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“Ling Weiyang” The little foxs ears twitched. “If hes already been born into this world, he must be a nobody. I havent heard of him, at least.”

“Is that so” Lu Yun paused. “But hell be one of the strongest powerhouses of the human dao era to come. I think its the right move to pay him a visit regardless. At the very least, he has the potential and fortune to become an ultimate expert!”

The little fox burrowed into Lu Yuns embrace and didnt say anything else.

“Wait, where have you stuck the Deaf Prince and the others” Lu Yun yanked her out by the tail again. The Deaf Prince and the other prodigals, as well as Jing Dichens younger sister Jing Huaci, was almost becoming an internal demon of his. After all, theyd ventured into the celestial master tomb only for his sake.

“Right here.” The little fox arched her neck at Lu Yun so that the bell she wore tinkled charmingly. “Theyre cultivating in here. The four of us sent the Timelight Tower and Vastspace Mountain through the river of time to the era of immortal dao. We thought the two empresses would become great emperors of the world upon their survival and bolster the foundations of the immortal dao. Who wouldve thought theyd argue and fight each other instead, benefiting those akasha ghosts in the end”

Undue suffering colored her tone.

“So you mean the Timelight Tower has no ability to travel through spacetime” Lu Yun honed in on a key point.

“The Timelight Tower is an important instrument of time, but it doesnt have the ability to travel through time by itself,” responded the little fox seriously. “Plus, those two treasures are very important. The akasha ghosts created two terrible weapons of great dao when they absorbed only a small tendril of their power. If they laid hands on the actual treasures themselves, they'd immediately destroy the world of immortals.

“Therefore, I instinctively swept them into the Bell of Chaos and had the prodigals train inside so they can refine the treasures.”

A great anxiety clouding Lu Yuns mind finally dispersed when he heard this. The Bell of Chaos was a special peerless connate treasure and the only one among all connate treasures that could travel through spacetime.


The Wood Tribe was one of the stronger factions in the great wilderness. Situated in the east, their king was Gou Mang, a powerful connate god. They were a collection of wood-attributed beings, rather than a tribe with a shared bloodline. They were powerful and united with multiple great gods holding down the fort.

Even demons such as Luo Houluo and Ji Du didnt dare casually provoke them.

A continent deep within the depths of the East Sea was their home. It was impossible for Lu Yun and the little fox—a golden core and true divine cultivator—to travel there by themselves. And as Tushan, though the little fox wasnt a connate great god, she was one of the very few chaos realm powerhouses in the great wilderness. Shed lost all of her cultivation at the moment and just managed to reach true divinity, which was nothing at all. If word of this got out, she wouldnt live past three days.

Though only three among the Qingqiu foxes knew her identity, there was no airtight wall in the world. Departing from the mountain was the wisest decision she could make.

To the east of Qingqiu Mountain was a vast expanse of flat plains. The boundless East Sea could be found at the end of them.

“Who died here to be buried by heaven and earth!” Shock shook Lu Yun as he stared at the endless grasslands before him.

In his eyes, this vast expanse was yet another great tomb! An incomparably strong existence had been buried here by the world itself after they died, and then the tomb itself turned into an enormous influence over heaven and earth. The tomb in front of him was only a fraction smaller than the tomb of great god Pangu in the human sacred land.

“Its great god Yis tomb.” The little fox burrowed out of Lu Yuns arms and whispered, “A long, long time ago, Taiyi wanted to become emperor and conquer the world. Countless demon gods opposed him, and Yi was one of them. [1]

“Though Yi was a chaos realm level great god, he still wasnt Taiyis match. He was defeated and killed over these plains.”

“Yi The Hou Yi who shot down the suns” Lu Yun asked subconsciously. [2]

“Right, that Hou Yi.” The little fox nodded. “The nine suns he shot down werent real suns either, but the spirits of suncrows born of the Fusang Purewood. These plains also used to be called Suncrows Plain. Not only is Hou Yi buried here, but so is his bow and the spirits of the suncrows he killed.”

Fiery excitement rose in Lu Yuns heart as he looked down on the sparkling plain, one that hid a grand tomb.

“Ive excavated a lot of tombs housing immortals… but Ive never dug open one for a connate demon god!” Anticipation rose on his face while the little fox shuddered.

“Dont go seeking death now… I didnt dare set foot in there even when I was at my peak. Do you know how Taiyi died Because he wanted to retrieve the bow and the nine spirits from the tomb. He was gravely injured instead, which gave other demon gods the opportunity to kill him.”

“Taiyi didnt know feng shui…” Lu Yun grumbled.

“Fuxi is the celestial master of Taiyis celestial court!” the little fox hastily interjected. “Fuxi and Ah Zhi passed all of their feng shui and formations onto Taiyi!”

“Then… Ill just take a look from the outside and wont go in. Will that do” Lu Yun wasnt sure about things. He didnt think that his understanding of feng shui was less than Fuxi or Taiyis, but his cultivation and strength was far below theirs, of that there was no doubt.

“You really just want to take a look” The little fox looked skeptically at Lu Yun.

“I might still have to head inside.” A grave look colored his face. “The tomb isnt in the Suncrows Plain before us, and neither is it in the great wilderness. Its in the stars! And my replica is also in this tomb!

“Xing Chen is one with my body. Apart from tombs formed by great influences over heaven and earth, I really cant think of what else can isolate my connection with my replica!”

Before arriving at Suncrows Plain, Lu Yun had clearly sensed that his replica… was in this tomb, and that the tomb proper lay among the stars.

“Thats right… after we traveled through time, my primary body landed in Qingqiu Mountain where Ah Zhuang and the others found me. My replica shouldnt have been too far away from me, so landing somewhere near Qingqiu Mountain makes sense.

“You stay here, Im going in to take a look.” Lu Yun fished the little fox out by her tail and placed her on the ground.

“Im going too!” The little fox bounded onto his head and clutched his hair tightly, not letting go no matter what.

1. Taiyi Zhenren is a deity in Chinese religion and Taoism. Taiyi means "primordial unity of yin and yang" and Zhenren is a Daoist term for "Perfected Person". According to the opening of the classical novel Fengshen Bang, he is the reincarnation of the first emperor of the Shang dynasty, Tang of Shang.

2. In Chinese mythology, Hou Yi (後羿) is considered to be the greatest archer of all time. He is best known for marrying the moon goddess, Chang'e (嫦娥). Hou Yi is also said to have shot down 9 of 10 suns that were burning up the earth in prehistoric times.-

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