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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 742: Kill a God

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The little nuns master, also Mo Yis senior sister, was a powerhouse of the Purple Firmament and a guardian of the world of immortals. She kept the flawless origin dao immortals of the world in check, as well as deterred the origin dao immortals of Levitating Island from acting out.

She took her duties seriously, such that a flawless origin dao immortal—an old lion—from Levitating Island had also met his death at her hands. Shed departed from the world of immortals after that, her absence emboldening personages such as the big fur seal and Yin Jiuying. Theyd only dared show themselves after she left.

Lu Yun had thought shed left for good, but here she was.


“How dare a yin god of the Green Firmament interfere in the affairs of the living” The middle-aged nun spoke before Lu Yun could address the situation. “Yu Qinghun, are you looking to court death in coming here”

Yu Qinghun was the name of the green-clad youth next to Lu Yun; color drained from his face when he heard this rebuke. [1]

“Leave!” scoffed the nun when she saw his reaction.

“A representative of the Purple Firmament” Lu Yun took a step forward, his projection of Zhurong growing even more resplendent and awe-inspiring as he commanded the limelight. Connate li fire blazed around the manifestation, and the two dragon veins beneath Zhurongs feet crooned with resounding dragon howls.

“And who are you” The nuns expression shifted when she took a good look at the manifestation.

Zhurong was the primordial fire god, a proper one with a title conferred by the immortal emperor himself. Worshippers offered him plentiful sacrifices, elevating his position to great heights in the Primordial Era. At the same time, he was also extraordinarily strong and domineering. Having reached principal realm, he was the cream of the crop amongst the gods.

In the Primordial Era, the strongest gods had been Thunder God Kui, Water God Gonggong, Wind God Fengbo, and Fire God Zhurong. Their strength had been on par with the four godkings of the four cardinal divine tribes.

Thus, the middle-aged nun would never think that the random fellow on fire in front of her was the promordial Zhurong. That august personage had perished before the great war. Though his bloodline lived on in the world of immortals, the real Zhurong was deader then dead. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. He was more likely someone whod obtained Zhurongs inheritance.

“It doesnt matter who any of you are, all of you will die here today since you dared come here!” roared the divine spirit of the kidneys. Four water dragons exploded out of the black kui water and barreled toward Lu Yun, Yu Qinghun, the middle-aged nun, and the demon god. 

At the same time, the divine spirit opened its arms and rushed at the core of the Emperor Sunflower. Its true form was one of four heads and eight arms. Its legs were as if a frogs, webbed instead of bearing distinct toes.

“Hmph!” snorted the nun. Innumerable sword lights bloomed in the air with just a casual wave of her hand. They dispersed the water dragon in front of her with explosive slashes, and she took flight as well, treading through air to tear into the divine spirit.


The demon god made his move at this time. He wasnt here in person—the Ichor Bog formed a scarlet replica that blazed as an enormous red flame. An immense scarlet hand grabbed the nuns sword light and crushed it to pieces.

“Do not damage my body,” he commanded coldly. Turning, he sent a claw grabbing for the divine spirit.

“AHHHHHHHH—“ the divine spirit screamed furiously. Itd been a hairs breadth away from the core of the spirit root when the demon god yanked it away!

Snarling and flailing around wildly, it wanted to attack the demon god, but its quarry proved far too nimble. The divine spirit couldnt touch a single hair on the demon gods body. In the eyes of both the demon god and middle-aged nun, the divine spirit was a squealing pig waiting to be butchered—ripe for harvest and of no threat at all.

If it wasnt for the nun deterring the demon god, the latter wouldve gained a new body a long time ago.

“Old nun, Im going to the Crimson Firmament after I gain this new body. There is no conflict between you and I, so why do you stop me!” One hand clamped around the divine spirits body, the demon god furiously crashed again and again into the nun.

“I wouldnt obstruct you if you hadnt possessed the Exalted divine emperors true spirit. But since you did, and now want this divine spirits body, its only a matter of time before you become a calamity in the making. I will destroy this divine spirits body even if I cant kill you!” yelled the old nun as scrolls of sword atlases arose from her body. Each of them was embedded with ten thousand flying swords!

A hundred and eight scrolls made for a million and eighty thousand flying swords!

Each imbued with their own sword aura, the swords whistled sharply through the air in a concentrated attack on the demon god. The little nun had copied the Sword Atlas combat art from Lu Yun, then passed it onto her master.

Given the middle-aged nuns strength, she could deploy the sword atlases with greater strength than Xing Chen—in fact, shed reached the realm of sword dao!

Sword aura from a million and eighty thousand swords churned the demon god into pieces and scattered him through the air in a shower of gore and blood. However, it took less than half a breath for him to reform. Snarling savagely, he maintained a death grip on the divine spirit and kept it behind him.

“You blackguard!” He seemed unharmed, but the blows had hurt and the pain of being carved into a million pieces had imprinted on his heart. “Die!”

His body writhed into the form of an enormous crimson snake, one that dislocated its jaw and bit toward the nun with venom that glistened of blue.

“Spiriteater Demon Snake!” sneered the nun. “The snake king outside is one of yours, isnt it”

The Spiriteater Demon Snake was similar to the Spiriteater Demon Frog that Lu Yun had once encountered in the Sword Pavilion, but the snake version was much more terrifying than its frog brethren. Snakes possessed an utmost nascent spirit poison, one that would scatter the soul and spirit to the four winds.

The demon god had plainly become a real Spiriteater Demon Snake, but it was so weak and frail that it couldnt harbor his true strength. However, the sheen of poison on his fangs was very real.

Now in the form of a snake, the demon god gave up on the divine spirit of the kidneys and pounced on the middle-aged nun.

“I recognize the brat from the Green Firmament and the wretch that keeps ruining my plans! If you two dont want the world to go up in flames, go stop the divine spirit. Heh heh heh, this divine one possesses the true spirit of the Exalted divine emperor and is housed by the Ichor Bog. I cannot die.”

Ah, that demon god did indeed recognize me.


As the thought flickered Lu Yuns mind, he let loose with a tremendous burst of firelight and evaporated the water dragon in front of him. Likewise, Yu Qinghun deployed a fighting technique and handled the water dragon facing him. Honestly, while the divine spirit of the kidneys was strong, its combat arts were completely insufficient.

“Ill go set off the wound in its body, you be ready to kill a god!” Yu Qinghun yelled.

1. Interestingly enough, the characters of his name mean Feather Green Soul. Its a pretty big nod to his faction and state of existence.-

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