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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 870: Wahuang

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Currently, there happened to be a connate demon god blocking Lu Yuns way.

Though they were in the Yellow River basin and Lord of the River, Bingyi, stood guard in its waters, the two demon gods were still so bold as to step forward and prevent Lu Yun from walking out of the premises. 

They were initial chaos realm cultivators on the same level as Dusk Snake, but Hebo didnt dare show himself like he had before when the snake threatened the Yellow River. Two of them acting in concert was too much to handle. In fact, all of the nearby gremlins and spirits also scattered as well.


“Lie Shan of the human race, hand over the Bell of Chaos and Tushan! I will permit your true spirit to reincarnate if you do so!” A purple-golden elk pawed the empty air upon which it stood. Among the majestic branches of his antlers was a pure gold pair that glittered with terrifying lightning.

Fuzhu! [1]

He was a tremendously mighty connate demon god that didnt take the form of all living beings. Manifested in his true form, he radiated an intensely strong presence.

Another connate demon god stood by his side, likewise present in his true form. It was a large snake topped by a human head, graced with a pair of wings on its back—Huashe![2]

Fuzhu and Huashe werent counted among the strongest of demon gods, but they were absolutely the most difficult to get rid of.

Lu Yuns expression darkened ominously and the little fox burrowed back into his arms.

“You cant summon your bell replica again. Otherwise, we wont be able to retrieve those two eggs when we reach Mount Buzhou,” Lu Yun transmitted to the little fox, who nodded slightly in return.


A blossom of black flame danced upon his palm when Lu Yun spread out his hand, causing Fuzhu and Huashes faces to freeze.

Though Hongjun had borrowed the Stone of Three Lives, the hellfire within it had taken root in Lu Yuns body. Equipped with the Tome of Life and Death, he easily tamed this branch of hells flames.

“Dont the two of you want to know why I was chasing Dusk Snake” Lu Yun grinned, then bared his teeth savagely. “Because he possessed hellfire, so I had to kill him and take it for myself. Slicing and dicing him was the only way to lay claim to it myself!”


Hellfire ignited over his body and blazed furiously.

Fuzhu and Huashe shot backward, instantly popping up tens of thousands of kilometers above the clouds. They looked rather perturbed. Tushan and the Bell of Chaos shouldve been theirs for the taking if they joined hands, but who wouldve thought that Lie Shan of the human race would be such a prickly porcupine!

He possessed hellfire!


Lu Yun took one step forward and caught up to them.

“What, dont you want Tushan and the Bell of Chaos anymore” He snorted, stoking the flames on him to greater heights. Fuzhu and Huashes terrified faces reflected a mixture of black radiance and a deadly cold aura.


Lu Yun walked up and jabbed straight at Fuzhus face.

“Dont you go too far!” Fuzhu roared and released purplish-golden arcs of electricity from the golden antlers on his head.

“Playing with lightning huh Im your daddy in that!” Lu Yun crowed and seized all of the lightning bolts sizzling his way.

Crackle crackle crackle.

What would be utterly terrifying thunder and lightning in the eyes of other living beings was reduced to dust in Lu Yuns hands. Shock cracked Fuzhus indignation and he quickly sprang backwards.

At the same time, Huashe flapped his enormous wings and whipped up monstrous waves in mid air. They churned toward Lu Yun with not only the purest energy of water, but also an extremely corrosive power.

Fuzhu released his lightning again, melding with Huashes waves. The two combined into a ferocious beast that slowly stood up in the sky. Electricity popped and wreathed around it; it took the form of a huge elk with a pair of gigantic wings on its back. Snake scales crawled all over its body and it looked inordinately terrifying.

“Die!!” The massive beast howled at the skies and charged Lu Yun.

“Fuck off!!” Lu Yun punched back with both hands, deploying sword dao through his fists. They acted as two razor-sharp flying swords, one slashing out with Vast Dragon Seaturner, and the other with Peng of Kun!


A tremendous rumble sounded above the clouds that threatened to shake this part of the world. The enormous beast that Fuzhu and Huashe had jointly created was instantly blasted to pieces, and hellfire lashed out to evaporate the water energy and lightning that formed the beast.

Lu Yun flew a few thousand kilometers backward, a knot of something clogging up his chest before he spat it out as a mouthful of blood.

Two connate demon gods working together were too strong for him. Even though he had a body of the world and possessed hellfire, it was still very difficult for him to meet the two head-on.

The two instantly swooped down on him with fury when they saw hed been injured. One transformed into thunder and lightning, the other as the floodwaters.

Of course Lu Yun wouldnt back down now. He unleashed a new creation of his that hed derived from tempering the body with the five elements—a boxing method of the five elements, and enhanced its strength with the organs of the world.

Connate elemental energy swirled to him; the primitive great dao trembled as it sought to take in the great dao that Lu Yun was exuding.

Facing off two chaos realm experts by himself forced him to fully deploy all of the combat arts of the future. Shaking ever more violently, the primitive great dao materialized from the chaos and urgently took in what Lu Yun was giving off.

In this moment, the great dao thatd already absorbed Lu Yuns qi refinement method began to evolve in another direction.

None of the humans in the great wilderness discovered that their bodies were slowly changing beneath the great dao. They were transmuting into beings more appropriate for this world and more suitable for cultivating the great dao.

Within the human sacred land, a young girl wearing a spotless long white skirt looked at where the three masters were exchanging blows. A smile crossed her face.

“So it turns out that human dao originates from Lie Shan, no wonder he will be the first great emperor of the human race. He will be able to establish human dao as long as he continues to release the great dao within him!” 

A soft and tender beauty filled her face, while contentment marked her features. Though she didnt possess the same heart-pounding beauty as Tushan, she radiated a peaceful aura at all times, like she was the epitome of tranquility found in nature.

The girl was Wahuang, younger sister of Fuxi and daughter of Leize and Huaxu. She watched silently as Lu Yun defied the two connate demon gods.

The great wilderness was the core of this world, source of all beings, and manifestation of the great dao. As long as Lu Yun continued to release his strength in the great wilderness, that would affect the great dao and constantly push it to evolve.

The Tome of Life and Death could be found on him, which was the true source of everything. At the same time, just him and the treasure alone wasnt enough to fully transform the primitive great dao into human dao. Only when all of humanity worked in conjunction would they make the great dao theirs.

1. Fuzhu is described to be a kind of deer with four horns in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. It is described as being gentle and a tendency to be clean. The Fuzhu usually appears during periods of floods.

2. Described in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, it appearance also heralds periods of great floods.-

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