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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 732: A Demon and a God

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“Not a star divinity, no, not quite just yet.” Donglin Taihuang smiled brilliantly. “In the end, the cosmic constitution of a mortal still cannot compare to that of the dao sovereign beneath the immortal dao.”

Others in the area immediately scattered, not daring to tarry for a moment longer. Lu Feng threw the two brothers right back into Dusk Province.

“So you still have designs on my sister-in-law” A trace of frost glinted in Lu Fengs eyes.

“Actually, theres another cosmic constitution in Dusk Province,” Donglin Taihuang bantered easily, facing Lu Feng with Lin Lie in hand.

“Donglin Taihuang you animal! Qingmiao is only two! Are you even human to be thinking of doing anything to her! Have you become a fur seal too” Having run back to Dusk Province, the pavilion lord shrieked with outrage when he heard the exchange.

Donglin Taihuang stared blankly, then screamed back with discomfort as well, “Xing Mou!! Im talking about Xing Mou, not your Qingmiao! The half-cosmic constitution that I let roam freely on Levitating Island!”

He was so incensed that he almost threw Lin Lie into the sea, but his reaction set the pavilion lord at ease and he refrained from further outrage.

Meanwhile in Dao City, color drained from Xing Mous face when she heard their exchange and she sobbed, “Im just a small girl too…”

Donglin Taihuangs consciousness was locked on her. Though she hadnt spoken loudly, her voice traveled into his ears all the same, and he almost coughed up blood at what was being insinuated. With a wave, he sent a burst of energy into Lin Lie to quickly heal his injuries. The Lin immortal jumped to his feet and stood by his saviors side, casting a look of venomous fury at Lu Feng.

Lu Feng looked back with a supercilious smile at the two, a strange look surfacing in his eyes.

“The key to restructuring the dao origin realm lies with him. Dont get him get away,” sounded a cool voice. A tiny ripple in the void followed as a woman dressed like a man walked out.

Mo Yi.

“Oh” Lu Feng blinked. “But the star divine has yet to take his place…”

“We wouldnt be able to do anything to him if hes assumed his rightful place. Hes just a hair away from achieving perfection in his realm, so now is the perfect time to capture him.” Mo Yi presented quite the dashing sight in the air, what with her long sleeves billowing and hair fluttering gracefully.

“What” Donglin Taihuang started when he heard the disguised womans words.

“Youre just a pig we were raising. Now that youve grown nice and fat, its time to butcher you,” sounded another voice. Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi appeared behind Donglin Taihuang and Lin Lie, blocking off their avenue of escape.

“Or did you really think you could reach your current heights within a hundred years, just with that piddling potential of yours” Mockery crept over Qing Buyis face.

“Dao immortal realm! You two have just ascended to immortality, so how could you have reached dao immortal realm so quickly HOW” Lin Lies eyes bulged as the sight was too hard to believe.

“Just who are you!” Donglin Taihuang demanded, the cosmic radiance around him flaring so brilliantly that it almost drowned him in light.

Sensing how terrifying the four around him were, Lin Lies knees grew weak and he almost collapsed to the ground. This was absolutely not the strength of a dao immortal, this was beyond it! It was a level that only primordial immortals could reach!

Beside him, Donglin Taihuang had also reached the same realm. As the five of them fully unleashed their auras over the North Sea, the waters below began to agitate and tremble.

Over Levitating Island, Goldenlight snarled in challenge and shook as his body abruptly expanded over thirty thousand meters tall. The black iron staff in his hand and fiery cape billowing behind him blasted outward with the strength of connate treasures. Light exploded over Levitating Island, swiftly unrolling over all of the North Sea.

“Do you five want to sterilize the North Sea of all life!” roared Goldenlight. “Go fight in the outer realm if you want to fight! The current world of immortals cant endure your strength!”

He had eyes only for Mo Yi, Lu Feng, Qing Buyi, Chen Xiao, and Donglin Taihuang. Lin Lie wasnt worthy of thought for him.

“If you five dare make the North Sea your battlefield, then I shall bring Silverlight and my eighteen origin dao immortals to the nine majors tomorrow and slaughter everything in them! Just see if I dont!” Goldenlight shrieked with indignation.

If the five of them erupted in open hostilities over the North Sea, its waters would surely be turned upside down and not a single monster spirit would survive the melee.

“Heh heh heh!” Donglin Taihuang cackled in response. “My kin have nearly all been wiped out anyway, but my clans bloodline will not be ended as long as I am alive. As for you four…”


He ignored Goldenlights warning and struck a blow without any forewarning!

Most of the North Sea in their vicinity exploded from the move, millions of tons of seawater evaporating on the spot. None of the ordinary beings or lower level monster spirit immortals could survive this terrible force, and an untold number of them expired within the span of a quick breath.

“Waaaaaugh!!” Goldenlight squalled with fury. His fiery cloak instantaneously enlarged to cover the North Sea, and his iron rod slammed into the bedrock to quell the disturbance.

The titanic waves raised by Donglin Taihuang were instantly frozen in place, and the North Sea slowly, hesitantly settled back down.

“Fellow daoist, this creature has lost his mind and become a veritable demon. We do not wish to bring misery to the denizens of the North Sea, but he hardly cares about the lifeforms here. What more are you waiting for, fellow daoist” Chen Xiao remarked with a smile.

The four of them had each taken a position in the cardinal directions and sealed off the local subspace, but they obviously werent planning on making any further moves.

“So you four were scheming to involve me!” squawked Goldenlight.

“Fellow daoist, you must know that the path of immortality cuts off after the dao immortal realm. This Donglin Taihuang was a star divinity in his past life and thus key to repairing the path. If you can help take him down, that would be a tremendous accomplishment in the eyes of the immortal dao!” chuckled Chen Xiao. “The immortal dao now is the dao of all living beings, not the human dao of the Primeval Era. If you exert effort on behalf of the immortal dao, the monster spirits will naturally receive its blessings as well.”

“Awaughhhh!!” Goldenlight howled and suddenly transformed into a form that possessed three heads and six arms. Screeching a battle cry, he charged Donglin Taihuang.

“Dammit!” Dismay seized Donglin Taihuangs face when he saw the scarlet ape come his way. He had a chance of escaping if he faced only Chen Xiao and the others, but he wouldnt even have a chance for self-detonation if the five attacked in concert.


A thick layer of heavy clouds suddenly appeared in the sky, countless beings wailing and keening from them. Large herds of fur seals also materialized in the ocean waters, a stifling, overwhelming sight with their numbers.

“Capture the star divinity Impossible. Repair the immortal dao Even more ludicrous.” The demon gods voice echoed from the clouds.

“Demon God, do you really think we cant do anything to you just because youve stolen the true spirit of the Exalted divine emperor” Mo Yi coldly hectored the demonic clouds in the sky.

“Hahahaha!!” came arrogant laughter. “Of course you cant! I am the demon god. I am a demon and a god!”

Music suddenly arose behind him, demonic voices lifted in holy chanting. And then… a perfect body strode out from the clouds.

A god born from sacrifices and worship.

The demon god had taken advantage of this time to consolidate the demonic tribes of the world and become their divine spirit, then formed his divine body from their worship!-

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