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The one sanctuary in the multiverse wasnt, alas, all that safe. Small chinks had appeared in Nephrite Majors Dusk, Azure, Crimson, and Argent Provinces. An even bigger fissure could be found elsewhere, one that required nine celestial emperors to seal with their lives—the World Gates. 

Lu Yun had seen for himself the tide of yin spirits in Azure Province. Hed been a powerless bystander as yin spirits tore apart the bodies of immortals and swallowed their defenseless nascent spirits.

And now, hed personally destroyed the nascent spirit of a primordial dao immortal with the tribulation lightning from a cultivators ascension… It gave him a profound sense of crisis.

No matter how strong a cultivators tribulation was, it was still a phenomenon activated by a simple cultivator. Once stripped of the protection from the laws of nature, many immortals could scatter tribulation clouds by force. But no matter how strong the nascent spirit was, it was utterly vulnerable to lightning when lacking protection from the flesh.

“I have to create a spirit art so that an immortals nascent spirit can possess real fighting ability!” The look in his eyes turned resolute. 

To create a brand-new cultivation method would be sheer folly for most. The immortal dao was the product of eons of evolution. While cultivation methods were always evolving, they never strayed far from those pioneered by the three founders of the immortal dao.

But times were changing. Dao sovereign Beneath the immortal dao, Qing Yu had comprehended “formula dao”. With it, she could theorize everything beneath the sun. Lu Yun himself had used formula dao to postulate his body-refining method based on the organs of heaven and earth.

All of this was a basis, a starting point with which to build from. In the near future, it wouldnt be impossible for Lu Yun and Qing Yu to create a new nascent spirit method. More importantly, he had a faint premonition that the creation of such a method would depend on Qing Yus Scroll of Shepherding Immortals.

The scroll had been painted by the primordial Human Celestial Master Zhang with the essence of God, then sealed by the immortal fires of the three founders… In the process, the founders had left their imprints on the scroll!


“Aoxue, Huangqing, Cangyin, Luli, the four of you protect this altar with the Four Blood Spirits Formation. Kill anyone who tries to take it from us!” Lu Yun summoned the four Yama Kings from hell.

“At your service!” The four of them genuflected, their figures turning into four blood demons. A blood dragon, blood phoenix, blood qilin, and blood tortoise flashed into existence. Together, they combined into a terrible crimson formation in the sky and slowly melted into the void.

“Strange. Is it just me, or is the energy I sense from them not the pure power of feng shui, but… something else” Lu Yun stiffened.

The four blood demons were legends from a bygone era, ominous existences feared in hush whispers. Stories abounded of how the advent of any blood demon brought untold calamities in its wake, enough to throw the entire world into turmoil.

These creatures were in fact a fusion between a living creature and feng shui layouts. Together, they combined to produce an ominous feng shui energy. When Lu Yun had gathered the four, hed used the Tome of Life and Death to suppress the ominous feng shui that created them.

But when theyd formed the blood formation, hed unmistakably felt the ominous feng shui vanish without a trace. Or rather, itd transformed from one state into another—a purer and more formidable energy.

“Ge Longs the one who came up with this formation… And theres also some kind of connection between him and the four evil coffins… Maybe the body parts buried inside the coffins actually belong to him”

The idea flashed through his mind, but he chose not to delve any deeper. Ge Longs past might be extraordinary, but now… he was subordinate to the Tome of Life and Death.

In a blur, Lu Yun flashed onto the altar. Once he sacrificed a primordial legacy to it, space warped in front of him and permitted him inside the central worlds core region, a land eight thousand kilometers in width.

Indeed, eight thousand kilometers only. To be more precise, it was a large tomb eight thousand kilometers wide.

“The tomb of the immortal emperor! A tombstone as tall as a mountain and piercing through the clouds was the first thing that greeted the eye. But strangely enough, he could see it in its entirety even without the Spectral Eye.

In fact, no matter where he was, no matter from which angle he looked at, he could still see it in its entirety.

Here lies the immortal emperor. 

The words were written in big, glistening characters that oozed with blood, as if the immortal emperor had written his epitaph with his own blood. Drop by drop, the dark-red liquid trailed down from the characters and pooled into a river of blood that flowed somewhere into the distance.  

“When I used the Spectral Eye on the other side of the World Boundary, I didnt see this bloody tombstone.” Lu Yun took a deep breath. Something even the Spectral Eye couldnt see… This tombstone was no doubt a peerless treasure.

“During the Primordial Era, the immortal emperor used the Immortal Subjugation Seal to subdue all immortals in the world and rule over the entire multiverse. Logically speaking, the Immortal Subjugation Seal should be the number one treasure above all other connate treasures…

“But if so, whats the other treasure thats even stronger…” Lu Yun couldnt help but ruminate over the paradox. “Last time the will of the immortal dao came into existence, the Sovereign Ranking was established and the dao weapon turned into the Sovereign Arena. Still, it wasnt as mammoth in scale as this. All the old monsters hiding in their holes somewhere have been alarmed this time around.

“Whatever the case may be, the Immortal Subjugation Seal is also a treasure that carries the teachings and legacies of the immortal emperor. If someone gets his hands on it, hell most likely be able to establish something comparable to the primordial immortal court...”

Lu Yun took a deep breath. According to his speculations, the Immortal Subjugation Seal should be a type of dao weapon that ruled over the immortal dao and could make immortals far and wide submit to it.


A deafening explosion came from the sky as a giant mountain fell straight on top of Lu Yun.

“Even the most humble technique can shine” He looked up and struck out with a punch.


With irresistible momentum, his fist shattered the towering mountain.

“Come on out!!” Lu Yun shouted with annoyance, his voice rolling outward like a surging wave.


A human silhouette came into view and coughed up blood.

What a powerful reaction. Youre indeed worthy of your fame, Lord of Dusk Province! But inside the immortal emperors tomb, youre all on your own… Even if you grow three heads and six arms, youll be buried here today!” the man spoke in a quick, urgent voice. “Attack!”

A ghastly white fire erupted in the air as soon as his voice fell and surrounded Lu Yun.

“Hadal Bonefire! Youre the old skeletons man! Hmph, his heir Jiangcheng Xie has been possessed, and the skeleton cant protect himself either. How dare you provoke me!” With a hearty laugh, Lu Yun took a step forward and flashed in front of his opponent, his fist aimed at the mans face. Although his opponent was a true immortal just like him, they couldnt compare when it came to real strength.

“Hahaha!” The figure suddenly turned incorporeal. By the time Lu Yuns fist landed on his face, hed become a stick of white bone.


More white bones came flocking in from every direction and stacked into a giant skeleton.


Lu Yuns fist landed on the white bone, but the skeleton didnt even budge.

“Lu Yun, who did you say couldnt protect himself just now!” The Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereigns voice sounded leisurely.-

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