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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 865: Hellfire Reappears

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In the eyes of anyone else, those whod reached empyrean realm were great powerhouses they couldnt begin to dream of defying. But to chaos realm demon gods, everything below their realm was piddling insects. Empyrean realm masters of combat arts were just slightly bulkier insects.

That was why no one had taken Lu Yun seriously. Tushan, the one they dreaded, had fallen into a deep sleep. However, this insect of a human had just managed to beat back a connate great god!

Shame begot fury. Dusk Snake snarled and lunged at Lu Yun, raising his hand and attacking with a palm strike. Its violent strength threw all celestial soldiers within a five thousand kilometers radius off their feet, while Bai Ze and Xiangliu watched in horror.

“Dusk Snake, you bastard! Are you trying to destroy this place!” It took their combined efforts as chaos realm experts to offset Dusk Snakes terrifying might—this display of absolute power was free of any impurities or weaknesses. Dusk Snake had unleashed his full strength in a fit of fury.

“Destroy this place No, the Bell of Chaos will grant me power to rival His Majesty. Then Ill be able to keep this place safe all by myself!”


His palm strike was about to land when a sudden explosion shattered the defensive barrier jointly created by Bai Ze and Xiangliu. Powerful shockwaves ran in all directions and tore through everything, shredding lesser soldiers in the vicinity into bloody mist.


Dusk Snakes giant form was hurtled into a star, while Lu Yun remained standing in space, unmoving.

The worlds heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys unleashed their concerted might while the connate power of the five elements created a perfect cycle within him. Such was the power of a body of heaven and earth.

Lu Yun might not be Luo Houluos match since the latter was among the most powerful chaos realm demon gods, but Dusk Snake… He was only in the initial chaos realm, far from being in the same league as powerhouses like Luo Houluo.

With the power of his replicas body unleashed, Lu Yun also employed his three connate peerless treasures—the Cosmic Sea, Cosmic Eyes, and Cosmic Skycarver. A run-of-the-mill initial chaos realm demon god wasnt his match at all.

“Impossible!” Dusk Snake scrambled up from the star hed knocked into, his eyes brimming with shock. Just now, hed felt an overwhelming surge of strength from the human before him, one that far exceeded his own.

The turn of events caught the others off guard as well.

Earlier, the effort of knocking Dusk Snake backward a step had forced Lu Yun to take three steps in order to steady himself, but now, hed managed to throw the demon god tens of thousands of kilometers away in a head-on clash! How could an empyrean realm human be this powerful


Lu Yun took flight and dove at Dusk Snake.

“I will destroy the human race for this offense!!” screamed Dusk Snake in return, his body transforming from a reflection of the viewer to a giant, pitch-black snake that ran tens of millions of kilometers long, dwarfing even the star behind him. That was his true form, a connate demon god born into the world!

“Then you give me no choice but to kill you!” Lu Yuns eyes glinted with murderous intent. Since arriving in the great wilderness, hed never felt such a strong urge to kill someone until now.

Destroy the human race He didnt give a ** if Dusk Snake had admirably performed his duties in guarding the cosmos or if hed accomplished tremendous feats for the great wilderness. The fact that hed threatened to destroy the human race was reason enough for Lu Yun to kill him!


Diexi radiated a bloodthirsty light as it transformed into a giant butterfly of the same color. It spanned six hundred meters from wingtip to wingtip, but it was still a tiny particle when compared to Dusk Snake.

“Thats Changxis sword!” Dusk Snake recognized the shortsword at first glance, but he wasnt worried at all. As a senior connate demon god in the great wilderness and a lord of the celestial court, he possessed his own connate-grade peerless treasure as well.


Inky-black flames surged from his body, unleashing the aura of death. Bai Ze and Xianglius eyes shot wide open in terror.

“Hellfire! Thats hellfire from the netherdark hell! How did you get your hands on it!”

Hellfire was the most powerful flame of the great wilderness. Taiyi had attempted to tame it and use it to build his own hell and the wheel of reincarnation, but hed failed. Who wouldve thought that hellfire would fall into Dusk Snakes hand instead

When Taiyi and Yi fought the realm monsters hundreds of thousands years ago, if Dusk Snake had brought out his hellfire, then the two gods wouldnt have needed to die...

Xianglius gaze turned chillingly murderous.

Dusk Snake paid no attention to Bai Ze and Xianglius reactions. He blasted out with endless hellfire, a version that was hundreds of millions times more powerful than the hellfire Lu Yun would summon in the future. This was the genuine article!

Bai Ze and Xiangliu dared not approach them. If they made a move against Dusk Snake, the hellfire would graze them and scatter their souls.

“Hellfire!” Lu Yuns eyes glinted strangely. He could sense a small spark of hellfire on Dusk Snake that was lodged into a powerful connate-grade peerless treasure. The treasure had become the fires container, which was how Dusk Snake was able to summon the flame.

But Lu Yun didnt fear it. Although Xing Chen was currently separated from his true form, he was the owner of the Tome of Life and Death; both he and Xing Chen had access to its abilities. Hellfire was harmless to both him and his replica. Of course, Dusk Snakes treasure that contained hellfire could still hurt him, but he wasnt going to back down.

Diexi whipped through the sky and exploded into tens of thousands of crimson butterflies, isolating the area. Bloody sword energy cut relentlessly into Dusk Snakes mammoth body.

He twisted its way through space, leaving an eerie trail in his wake. Meanwhile, hellfire continued to expand in all directions, creating a sea of fire.

An enormous mountain emerged slowly from the heart of the sea. Dusk Snake shrunk his body down and coiled around the top of the mountain, his power instantly scattered Diexis sword energy.

Lu Yun sheathed his sword, standing within the sea of hellfire and facing off against Dusk Snake.-

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