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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 703: So It Was You!

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Empress Myrtlestar, Su Xiaoxiao, Xingzi, and even Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi all thought that the four pearls, Fusang Purewood, and the Ancient Tree of Life would be enough to defuse Qing Yus poison curse.

However… with a single glance, Zhao Qing had realized that the most crucial thing was still missing: the essence of the Four Guardians! It was the true key to dispelling the poison! The reason being, Qing Yus poison curse was connected to the immortal dao. Any outbreak would taint dao itself.

Meanwhile, the Four Guardians were divine beasts born from nature and embodied the ultimate power of the four cardinal directions. In other words, their essence was the essence of nature in its most unadulterated form. Only such essence could dispel a poison so terrible that it threatened the entire world.

Zhao Wushuang gently opened her hand, collecting globes of azure, white, vermilion, and black light from her body and sent them slowly orbiting around Qing Yu. With that simple action, her face abruptly paled and her knees gave out from beneath her.

The essence of the Four Guardians was equivalent to her own core, so as expected, being separated from that greatly weakened her.

Lu Yun helped her up, then sent her out of the formation-constructed space. There would certainly be those who sought to stop him from dispelling Qing Yus poison curse. This place would become extremely dangerous in short order, and he didnt want Zhao Wushuang to be caught in the crossfire.


“Be careful, I can feel someone spying on us,” Empress Myrtlestar suddenly warned. Scroll of Shepherding Immortals in hand, she stood in the middle of the great formation, the Imperial Star, Fire Starstone, and Big Dipper Starstone circling around her. Her strength had soared to an inconceivable degree as she stood guard over Qing Yu.

“Who is it” Lu Yun scrunched his eyebrows.

“I dont know. I cant see what he looks like. He seems dead, yet also alive.” The empress shook her head gently.

Her alert gaze swept through the surroundings. Mo Yi, Lu Feng, Qing Buyi, and Chen Xiao sat cross-legged at the formations four nexuses and likewise acted as Qing Yus guardians. They all knew that the curse involved more than just Qing Yu herself. The lives of every creature under the immortal dao were at stake.

Lu Yun hadnt managed to locate Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix in time, and Holy Lord Ashu no longer dared expose his presence without good reason, else hed be sure to attract the attention of the underworld and be dragged back. Therefore, the only ones available to protect Qing Yu were those currently present.

Lu Yun had been tempted to look for Qi Hai, but was also concerned the man might do something insidious to sink his claws into Qing Yu and gain control over the immortal dao through her.

He brought out the three yet-to-be-incorporated fragments from the Gates of the Abyss and used the Tome of Life and Death to awaken the broken shards of hell within, while in the darkness, the Formation of the Ten Yama Kings laid primed and ready.

“Ill have to trouble you then, senior.” Lu Yun nodded curtly. Undetectable enemies were the most fearsome ones… But since the empress could sense this particular enemys presence, he wasnt particularly worried; someone who could be located could be dealt with.


Space shook violently as four giant coffins came into existence and merged with the sky. The Enneawyrm Coffinbearers, Nine-Phoenix Casket, Enneaqilin Coffinbiers, and Ninefooted Turtle Cist!

The four evil coffins had levitated into hells sky, then appeared inside the formation in a way Lu Yun couldnt fully understand, before fading into the atmosphere. He vaguely could sense that what lay buried inside the four coffins was no longer parts of the giant corpse, but four swords glowing with light as frosty as winter.

“Let us begin!” he took a deep breath.


Space shook, and a giant forge of earth and sky came into view. The ultimate realm of equipment dao!

Like how one would temper a weapon, Lu Yun began his pill refining… and by way of pill refining, he cleansed the curse inside Qing Yu!

Qing Yu and the treasures around her set foot into the forge of earth and sky, whereupon raging blazes engulfed her figure.

A forge of earth and sky stoked no natural fire or hellfire… In a way, it was an external depiction of the strength of the land. With the sky as flame and the land as furnace, one could refine treasures through the world itself!

A trace of pain floated onto Qing Yus face as her figure was wreathed in a black fog. This fog, of course, was the terrible poison inside of her. Any other pill furnace would long have been corroded by the virulent poison.


Lu Yun waved his hand and summoned the Poison Fiend to an empty spot next to him. The fiend opened its mouth wide and sucked in the poison inside the forge of earth and sky. Meanwhile, the various treasures inside the furnace melted into streams of light and flowed into Qing Yu.


An invisible fire lit up from her figure and began to expel the poison inside.


A human figure strode out of the void with a measured pace. He considered Lu Yun and the forge of earth and sky in front of the young man with a cool, detached expression. For some mysterious reason, no one out of Empress Myrtlestar, Chen Xiao, Mo Yi, Qing Buyi, Lu Feng, or the Yama Kings noticed his arrival. Thus unimpeded, the man arrived in front of Lu Yun as if on a leisure stroll.

“Its... you,”  Lu Yun suddenly noted.

“So it was you!” A second Lu Yun came into existence as well and looked up at the tall figure, his eyes wide with shock.

“Lu Yun, youre truly a very lucky man. To think youd find the proper way to eradicate the poison curse,” the newcomer sighed gently. “So I had no choice but to come.”

“Did Sword Divine… Dongfang Hao send you here” Lu Yuns brows knitted tightly together.

“Sword Divine Dongfang Hao” the man sneered. “Shit like him”

“Thats exactly right!” Lu Yuns forehead relaxed somewhat; his replica had reached peak golden immortal realm. While he wasnt as strong as one of those ancient monsters, he was strong enough to fear no one. At least… he didnt fear arcane dao immortals.

As for the man facing him...

Lu Shenhou.

Lu Shenhou!

Lu Shenhou!!

How could it be Lu Shenhou!!!

It was the same Lu Shenhou whod discovered the void realm. Although dead, his lingering obsession had persisted and returned to bring the path of cultivation back to the world of immortals!

Lu Shenhou was also the first Sword Divine Lu Yun had met, the one whod made repeated appearances at the Sovereign Ranking Battles and the battle in Dusk Province. It would seem that had just been a distraction.

Lu Yun had once thought Lu Shenhou to be Dongfang Haos subordinate—just like Wu Tulong, Mo Qitian, and Zi Chen, that he was someone that Dongfang Hao had brought back to life through a special method and turned into a sword god at his service.

However, in the battle for Dusk Province, Lu Shenhou had displayed the body of a shamanic divine and led everyone to believe there were shamanic divines at Sword Divines command.

But now… his arrival lifted the curtains on a very different truth. Lu Shenhou had been the one whod planted the poison curse inside Qing Yu.

Although he hadnt been in Xiankan when Qing Yu had been poisoned, it now seemed almost certain that all had been a plan hed set in motion. Weave by weave, twist after twist, from Donglin Taihuang to the cosmic constitution, hed spun his plot like a giant net that covered the entire world.-

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