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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 9: Yum-Yum

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“Milord, Im the real one, shes fake!” The Wanfeng by Lu Yuns side was on the verge of bursting into panicked tears.

“Sir, you just told this servant to not call youmilord.” The other girl smiled coquettishly. “So of course the one calling yousir is the real one.”

Though she was smiling and her mouth was moving, the expression on her freakishly ashen face remained frozen in that uncanny smile. It didnt change at all, as though itd been carved into stone. Her voice also wasnt coming from her mouth, but rather echoing out of her body instead.

Lu Yun grabbed Wanfengs hand and slowly backed up. The other Wanfeng stood next to the pill cauldron, seemingly wanting to step forward but prevented from doing so by her unnaturally stiff body.

“Sir, wont you come help me” her mournful voice rose.

“Wait!” Lu Yun suddenly recalled a few lines from an ancient record in his masters library. “Stone sculptures in tombs accumulate yin energy and collect evil spirits. Encountering the vitality of the living transforms them into stone spirits. Great horror lies ahead.”

There was no further explanation as to exactly what stone spirits were, but the last four words were clarification enough.

The stone sculpture next to the pill cauldron had disappeared, and in its place was the immobile Wanfeng. Patently, this was the stone spirit recorded in the ancient record. Since the tomb was located in the midst of the Crouching Black Tortoise, it was a node of supreme yin of its own. Who knew how many living beings had lost their lives on the south side of the mountain The amassed grievances and resentment must be able to pierce through the sky!

That was why such a monster had been nurtured here. The stone sculpture must have absorbed Wanfengs vitality when she touched it, thereby transforming into a stone spirit.

“Thats a stone spirit, stay far away from it! Were leaving!” Lu Yun took in a deep breath and tugged on his maids hand to leave. Wanfeng had only briefly brushed it just now, so the stone spirit hadnt absorbed quite enough vitality and was still partially petrified.

“Come back, come back here!” the stone spirit shrieked shrilly when it saw the humans were about to depart. “Boy toy, you can leave if you want, but leave the baby girl behind! I want to eat her, I want to eat her!!”

Wanfeng shuddered violently, deep fear suffusing her face.

“Dont pay any attention to it and dont look back.” Lu Yun wrapped an arm around Wanfengs waist and issued stern instructions, stopping the girl in mid head turn.

“Little thief, you ruined my plans! Im going to eat you ahhhhhhhhh!” The stone spirit howled like a banshee.


A fracture suddenly appeared on its body; it seemed to be on the verge of crumbling.

“Dont look!” Lu Yun covered Wanfengs eyes when he saw curiosity begin filling them. She couldnt turn back at this moment, no matter what. She couldnt look at the stone spirit.

The spirit had awakened because it absorbed Wanfengs vitality. If the maid looked at it again, it would entrance the girl and control her mind, making her its puppet.

Then, once the spirit sucked the maid dry, it would slough off its stone form and walk about freely. Though Lu Yun didnt know the full extent of the spirits abilities, he had hefty amounts of experience with similar things.

The stone spirit continued howling, but Lu Yun couldnt be bothered with it anymore. Even if this thing embodied great horror, a great horror that couldnt move wasnt much of a threat.

The two humans arrived at a closed stone door that Lu Yun couldnt budge, no matter how hard he shoved it.

“Sir, please allow me!” Wanfeng forced herself into a better mood and plugged her ears so that she wouldnt be bothered by the spirits shrieks. She placed both hands on the stone door, a pale-green hue flared out from her.


The door that was as heavy as Mount Tai for Lu Yun was easily opened by the slender beauty.

Is this what it means to be a cultivator Admiration flashed across the governors face. More than ever, he really wished he could cultivate. If he was also a cultivator and had his maids stunning abilities, then life would be ten times easier in this tomb.

“Hehehehe, Ive finally found you two.” A sinister voice sounded from the other side of the threshold the moment the door opened.

“Ah!!!” Startled into a high-pitched scream, Wanfeng subconsciously took three steps back, her face frozen by incredulity. Someone who shouldnt have been there at all was standing right in front of them!

How is this possible! Eyes wide with shock, Lu Yun felt all of his hairs stand on end. This couldnt be real!

Ge Long!!

The dead Ge Long, the dead and decapitated Ge Long, stood in front of them!

Dumbfounded, Lu Yun subconsciously moved next to Wanfeng.

“Get out of the way!” The maid screwed up her courage and summoned a small tornado in her hand, then brought it crashing down on the dead stewards head.


Roll roll roll.

Ge Longs head fell off his neck and rolled down the steps into the stone chamber.

“I think my heads fallen off again.” The head seemed to sigh while Ge Longs body knelt down. The body crawled probingly into the chamber, slowly moving toward its head.

