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Lin Yu and Lin Xuan had attracted some attention when they left the central world and undid their seal over the North Sea. Immortals had swiftly gathered to observe them from the dark, and greed gripped around them tight when the pair of connate-grade treasures emerged.

It was unheard of for such treasures to appear after a cultivators tribulation, but here they were, right in front of them!


Before they could make a move, a great disturbance rocked the sky. An enormous pattern of yin and yang fish took shape in the air, spanning the North Sea and Nephrite Major!

Phenomenon of ascension!

The brothers phenomenon of ascension was a pair of yin and yang fish!


Dao City.

“Dammit!” Alarmed, Wanfeng hurriedly barked out a series of orders. “Everyone stand ready! Prepare the crystal cannons! Kill anyone who dares make a move against Lin Yu or Lin Xuan!”

“That wont be necessary, Ill go protect them,” volunteered a rascally voice as a figure disappeared with a flash.


“Theyre both geniuses whose phenomenon of ascension spans a major,” someone called out. “Kill them, kill them now!”

The brothers were of the Lin Clan, but everyone saw them as members of Dusk Province and Lu Yuns followers first and foremost.

Although Dusk Province had taken in an impressive collection of talent in the form of the Qing, Lu, Chen, Xue, and Yin Clans, Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi were the only great geniuses who had ever emerged from those clans.

Dusk boasted of no other geniuses whose phenomenon of ascension spanned an entire major. The combined phenomenon of the Lin brothers, though, covered Nephrite Major and the North Sea, a fact which put many ill at ease.

“Halt! Who dares raise their hand!” boomed a threatening voice. A green-haired man made for quite the sight in the sky, appearing out of nowhere to stand firmly in the void, his presence as keen and steady like a javelins. Scanning his surroundings with eagle eyes, his overwhelming presence unfurled in all directions to intimidate every immortal in the area.

“How dare you cretins think of intervening in the tribulations of Lin members You court death!” His eyes were intensely sharp and his voice boomed like a giant bell, keeping those in the area at bay. His presence made even dao immortals retreat with ashen faces.

“Origin dao immortal!” a panicked voice shouted. “The Lin Clan possess a flawless origin dao immortal!”

The eighteen flawless origin dao monster spirits from Levitating Island had shaken the world of immortals and unnerved all denizens. With the former nine celestial emperors abdicating their thrones and the new generation of celestial emperors not yet matured, the world had no way of dealing with the monster spirit faction.

But now the Lins possessed a flawless origin dao immortal as well

“The Lin Clan lives up to their reputation as the top clan of the world, alright,” an immortal clucked his tongue in surprise. “Although they suffered from House Donglins secession, their foundation remains unaffected…”

“Wait, somethings not right. His origin dao immortal force hasnt settled yet, theres still a trace of arcane dao immortal force. Hes clearly plucked an origin dao fruit only recently...” A crippled dao immortal voiced his observation. “Rumor has it that that has appeared in the immortal emperors tomb in the central world, as well as crimson long-haired monsters… Did he take that opening to pluck his dao fruit”

The green-haired Lin immortal cast a steely glance at the crippled origin dao immortal, who immediately shut his mouth. The speaker was plainly trying to trick other arcane dao immortals into getting themselves killed.

“Anyone who makes a move against Lin Yu or Lin Xuan will find their clans exterminated,” the green-haired man announced coldly, his tones sharp and laced with killing intent.

Fearful silence stifled the scene. Flawless origin dao immortals were seen as invincible in the world of immortals. No one dared twitch a finger with such a powerful being present, and no one even dared think of making a run for it.

From his position on Levitating Island, located at the intersection of the borders between the North Sea and Nephrite Major, Goldenlight scowled at the man and gestured menacingly with his black iron rod. However, he too didnt do anything either.

“His origin dao fruit is plucked from the actual tree rather than one found on Levitating Island… How did he do it” Confusion flashed through Goldenlights face.

Levitating Island was the de facto sacred land of the primordial monster spirits and it held many secrets, including caches of dao fruit left from the Primordial Era. That was why there were so many flawless origin dao immortals emerging from the faction.

The origin dao fruit the Lin immortal had plucked, however, was straight from the dao fruit tree.


Finally, the yin and yang fish in the sky melded into the brothers bodies. The connate grade treasures had fallen into their grasp as well.

“You two,” the green-haired man remarked coldly to Lin Yu and Lin Xuan, “return to the clan with me.”

“What” The brothers started. “Weve reached an agreement with the forefather...”

“I say return with me. Now!” snarled the green-haired man.

“Clan uncle, weve joined Dusk Province and become her city lords,” Lin Xuan breathed in deeply and responded with a determined edge in his voice. “We have important matters to attend to. Please forgive these nephews for not being able to return to Primus Major with you.”

“Disobedient fools!” With a scoff, the man grabbed at the brothers.

“Lin Lie!” interjected a furious voice. “Dont forget how you obtained your origin dao fruit!”

The head of the Panorama Pavilion emerged with his brows closely knitted together.

“Do you mean that pill” Lin Lie met the pavilion heads eyes coolly. “We made a deal. The Panorama Pavilion sold the pill to the Lin Clan, and we paid a great price for it! That was nothing more than a simple transaction. Are you trying to hold that over me now”

The pavilion heads expression darkened. Lin Lie had been able to pluck his origin dao fruit all because of the Tribulation Surrogate Pill Lu Yun had refined for the pavilion head. As the head of the merchant alliance, hed sold the pill to the Lin Clan for the sake of the alliance and Dusk Province. He hadnt expected a powerful member of the Lin Clan to say such a thing after using the pill!

“Away with you!” growled Lin Lie. “Ill kill you if you dare say another word, Pavilion Head. Very well, you two. You may stay after giving me the two connate-grade treasures, and you will have nothing to do with the clan in the future.”

Lin Lies words made the brothers heads spin. Theyd never expected the clan to force them to choose between family and Dusk Province! Didnt they have an understanding with the forefather

“Are you speaking on behalf of your clan,” sounded a chilling voice, “or on behalf of yourself”

“Is there a difference” Lin Lie sneered at the newcomer. “I am an origin dao immortal, the most powerful of the Lin Clan. I am the will of the Lin Clan.”-

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