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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 835: Fuxi

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The demon god in midair shuddered when he looked again at Fuxi. Fuxis patrons were too strong. Whether it be Leize or Huaxu, both were the greatest powerhouses in the world and they were exceptionally biased toward their own.

If anyone dared touch Fuxi, theyd likely quickly find themselves skinned and stripped of their meridians, then flung into the sea to feed the fish.

In the eyes of all living beings, Fuxi was a bonafide young master. He did whatever he wanted and stirred up endless trouble just because Leize and Huaxu spoiled him. If it wasnt for sibling duo Fuxi and Wahuang protecting those humans, the demon gods of the great wilderness wouldve rounded them up as chickens or pigs a long time ago.

It was also precisely this matter that brother and sister had earned the dissatisfaction and almost enmity of many demon gods.


“If youre not going to beat me up, then Ill beat you instead.” Joviality slid off Fuxis face and he waved a hand to summon the jade-green bamboo behind him. It shot out of the ground with vigor and landed in his hand as a staff.

He then floated into the air and waved it gently, somehow bringing it down on the demon god with a savage crack!

Screeching in pain, the demon gods broken bones and meridians jumbled together in a mess from the force of the blow. Now high up in the sky, Fuxi brought his staff down again and again on his yelping visitor.

“Embittered Bamboo! You refined Embittered Bamboo into a treasure!” Wailing from the abuse, the demon god screeched again when he took a good look at the staff in Fuxis head.

“Um… I didnt.” Fuxi shook his head. “I took a bit of juice from the Embittered Bamboo and raised it as a piece of ordinary bamboo…” His expression abruptly froze over. “Humans are the descendants of the great god Pangu. Dont you dare think that the rest of you can terrorize them as you will just because Pangu has passed on! [ref]Pangu is a primordial being and creation figure in Chinese mythology who separated heaven and earth and became geographic features such as mountains and rivers.[/ref[

“I normally let things go if you guys dont harm the foundations of the human race since I cant be bothered with everything all the time. But if you dare ruin their future this time, that means making an enemy out of me!”


Emerald radiance exploded out of the bamboo staff and pierced through the sky, locking down the premises within five thousand kilometers.

This brought a drastic shift to the demon gods expression. It wasnt until now that he realized Fuxi wasnt the useless young master he thought—Fuxi was a heavyweight of the world in his own right even without Leize and Huaxus backing!

Heavy regret descended in spades. Why had he set eyes on the human thatd resonated with the great dao, and why had he come here to threaten Fuxi after Fuxi stopped him

All was too late now.

The bamboo staff descended one final time. It smashed the demon gods head into his body and turned his entire body into dust.

“Have you finally come” Fuxi turned and looked at the banks of the Wei River, where a young boy was slowly adapting to the world of the great wilderness. A meaningful smile floated across his face as he manifested a tortoise shell in his hand. The shell exploded with hazy gray radiance that pierced through the sky while Fuxi concealed the changes rippling through the great dao.


By the edge of the water, Lu Yun looked up at the sky with beads of sweat dotting his forehead.

“I was way too overconfident! The human bloodline is different from others, so there are many experts in the world who dont want humans to grow stronger!

“Thankfully, there are also experts protecting the human race. Otherwise, that wouldve been the end of me just now. Good thing the qi refinement method is now part of the great dao and one of its cultivation methods. And… did the Tome of Life and Death appear as well Lu Yun stared off into space.

Only the Tome of Life and Death could integrate his newly invented qi refinement method into the great dao and have it become a primitive cultivation method.


Three years proved time enough for Ah Bao to digest her meal. When she awoke, she was more than just the mountain ghost of Qingqiu Mountain, she was also the river god of Wei River and ruled over its fifteen kilometers of territory. With the divine decree on her, she no longer had to fear that someone could take her away.

However, her actual battle experience was pitifully sparse. In the days to come, when he wasnt imparting the qi refinement method, Lu Yun spent his time teaching Ah Bao and the eighteen children hed saved three years ago.

His strength was less than the mountain ghosts, but he possessed numerous divine combat arts. Though these arts came from the future, he was able to easily modify them after experiencing how hed created the qi refinement method.

As a result, Ah Baos capabilities and battle strength grew in leaps and bounds, and she quickly subdued the gremlins and divine spirits in the Wei River. The eighteen children possessed the highest potential in the Yan Tribe; with Lu Yun as their personal teacher, all of them would be pillars of the tribe in the future.

Apart from all this, he carried on his mission of tasting all the plants in the world. He deduced the properties of a number of herbs hed never seen before and recorded the uses of various poisonous grasses. As his strength increased, some toxic plants no longer affected him.

In all of this, agriculture and livestock were his primary areas of focus. Humans now were too weak and fragile, far less than their descendants in the future. Ordinary mortals who didnt cultivate could live at most forty to fifty years.

It came down to the coarse nature of their food. Therefore, Lu Yun and Ah Bao joined hands and conducted multiple experiments to derive some better seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

In the tenth year of Lu Yuns arrival in the great wilderness, the ninth of him joining the Yan Tribe, there was little doubt that the tribe was well entrenched in flourishing development. Fertile land surrounded the tribe in a five hundred meter radius and was densely covered with prime farmland and orchards. Cows mooed, sheep bleated, and all sorts of livestock roamed through Yan territory. There were even several acres of medicine gardens by the banks of the Wei River, where qi was the most abundant.

In the tribe, other than those who really lacked talent and potential to the point where even Lu Yun couldnt do anything, everyone cultivated and more than half of them had set foot onto the connate great dao thanks to his qi refinement method.

Ah Zhuang and another large portion of the youths were now golden core cultivators. The tribes current status quo was something theyd never dreamed of before!

Humans used to be afraid of winter as the season marked the advent of cold and hunger. People froze or starved to death in the chilly months every year, or died from related illness.

But all this changed with Lie Shans appearance.

Grain, fruits, vegetables, and domesticated animals were now found in abundance—altering the condition of the human body on a fundamental level. The grains they ate now were true provisions, no longer the wild seeds they scavenged before. Their food now fortified the body, enhanced physical health, and bolstered mental acuity so that humans could bring a better mindset to cultivation.

In this day and age, qi suffused the world and charged all of the seeds that Lu Yun derived. Everything that grew could be labeled spirit rice and spirit vegetables.

Of course, the Yan Tribes development also made neighboring tribes uneasy, and battles never ceased during this time.-

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