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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 728: No Regrets!

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“Moreover!” shouted another immortal of theLu Yun Killers, “I could tell that the Lu Yun we saw earlier was his true self. That hes made it out in one piece means hes an ally of the fiends whove severed the immortal dao. They simply put on a show for us!

“We must slay the demon to right the wrongs of the world!” The speaker was a monster spirit whose true form was that of a silver sea snake. Blue fog puffed out of its mouth whenever it spoke, a clear sign of potent poison.

“Have the monster spirits of the South Sea joined that **ty alliance as well” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes.

These immortals had just escaped thanks to his Path of Ingress, but he hadnt received any goodwill from this particular group. Moreover, theyd gone after his treasure immediately after making it out, and not only did they not retreat once Lu Yun re-emerged, but instead attempted to overwhelm and kill their benefactor.

They were more than ungrateful for what Lu Yun had done for them; they were going so far as to bite the hand that fed them! This truly roused his ire.

The silver sea snake was plainly a member of the South Sea court. Although the South Sea emperor hadnt announced an alliance with Dusk Province, the two were allies in everything but name. Lu Yun had even once sent a large shipment of treasures to the South Sea.

But the sea snake clan of the South Sea had started aLu Yun Killers alliance with other factions! That ignited his rage, and to add further insult to injury, he could tell that the big snake was carrying around numerous talismans and pills produced in Dusk.

“Lu Yun, head of the Star Demon Sect, youre a monstrous fiend yourself! You not only helped the demon god escape from Mount Exalted, youre also working with the demons of the Dao Tree to destroy the world of immortals. 

“Everyone should kill you as a matter of principle! Today, we strike down this demon on behalf of the heavenly dao!” snarled the silver sea snake. “We kill!”

“Kill!” The hundred and some immortals struck out in unison, banding together behind their collective hostility against Lu Yun. Immortal swords converged into a stream of sword light and slashed powerfully at him.

“Oh ** off!” he commanded coolly. He lifted his hand and sent Violetgraves sharp radiance surging through the sky, forming a great sword curtain that cut into the stream of swords.


Combat arts poured in behind the swords—flawless primordial methods, one and all. Some passed down from great immortals of the Primordial Era, others the flawless combat arts that Lu Yun and Qing Yu had deduced and disseminated through the world.

Though Lu Yu rebuffed the stream of swords with a single move, the combat arts ripped with a momentum to sweep over heaven and earth and shattered his sword barrier. He staggered back with a pained grunt.

“Lu Yun!” Venom glittered in the great sea snakes eyes. “If you brats hadnt so recklessly restored the path of cultivation and recovered the void realm, we elders wouldnt have been forced to sever our cultivation and start anew!”

The snake had once been an arcane dao immortal, supreme and unchallenged in the world of immortals. However, the void realm had threatened to knock it off its throne and render it obsolete with the times, forcing it to restart the arduous journey to immortality if it didnt want to be eliminated by the world. It had thus severed its cultivation to travel through the void realm, and by now had reclaimed its immortal heights.

Incorporating a formation of heaven and earth was an option, but that would forego the phenomenon of ascension, forever placing them a peg lower than void-ascended immortals. Most importantly, the formations that Lu Yun distributed couldnt be applied to dao immortals.

For dao immortals with sufficient mental fortitude to begin anew, they obtained their cultivation methods from Dusk Province. The basic void realm method might be lesser than the ones acquired from the Dao Flower, but it was flexible with innumerable possibilities and worked for every immortal in the world.


“Do you regret it” a voice suddenly demanded in Lu Yuns mind. “These immortals are trying to kill you with your own cultivation methods, your combat arts, and even weapons youve refined… Do you regret your actions

“Do you

“Do you regret it now

“Dont you regret it!

“Dont you regret giving these ungrateful backstabbers all those precious cultivation methods, combat arts, and great treasures When you die, youll have died at the hands of your own creations!”

“Get out of my head!!” A greater voice boomed in Lu Yuns mind, shattering the intrusive thoughts. “How dare a measly inner demon try to sway my sanity! Regret I feel no regret!

“So what if theyve learned my combat arts and acquired my treasures If I grew complacent because Id monopolized those things, I would just as soon fall from my pedestal and be destroyed even if I became the greatest sovereign of the world.

“So theyve bullied, humiliated, and attempted to kill me with my own creations and products. So what Those are trials that will only serve to make me stronger! Theyll push me to keep moving forward and aim for the stars!

“If my enemies grow strong, then Ill grow stronger still! What theyve learned belongs to me, so their accomplishments belong to me! Ill always be one step ahead of them! I can only reach greater heights if the entire world does so as well.

“Therefore, I dont regret anything.”

“Hahaha… How very... optimistic of you...” the insidious voice commented again before bursting like a bubble.

Something seemed to wash over his mind and polish it, making the world appear clearer to his perception. His cultivation had somehow taken a leap forward as well.

The six paths of his nascent spirit circulated madly in the netherworld, casting radiance of six different colors over the entire realm. The paths thatd toed the line between illusion and reality tipped a little over to reality.


Lu Yun wiped off the corners of his mouth and looked at the hundred and some immortals arrayed in front of him. Theyd isolated the area and were coming at him with stormy power. Each immortal unleashing a combat art, they launched yet another concerted attack.


More than a hundred combat arts converged into an enormous light barrier and slammed down over Lu Yun, followed by a hundred slashes of sword energy. Given that he was pinned down, it would be difficult for him to evade the swords even if he blocked the combat arts.

“Open!” Lu Yun growled, summoning his nascent spirit replica out of the void to project the twenty-four facets, turning illusion into reality and creating a world in front of him.



The combat arts and immortal swords slammed into the manifested twenty-four facets, shattering the image. Together, the void-ascended true immortals were more powerful than Wu Tulong, Mo Qitian, and Zi Chen combined.

“Kill!” Lu Yun leapt into the air and manifested his nascent spirit again, projecting a great mountain and slamming it down onto the immortals from above.

Mount Exalted!

Lu Yun had manifested Mount Exalted with his nascent spirit. Although it wasnt as vast as the twenty-four facets of the world, it was much denser and much more powerful. Still lesser than the true mountain, it still embodied the mountains aura and presence as it smashed down heavily on the immortals below.

“What is this How is he doing this!” The immortals panicked. Theyd never seen such a nascent spirit method before and thus were helpless before it. Their collective killing intent was instantly crushed under the pressure of the great mountain.-

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