightning pond, one close to six hundred meters wide, a now-mortal Zou Longxiu lay sprawled on his stomach and watched Liu Qingmiao anxiously.

“Be a good boy, junior brother. Dont talk, focus on your cultivation!” Liu Qingmiao advised like a wise elder, but not before choking on a few mouthfuls of liquid tribulation essence first.

Children nowadays are quite precocious, arent they

Looking up and glancing through the kingdom, Xing Chen noticed a subtle change in the ten Yama Halls positioned in the ten directions.

If I hadnt ascended to immortality, the Yama Halls would have remained as before. In other words, identical to the Yama Halls of the human dao era.

But now that Ive become an immortal and forfeited my authority over reincarnation and judgement of life itself, these Yama Halls have unexpectedly evolved into the Yama World of the Ten Directions, an offshoot world born from hell.

A sudden realization struck Lu Yun. With the mindset of a modern man from Earth, he had relinquished his ascendency over all things living. Not only had that not weakened his strength, but hed obtained unexpected boons in the process. Likewise, Yuying and the other Yama Kings had also benefited tremendously from his decision.

Now that the Yama Halls had evolved into a world of their own, the Yama Kings could incorporate their nascent spirits into that world and enjoy enduring life as their nascent spirits lived on, just like Lu Yun with the kingdom of hell!

Of course, that still didnt represent absolute safety.

A horde of akasha ghosts had invaded the netherworld not too long ago. If not for Ge Long, the kingdom would lay in shambles now. Even so, the old servant had sustained heavy wounds and was now resting under the Karmic Tree. With this experience behind him, Lu Yun no longer dared be that impulsive.

His kingdom was weak still, weaker than any of the facets in the outer world, which was all the more reason for him to exercise caution.

Hell was a broken realm, and there were many other fragments of it floating in the multiverse at large. He had to locate them one by one and incorporate them with the one in his possession.

The other primary method to do so was to continue increasing his strength and reinforcing his nascent spirit, until it evolved into the true six paths of reincarnation. By then, all the fragments scattered across the multiverse would return to him on their own.


While Liu Qingmiao and Zou Longxiu were busy recasting their dao fundations, Lu Yun and Qing Yu had successfully formulated the body-refining art. All in all, it comprised of a collection of breathing methods and a set of boxing techniques!

Breathing circulated from the inside out, while boxing techniques flowed from the outside in. Together, the two combined perfectly into a complete cultivation system.

Moreover, the body-refining art was also a complete method in and of itself. As long as they continued to perfect it with formula dao, it could be used when one was a cultivator, continue to be useful after immortal ascension, and even further beyond.

“This body-refining method is only a starting point, it can be used in endless ways and engender countless possibilities… If you can obtain another organ of heaven and earth, I can improve this method to the true immortal level by following the organs properties!”

Qing Yus eyes sparkled with excitement. In her hands, formula dao had reached a heavy-defying degree of sophistication. Once she became an immortal, she could assimilate formula dao into immortal dao and establish it as a legitimate path of immortal dao, one that coexisted with the four great supplemental paths of equipment, pill, formation, and talisman. In fact, it might even be superior to these four paths!

“The third organ… The time is indeed ripe!” Lu Yun abruptly turned solemn. “Little Yu, theres two months left until your tribulation. During this time, Im going to lure the Ancient Tree of Life here.”

With a slight start, Qing Yu looked down. She was going to ascend to immortality after two more months. The poison curse inside her was becoming more noticeable by the day, and itd begun to faintly resonate with the immortal dao of the world.

If left to its own devices, the poison curse would taint the entire immortal dao during her ascension, causing the deaths of an incalculable number of lives governed by it.

If that were to happen, itd be a calamity on an unprecedented scale.

Lu Yun still didnt know who was the one whod used Qing Yu as a pawn and implanted the terrible curse inside her… Werent they afraid of falling victim to the poison themselves

Or perhaps like hed first conjectured, someone just wanted to use her to gather the ten great connate spirit roots of the world

She now had three of them in her possession: Embittered Bamboo, Moon Osmanthus, and Fusang Purewood… The Chaos Lotus, the fourth connate spirit root and ranked number one amongst all ten, was most likely with the Ling Clan.

Miss Ling Rumeng, the clans young genius, had elicited a phenomenon in the form of a Chaos Lotus during her ascension. Itd been visible through the whole of Nephrite Major, marking her as one of the peerless geniuses of the present age. 

But shed then disappeared afterward and hadnt been seen in public since. Although quite many people coveted her Chaos Lotus, no one had found its trail afterward.

The Ancient Tree of Life!

As long as he could lure the tree away from the Endless Desert to the west of Nephrite Major, the poison curse on Qing Yu could be lifted. Moreover, according to Ashu… the Wood Altar and the liver inside were located right at the foot of the ancient tree. When the tree arrived in Dusk Province, the altar and the liver would come with it.


In front of Dao Citys western gates, a vast construction project was underway. A waterfall of immortal crystals was chiseled into a giant garden. Everything inside this garden was made from crystals...

To everyones stupefaction, the garden occupied an area bigger than Dao City itself—more than ten times bigger, to be exact. A garden at this scale had to require immortal crystals in the hundreds of trillion at the very least!

Lu Yuns actions set the world astir.-

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