As much as shed seen and weathered in the tomb, Wanfeng was still flabbergasted at this scene. Lu Yuns head likewise prickled with numbness. He wasnt afraid of zombies, and though corpse flies and stone spirits were spooky, he could still accept those.

But what the hell was all this

Someone already dead, someone with their head chopped off, was alive and kicking in front of them! 

The most important detail was that the guys headless corpse was crawling on the ground in search of its head. There was a large hole in it, courtesy of Wanfengs sword. The bizarre scene painted the already frightening chamber with even more terror.

“Mi-milord, he, he…” Wanfengs shaking voice couldnt form a complete sentence. Lu Yun was likewise lost for words. Nothing in his sects ancient records had spoken of anything like this.

Ge Long found his head, placed it back on his neck, and wobbled back to his feet.

“You, you, you—what are you!” The stone spirit suddenly shrieked with fear. “Dont come nearer! Go away!”

“Eh Isnt this little girl Wanfeng” Ge Long held his head in place with one hand and gave the stone spirit a once over. “No, youre not her. You look very delicious!” he mused with some confusion.

His eyes shone with excitement, then he opened his mouth wide and bit down on the stone spirits neck. 

An inky black air current flowed from the spirits neck into Ge Longs mouth. The spirit struggled and shrieked, but since it couldnt move, it couldnt shake off its attacker.

The spirits cries gradually dwindled, then ceased, the spirit having turned back into a mere stone sculpture in the end.

“Burp!” Ge Long burped, his head bouncing once on his neck but managing to stay put. “That tasted good indeed.”

Wanfengs eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she toppled over in a dead faint. The series of events had finally proven too much for her. Though she was a cultivator, she was still a fifteen year old girl at the end of the day. Persevering until now after encountering all of these happenings was already quite a feat.

“The old servant greets Your Excellency.” Ge Long turned around and bowed to Lu Yun.

Roll roll roll. His head fell off again.

“Dont come any closer!” Lu Yun picked up Wanfeng and backed up with her in his arms. “Are you alive or dead”

The steward located his head again and placed it back on his neck. Uncertainty flashed through his eyes.

“I, I dont know if Im dead or alive either.” He wanted to shake his head, but since his head and neck werent connected, he couldnt manage it.

“Are you here for revenge” Lu Yun ventured cautiously.

“No, no, no! I serve milord, why would I seek revenge Though milord and the little girl killed this servant, I am loyal to a fault,” Ge Long responded righteously. 

“Then, your granddaughter”

“It wouldve been her honor to die at milords hands! But it wasnt you who killed her!”

“What do you know” Lu Yun felt a bit uncomfortable. He glanced subconsciously at Wanfeng and saw that she was still unconscious. In a similar vein, his subconscious felt that Ge Long had discovered that Lu Yun wasnt the original governor of Dusk.

“It was that bastard Xue Lang who killed Ninger!”

Xue Lang was the name of Grand Steward Xue serving in the governors manor.

Lu Yun heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Ge Long didnt know of his secrets. “Then what are you doing here”

“To follow milord, of course!” Fervor bloomed in Ge Longs eyes as he looked at the governor. Lu Yun could almost see Ge Longs brain boil over with excitement through the hole in the servants skull. [1]

“Then how did you get in here” Lu Yun took a few more steps back. There was something very wrong with this Ge Long. Had he been tainted by the evil energy in the mountain and turned into a zombie

But even a thousand-year-old zombie was a brainless thing, or had just the barest inkling of intelligence. Apart from his head regularly falling onto the floor, Ge Long was no different from an ordinary person.

“This old servant walked inside. I walked and walked and saw a big door. When I opened it, I saw you and Wanfeng. Milord, its very dangerous inside this tomb. Its very strange and tricksy, let me protect you!” Ge Long spoke with a righteous air, but the hole in the middle of his forehead was really too… eye-catching.

“Thats what you said when we left town,” grumbled Lu Yun. “Then come with me if you say so.”

It didnt seem like he could get rid of this living, yet not alive, dead but not really fellow. He might as well let him do whatever. The guy spent only a few seconds sucking the horrifying stone spirit back into a sculpture, after all. If Ge Long had wanted to kill him, Lu Yun wouldve died a long time ago.

“Aye!” Ge Long cheered and quickstepped to Lu Yuns side.




At this moment, the wall on the other side of the stone chamber suddenly shattered. Countless corpse flies and a millennia-old zombie with a green flame floating next to it charged through the opening.

“Another yummy thing!” Ge Long almost drooled at the sight of the zombie. “But this yum-yum doesnt look easy to deal with. Milord, you leave with the little girl first, leave this to me!” He blocked off the zombies path.

Lu Yun had no mind to spare for Ge Long. He hefted Wanfeng into his arms and rushed out of the stone chamber.


“Yum-yum, eat my Flying Head Technique!” Ge Long took off his head and flung it ruthlessly at the big zombie.

1. Ew, wtf is going on Ew.-

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