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Even Lu Yun couldnt see through what kind of existence Lu Shenhou was now. In all likelihood, the man had left Xiankan at the time not to avoid suspicion, but to set up all of his various other schemes.

Perhaps Donglin Taihuang searching out the Qing Clan and requesting production of a girl with a cosmic constitution was also related to him. Likewise, hed also been the one whod brought Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and a few others to the ruins of the Firmament Prison, into the tomb where the Dao Flower lay.

It also was inside this tomb that Dongfang Hao had died, then mysteriously came back to life to obtain the Sword of Chaos. Plainly, none of it was a coincidence. All was a carefully crafted plan.

But because of the Dao Flower and the discovery of the void realm, neither Lu Yun nor anyone else had taken note of these oddities. In fact, even when Lu Shenhou had revealed the body of a shamanic divine, he still didnt arouse Lu Yuns suspicions.

But now with his arrival, everything finally clicked in place in Lu Yuns mind.

In his current state, Lu Shenhou was neither dead nor alive. He was a non-entity to anyone alive, while to departed spirits, he was just an indistinct shadow.

Inside the kingdom of hell, Lu Yuns nascent spirit formed a conduit that connected his primary body to Xing Chen, so the latter could also now make use of his death arts. For that reason alone could he define Lu Shenhous presence with the Spectral Eye.

Nearby, Empress Myrtlestar, Chen Xiao, Mo Yi, Chen Buyi, and Lu Feng all sensed something afoot, but nonetheless, none of them could see Lu Shenhou. For them, he simply didnt exist.


“Who in the world are you” One after another, Sword Atlases unfurled around Lu Yun.

Now that his command over them had reached the realm of great perfection, each Sword Atlas could manifest ten thousand ninth-rank flying swords. A full one hundred eight Sword Atlases soared into the sky, transforming the surroundings into an ocean of sword energy.

As for Lu Yuns primary body, it remained unmoving and continued to recite incantations, silently refining Qing Yu with the forge of earth and sky.

“Me” Lu Shenhou smiled mildly. “Didnt you recognize me already I am Lu Shenhou.”

He strode forward and eased his way past the barrier formed by the Sword Atlases, arriving in front of Lu Yun. For him, these Sword Atlases were simple mirages with no tangible existence. It was fundamentally impossible for them to stop him in any way.

But he halted in the next moment, an unsettled expression on his face.

“Hellfire.” Seeing the ball of black fire in front of him, he gently stepped back. “I see, the thing on you was hellfire. I suppose the primeval human daos hell must also be in your possession if so.”

Turbulent hellfire erupted from Lu Yun and transformed the space into an ocean of fire as far as the eye could see. Ordinary means were ineffective against Lu Shenhou, but hellfire… was the bane of a being like him.

“No wonder, no wonder I subconsciously brought you there… Only one with the power of human hell could have awakened the Dao Flower and brought it back to life.” Lu Shenhou lowered his gaze, a cold, ruthless smile flashing past his lips.


His figure suddenly lit up with flames burning a hazy purple. As if afraid, hellfire immediately contracted into a ball and returned to Lu Yuns hand.

Nether Fire.

Flames that had once destroyed human hell… the Nether Fire that belonged to Violetgrave.

Violetgrave had once called hellfire the greatest fire in the multiverse. According to her, Nether Fire was far, far weaker in comparison. But in Lu Yuns hands, hellfire was limited by his cultivation and couldnt unleash its full potential.

As an analogy, the tiger might be the king of the jungle, but its cub was still no match for an adult wolf.

Moreover, Nether Fire had once been wielded by a supreme being so mighty that theyd destroyed hell. In the process, itd absorbed a fraction of hellfires power, so it was little wonder its appearance could force hellfire back.

“It took me three entire eras to set this plan in motion. Although Qing Yu isnt my only pawn, this pawn is on the eve of blossoming and bearing fruit. How can I possibly let you ruin it”  Cool and collected, Lu Shenhou looked even more of a Sword Divine than Dongfang Hao.

Each of his steps left a purple footprint in the air, and each time he stepped forward, hellfire receded a tiny bit in response. However, Lu Yun stood his ground.

“Since this plan took you three eras to lay out, Ill use just one lifetime of mine to break it!” Xing Chens body glittered with a tricolor glow. The heart, lungs, and liver of heaven and earth pulsated audibly inside the body of this trivial golden immortal, resonating with the rhythm of the world. Spectral Eye wide open, two beams of black light as sharp as swords erupted from his irises and pierced more than thirty meters through the air.

The illusory silhouettes of the ten Yama Kings appeared behind Lu Yun. As they infused their strength into Lu Yuns replica, Xing Chengs cultivation increased dramatically, rising from peak golden immortal realm to arcane dao immortal realm.

Meanwhile, this corner of the world shook furiously and produced a mysterious resonance with Lu Yun and his breathing.

“Its no use. Im not a living existence, the cultivation and realms of the living mean nothing to me.” Step after step, Lu Shenhou made his way toward the forge of earth and sky. “Ill be frank, this entire world is mere nothingness to me.”


Lu Yun finally sprang into action. Encased in fire as black as night, his fist punched straight at Lu Shenhous face. Black hellfire crackled to life. As if suddenly endowed with prodigious courage, it no longer backed down in the face of the Nether Fire.

Even so, Nether Fire jumped from Lu Shenhou and burned the hellfire away, while Lu Yuns fist went straight through Lu Shenhous figure, as if the man was a mere illusion devoid of substance.

“Wait, what!” Lu Yun stared in disbelief. Why couldnt he even touch Lu Shenhou

“For someone of flesh and blood like you, I am a non-entity, something that doesnt exist… While for me, all of you likewise dont exist.” Lu Shenhou shook his head gently, walked past Lu Yun, and came in front of the forge of earth and sky.

However, Lu Yuns primary body opened its eyes, and two blue halos of light lit up inside his irises.


The Tome of Life and Death appeared above him and blasted Lu Shenhou away in a flare of dazzling radiance.

“What was that!” Lu Shenhou flew more than thirty meters through the air before he managed to steady himself and land on the ground. In utter disbelief, he gawked at the Tome of Life and Death.

Shrouded inside hazy bronze light, the books appearance remained hidden, but itd demonstrated a power great enough to repel Lu Shenhou. This power was gentle and devoid of killing intent. And yet, it was a barrier he couldnt surmount despite his best efforts.

“Just like me… something that shouldn't exist in this world” Lu Shenhou sighed softly before smiling. “Then its fortunate I didnt come alone.”-

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