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With a vacant stare, Qi Hai looked at the broken Sovereign Stele, then at the Path of Ingress leading straight into the central world. He raised his hand and almost slapped it down, but ultimately decided against the action.

Nephrite Major somehow already had a new celestial emperor on her throne, one who shouldve been in seclusion to refine the heavenly mandate. To fully refine a mandate required at least a thousand years!

In other words, apart from the dead Exalted and Truespirit celestial emperors whod earned the acknowledgment of their heavenly mandates, none of the others had mastered theirs in the truest sense. At most, they could borrow some strength from it.

However, the new generation of celestial emperors, including the now-deceased Zhao Changkong, had been groomed by their predecessors as their chosen heirs. From the moment theyd been born, theyd basked in their mandates nourishing warmth. Therefore, even if theyd been mere aether dao immortals before succeeding the throne, they wouldve quickly attained the origin dao realm once in full mastery of their mandates.

But unlike Zhao Changkong, neither Zhao Shenguang nor the other celestial emperors benefited from similar advantages. Therefore, they would have to toil for a full millennium to refine and bring out the mandates full strength.

Indeed, why else would the old imperial uncle have left the majors ancestral vein in Lu Yuns care

But now… that oddity Zhao Shenguang had raised a fuss demanding female immortals to wait upon him as soon as hed arrived in Destiny City. Even more outrageously… hed used Nephrite Majors great treasure, the Path of Ingress, to break the Sovereign Stele and open the way to the central world! 

In addition, the heavenly mandates light could be seen revolving around his figure, clear proof hed somehow refined it!

In terms of cultivation, he was a measly peerless immortal, an ordinary one bereft of formations of heaven and earth, someone who shouldve become obsolete in this brand-new era.

But for some strange, unimaginable reasons, this kid was now celestial emperor of Nephrite Major, and had even gotten his hands on the heavenly mandate and the courts cherished treasure.


“Hahaha!” Zhao Shenguang laughed boisterously. “Ladies of Destiny City, are you swooning at this emperors graceful bearing yet… Mommy, damn, what is that!”

In his proudest, smuggest moment, his eyes happened to land on Ge Yanxia. He first froze for the duration of a breath, then shrieked with alarm and then… violently threw up on the spot.

“What is that thing That, that lump, that pile, that things not human and not a ghost. Men, take it away!” Suddenly remembering his lofty status, Zhao Shenguang wiped off his mouth, pointed at Ge Yanxia, and hollered loudly.

“Nephrite Celestial Emperor!” The lord of Destiny City walked out, somewhat displeased. “She is the master of the West Sea. Her status is as noble as yours.”

The city lord was barely holding in his irritation. For him, Zhao Fengyang was both a teacher and a friend. Hed met all of the emperors children, but the one he was least fond of happened to be Zhao Shenguang.

Sex was this fellows lifelong pursuit. He had a hundred dao partners in his harem, and stranger still… he was in the business of operating brothels. Be it the world of mortals or immortals, pleasure houses hed personally established could be found everywhere. 

Last time hed come to Destiny City, hed planned to open a brothel there, only to be kicked out by the city lord for his efforts. So now that this blackguard was here again, the city lord naturally didnt bother to hide his annoyance. 

On the other hand, he wasnt particularly angry about the Path of Ingress smashing the Sovereign Stele. Rather, he very much approved of it.

“Master of the West Sea” Zhao Shenguang blinked. “Dog of a West Sea Emperor”

Snorts and stifled chuckles rose and fell in the crowd. Silverlight had just called it West Sea Dog Emperor, and now, this curiosity of a Nephrite celestial emperor was adding fuel to the flames!

“You must be tired of living!” Furious, Ge Yanxia was about to strike when she suddenly realized she was being suppressed by the power of the land. Reeling from the pressure, she couldnt help but shudder. Such was the power of a celestial mandate!

“Hmmph!” Zhao Shenguang turned frosty. “West Sea Dog Emperor, West Sea Shaggy Seal! You freed the demon in Exalted Major and caused untold mayhem through the world, almost turning all of it into demonic soil! Not to mention, you also caused the deaths of the Truespirit and Exalted celestial emperors. How dare a lowly beast like you still set foot in my Nephrite Major You court death!

“Men, take this sea bitch away!” His eyes gleamed with a tyrannical light, raging wrath palpable to the countless immortals nearby. Little did they know, the anger didnt have much to do with the freed demon god or the two dead celestial emperors. 

Rather… in that battle, many of his properties—his pleasure houses in Exalted Major—had been destroyed! His heart bled at the thought.

“At your command!”


Four ear-splitting explosions rumbled through the sky. Visions of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise slowly took to the air. Together, they sealed off Ge Yanxias movements. At the same time, crystal cannons flashed into existence, their cannon mouths glittering threateningly.

The Azure Dragon Phalanx, Vermilion Bird Phalanx, White Tiger Phalanx, and Black Tortoise Phalanx! These four great armies were the core of Nephrite Majors strength! The soldiers stationed at the North Sea fortress at Dusk Provinces borders had been a mere subdivision of the Black Tortoise Phalanx!

The true Black Tortoise Phalanx was uniformly composed of august immortals. Together, they could manifest the Black Tortoises true self. Compared to Dusk Provinces Dusk Phalanx, it was so much more formidable, so much more daunting.

Added to that the other three armies… Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise— the formation shaped by all four sacred beasts made the very air tremble!

Deploying the power of the entire major, the heavenly mandate hovering over Zhao Shenguang bore down on Ge Yanxia. The four phalanxes launched their offensive at the same time.

Boundless in its grandeur, the divine power of the four sacred beasts crushed the fur seal like heavy mountains.

“Aaahhh!” Ge Yanxia screamed miserably, her body flattening into something that resembled black flatbread mashed into the ground. “Nephrite Celestial Emperor, I will have your head!!” 

With a bloodcurdling scream, she opened her mouth and spat out a golden globe of light: the West Seas essence.

It immediately reshaped itself into a giant sword that ripped the sky open. As it did so, Ge Yanxia sacrificed part of her own flesh in a blood ritual and finally managed to flee Nephrite Major, a mist of putrid blood in her wake.

“Ew, thats so gross. That disgusting thing actually swallowed the West Seas essence. Its going to be quite the trauma for whoever refines the essence next.” Zhao Shenguang chuckled.

The lord of Destiny City looked blankly at him, uncertain what he was supposed to say. As for Qi Hai, he hadnt shown himself from start to finish. It was as if hed fallen deep asleep.

“Dont worry, I didnt forget the rest of you bastards!” Zhao Shenguang vented his spleen on the rest of the crowd. “You obviously know that repulsive fur seal is the demon gods bitch, but here you are, happily rubbing shoulders with her. You were going to listen to that creature and block the way to the central world! You were going to destroy the future of your juniors! Or perhaps, you too have sold yourselves to the demon god and want to sabotage the world of immortals!”


His heavenly mandate shook, amplifying his voice so that it resonated like the sound of the grand dao itself, so loud it could rouse the dead.-

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