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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 713: Dog Emperor

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Bolstered by the Nephrite mandates heavenly energies, Zhao Shenguang resonated with the entire major. The other celestial emperors collectively paled, and the monster emperors were sent tumbling to the ground by the shock.

After disappearing for so long, no one had expected the prince to return with so much newfound strength, alongside harbingers of trouble Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi. Right now, he displayed power far greater than Zhao Changkong had ever shown!

During the incident in Azure Province, Zhao Changkong had called upon the Path of Ingress rather than Nephrite Majors heavenly mandate. By that point, hed reached peak arcane dao realm. Though he poured everything he had into the treasure, he still had a decent shot at surviving in some form of life—hed only perished thanks to the misfortune of landing in the celestial master tomb.

On the other hand, if hed used the heavenly mandate against Goldenlight and Kui, he wouldve been crushed by its backlash—soul, true spirit and all.

That was a far steeper price than using the Path of Ingress. Though Zhao Changkong had chosen death willingly, he had done so with fear in his heart. Without the heavenly mandates recognition, he couldnt comprehend the heart of the world.

In comparison, Zhao Shenguang had done all that and more. After summoning the Path of Ingress to connect Nephrite Major and the central world, hed also resonated with Nephrites heavenly mandate as a mere peerless immortal.

Such a feat wouldve been unimaginable for his brother.


“That Zhao Shenguang came out of the Ancient Tree of Life with Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi, didnt he Maybe those devils had a miraculous encounter of some sort inside” The celestial emperors of Primus, Enlightened, Truespirit, Thundergale, and Lazuli Major were uniformly concerned.

That Zhao Shenguang could resonate with his territory made him far ahead of them, making them feel just as self-conscious as the monster and dragon emperors of the ten lands and three immortal seas.

Zhao Shenguang was Chen Xiao and Qing Buyis sidekick, and indubitably influenced by those two daredevils. If he crushed them with the power of Nephrite Major in a fit of impulse, they would have all died for nothing.

The new celestial emperor looked more murderous by the minute.

“Youre mistaken, Your Majesty.” The long-absent Qi Hai finally reappeared. “Destiny City is a sacred city for all cultivators, an uncountable number of them have congregated here. Even if we want to kill that fur seal, we must do so somewhere else.

“The fur seal is an underling of the demon lord. If a fight breaks out, the whole of Life Province will be caught up in it, much less than a singular Destiny City. It is our responsibility to make sure he doesnt try anything drastic, we can figure out where to go from there.”

Qi Hai had a pale, handsome face and a lean figure. As soon as he appeared, Destiny City pulsed with a miraculous force that pushed back on Nephrites heavenly mandate. The looming pressure of the Four Guardian heavenly armies was rebuffed as well.

Destiny City had been one of the three hundred and sixty-five main cities during the era of human dao. As one of the wellsprings of human power, it naturally possessed certain extraordinary qualities that couldnt be denied. Moreover, Qi Hai was the foremost city lord among all three hundred sixty-five cities, with sufficient authority to command all the rest. It was trivial for him to make use of the power within Destiny City.

“You…” Zhao Shenguangs face colored slightly. “If thats the case, this emperor shall not pursue the matter further.”

Qi Hais mouth twitched at the pompous self-reference. Before Emperors Fall, it had been used by celestial emperors of all races. Nowadays, rulers preferred the royalWe, much like monarchs back on Earth. The difference, and the reappearance ofemperors andkings, had been brought about after the severing of the path of cultivation. It seemed to have something to do with humanitys ancestral planet.

As such, Zhao Shenguangs continued usage of the term made Qi Hais teeth hurt. Not that he could do much about it, alas. If Destiny City were at its peak, he would have thrashed the young man and halted his antics a long time ago.

“However, the fur seals are subordinate to the demon god. They plot to overturn the world of immortals with every breath. Therefore, this emperor believes that there is a great need for us to come together to defeat them.”


Inside the teahouse, Lu Yun and Qing Yu stared flabbergasted at the Nephrite once-prince.

“Is he really Zhao Shenguang” Qing Yu blinked. She knew the youth—or thought she did, anyway. The prince was a dandy whod gotten both of his legs broken by Chen Xiao when fighting over a woman, then ended up hung up over the Nephrite palace doors…

How had he become so assertive

Moreover, his ability to simultaneously use the Path of Ingress and Nephrites mandate was a mystery.

“Ge Long once said that the Key of Life wasnt a part of the original Ancient Tree of Life. Born out of the Wood Altar, it eventually became a part of the trees source.” Lu Yun furrowed his brow. “Before Emperors Fall, the ancient tree was the personal treasure of a certain emperor. If Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi specifically brought Zhao Shenguang along to pluck the trees fruit…”

“Are you saying…” Qing Yus eyes widened in shock. “Zhao Shenguang received that emperors heritage from the tree”

“Its just a sudden theory,” Lu Yun shook his head. “After the battle of Emperors Fall, every trace of the great emperors was wiped away from history… Ive never heard of anyone obtaining their heritage after that. In fact, the very title ofemperor became an ill omen.”

He turned back toward Dusk Province. He couldnt quite put his finger on it, but the demon spirit that corrupted the Ancient Tree of Life still seemed odd to him. However, Ge Long had already eaten the crystal core that once contained it, so there was nothing that could be further explored there.

Nevertheless, Zhao Shenguangs transformation was clearly due to some sort of inherited strength from the Ancient Tree of Life. If Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi hadnt placed any restrictions on him—indeed, they apparently condoned his ascension to Nephrites imperial throne—they evidently thought he was qualified to rule.

“Oh, didnt Holy Lord Ashu say that... the Ancient Tree of Life was some sort of great emperors… covenant” Qing Yu wasnt too sure about this.

During her baptism by the energies of the ancient tree, she had felt the full extent of its tremendous vigor. There was enough life contained there to construct an entire world. Lu Yun shook his head again; he had no way to know whether the holy lord had spoken true.


“Wow, what a beauty!!” A loud shriek echoed beside Lu Yun and Qing Yus ears. The triumphant Zhao Shenguang had landed at some point when they werent looking. His eyes were practically glued to Qing Yus face. “Hello, miss. This emperor is Zhao Shenguang, the celestial emperor of Nephrite Major. Do you have a dao partner If We may, We would like to suggest…”

“Are you not worried about Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi breaking your third leg” Qing Yu snickered, then hurriedly flung out a restraining arm in front of Lu Yun.

“Huh” Zhao Shenguang shivered violently at the mention of the Twin Devils.



Heaven and earth trembled alongside him. Two instances of ascension phenomena appeared consecutively, rippling through the whole world! In the next instant, they vanished as quickly as theyd appeared.

“Those Twin Devils became void-ascended immortals so fast…” The gathered celestial emperors gulped apprehensively in wariness and envy. They absolutely didnt have the courage to discard their cultivation and ascend through the void realm anew.-

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