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Lu Yuns manifested water god wasnt all that strong, and in fact, was almost on par with himself. However, the two dragons that water god Gonggong used for shoes were the two dragon veins beneath the tomb of the immortal emperor. These two were almost ancestral veins and possessed incredible might. Combined with the Dragonshift Method, Lu Yun was temporarily able to bestow greater strength to his manifestation than it would otherwise wield.

This also brought to him a stroke of inspiration at the same time, and his understanding of the nascent spirit observation method reached new heights as well.

Observation with the nascent spirit didnt just result in using the power of the world to project whatever was being studied, he could also create form by borrowing from others.


Dark-green radiance shimmered over the golden-armored warrior when he discarded the look of a bean soldier for his original appearance of a youth in green robes.

“Theres a scar in the deepest reaches of its true spirit. If you can cause it to flare up again, youll be able to seriously injure it!” he quickly spoke up when he saw Lu Yun rush over.

“I cant trigger its old injury, not at the moment,” Lu Yuns response sounded in his mind. “If I cause it to act up again, then this divine spirit really will become a fat lamb for the slaughter. All of the things that go bump in the night will come charging out to claim ownership of it.”

The youth started.

“Ive already discovered the demon gods presence at the very least. Hes lurking in the dark, waiting to take advantage of whatever prime opportunity shows itself!” Lu Yun sneered. “If he can divide himself into two, then he can divide himself into three! Im willing to bet that him undergoing his tribulation is just another smokescreen—his real goal is the pair of kidneys!”

The organs of heaven and earth!

Xing Chen already possessed two, but they were completely concealed via Holy Lord Ashus special methods, thereby evading detection by others. The kidneys here didnt possess that kind of cover and as such, Lu Yun was sure that there were many eyeing it up.

For one, the demon god didnt currently have a body and there werent many in the world that he could take. The Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign was one possible candidate, and the divine spirit born of the kidneys was undoubtedly one of the most suitable.

An organ of heaven and earth was no small matter. If one could assimilate such an organ, then it was highly likely that they would be able to transform into a world themselves.


Kui water vapor had formed an ocean in front of them, and though it was so dark as to be impenetrable, itd still taken on some of the translucent qualities of water.

Lu Yun and the youth in green both approached the coffin of the immortal emperor. Itd once been a blazing sun, washing over the main chamber with solar radiance. Now that the Sol Truefire had departed, its true form was available for all to see.

It was a flower.

A golden flower still in bud form thatd been chiseled into the shape of a coffin.

“Emperor Sunflower!” Lu Yun went slack-jawed with shock upon seeing it. “The last of the ten great spirit roots—the Emperor Sunflower!”

There were ten connate spirit roots in the world, the greatest of which was the Chaos Lotus and speculated to belong to genius Ling Rumeng of the Ling Clan, the one whod summoned a lotus for her phenomenon of ascension.

Qing Yu possessed three of them—the Fusang Purewood ranked at number three, Moon Osmanthus at number six, and Embittered Bamboo at number seven.

Number ten was now right before Lu Yuns eyes!

The Emperor Sunflower was a flower akin to the blazing sun, nurturing within it an incandescence and heat that was greater than the full sun. Legend had it that the Emperor Sunflower and Fusang Purewood came from the same origins, that the two spirit roots were twins of nature.

The Fusang Purewood had been Empress Myrtlestars treasure, while the Emperor Sunflower had been the principal ingredient that enabled the immortal emperors body and Sol Truefire to lie in state.

“The divine spirit is inside the Emperor Sunflower. It wants to draw on the spirit roots energy, and if it ends up eating the spirit root, both fire and water will coexist in it. Itll be an entity of both yin and yang then, and a being that rivals the human lords of the Primeval Era!” The dire consequences of the situation suddenly struck the youth. “Hurry and stop it, the Emperor Sunflowers strength is healing the sword wound in its body!”

No one had dreamed that the emperors coffin would be sculpted out of a spirit root!

Hiss hiss hiss.

Serpentine sibilance traveled out of the water domain as enormous black snakes slithered out of the coffin. Jaws extended and blue venom glinting off their fangs, they leapt at Lu Yun and the youth.

“Dont let those water snakes bite you! Thats poison of the nascent spirit!” Lu Yun found mention of these snakes from Xingzis memories. Their poison wouldnt harm the physical body, just the nascent spirit. In fact, the nascent spirit would instantly die if even grazed with this poison.

Lu Yun wasnt afraid, his current body was a projection to begin with and the nascent spirit it harbored was just a strand of his six paths. But if the youth next to him suffered a bite, there would be no recourse for him, not even from the overlord of hell.

In Xingzis memories, there was no antidote for a water snakes poison. One bite was sufficient to pierce through life, consign the nascent spirit to death, doom the true spirit, and wipe out the last traces of that being beneath the heavens.

“Nascent spirit poison!” gasped the youth and flung himself out of the way, narrowly evading a water snake in the process.


The next moment, the water snakes released their blue venom and dyed the waters a rich blue.

“Out of the way!” Gonggong grabbed the youth and threw his partner to safety over his shoulder.


Emerald flames erupted from the water gods hands and blazed furiously in the ocean, purifying the yin waters. They then formed a ferocious snake of fire and churned toward the group of water snakes.

Screeches burbled in the waters as the water snakes were exterminated.

“Impossible! Whats going on here How can Gonggong use fire! If you learned Gonggongs methods, how can you then use fire! Dont you know that water and fire are incompatible!” exploded a roar of exasperated rage from the coffin. An enormous head extended from the petals of the Emperor Sunflower and fixed a vengeful glare on Gonggong.

Lu Yun was just projecting the ancient water god with his nascent spirit observation method, he wasnt actually using the gods water methods. Two of his Yama Kings—Cangyin and Su Xiaoxiao—were characters of the Primordial Era, so theyd both seen Gonggong with their own eyes before.

As the patriarch of the water qilins, Cangyin had once conversed and shared insights about dao and cultivation with the water god. Thus, it was the easiest thing for Lu Yun to manifest Gonggong. His nascent spirit observation method was newly formed, so no one else knew about it apart from the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign.

Whatever was in the Emperor Sunflower had simply thought someone practicing Gonggongs methods had arrived, so seeing Lu Yun unexpectedly deploy Emerald Mistfire greatly alarmed it with the unwelcome development.

“And here I was, wondering what manner of great personage youd be. Youre just an old fart of a snake spirit…” sneered Lu Yun. His body underwent tremendous changes in the next second and he became a giant wreathed in flames—Zhurong!


The Emerald Mistfire, Lucent Voidfire, and Daevic Skyfire spontaneously ignited on him, burning so brilliantly that the connate kui water energy couldnt douse the flames.

“The methods of the Zhurong Clan! Celestial Master Zhangs three immortal fires!” shrieked the snake spirit in the flower. “Mercy, oh great one! This little monster spirit didnt know of the venerated ones arrival! Please spare this humble spirit, oh hallowed master!”-

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