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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 903: The Yin Prince

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To make way for yin soldiers would be a phenomenon that occurred in the future after the construction of the hell of human dao. Yet, it was somehow already present in Pangus tomb.

“Its not just making way for yin soldiers, but there's also akasha ghosts here… Just what is going on in this tomb” Lu Yun remained firmly planted where he stood, coldly gazing upon the soldiers drawing closer to him.

Troops upon troops of yin soldiers were layered together. If one looked at them from a distance, they appeared to be a haze of black fog drifting through the dimness of the great palace. The closer they approached, the more he could make out an enormous wheel-less carriage in their midst. Eight supports jutted out from the sides for the bearers—the supports were completely black structures etched with bizarre looking runes.

“Who goes there and how dare you trespass in the netherworld!” A reedy voice rang out as ranks of ghostly soldiers suddenly parted to the side to fully reveal the black litter. A man with a bloodless face and dressed in long black robes stood next to it, fixing Lu Yun with a cold stare.

Lu Yun frowned slightly when he discovered that the man was a chaos realm connate demon god, and so were all of the soldiers empyrean realm masters!

“Flame Emperor of the human race,” he offered.

“What insolence! How dare a minor human proclaim themselves to be an emperor! This is heresy! Men, capture this insufferably arrogant human!” Affront colored the mans face and he brandished his sleeves, directing the vast army of yin soldiers to arrest Lu Yun.

“Yin soldiers Ghostly servants” Hellfire blazed to life in Lu Yuns eyes and the wheel of a black sun rose behind his head. Ghastly hellfire roared to life, illuminating the dome with a black light.

The yin soldiers rushing toward him instantly disintegrated into dust when met with the fiery conflagration, a sight that sent the black-robed man into a hasty retreat for the safety of the carriages shadow.

Eight hulking men suddenly stepped out from behind the litters supports, combining efforts to raise a shadowy defense that somehow blocked Lu Yuns fire.

Thus given a reprieve, the yin soldiers swiftly regathered beneath the shadow of the carriage and coolly stared down their interloper.

“Impertinent human, how dare you show such impudence in front of the Yin Prince! Men, give no quarter!” Expression taking a vicious turn, the black-robed man barked out new orders. Glaring flintily at Lu Yun, the eight muscular men stepped forward in unison and sent a domineering wave of air to push aside the hellfire.

“The Yin Prince” Lu Yun took a close look at the soldiers in front of him, especially the eight brawny men who were very likely stronger than Dijiang. They all looked like humans, but there were some minute differences between them and the current human race.

Lu Yun had heard of the Yin Prince before, but hed always thought this was just another moniker for Great Emperor of the Eastern Peak. He hadnt thought theyd be two entirely different people!

Here was yet another impenetrably mysterious character in front of him. Lu Yun didnt know how Tianqi would fare in the future or how strong hed be as the Great Emperor of the Eastern Peak, but this Yin Prince was absolutely on Leizes level. He was possibly even stronger than that!

After all, his eight litter bearers were stronger than Dijiang.

“Blasphemy!” Incensed by a lowly human calling their master by his title, the eight men threw themselves at Lu Yun. They were only three meters tall, but were imposingly majestic.

“So strong!” Lu Yuns eyes widened with shock and the sun over his head plummeted downwards, hurtling at the eight men.

As Rearbow had fully undergone hellfires refinement, it was no longer able to assume its first and second form. It should be treated as a brand new connate treasure, but was able to release even more strength than before thanks to hellfire. It could even imbue its master with power to increase Lu Yuns strength.

The sun exploded the second it reached the eight men and filled the sky with fiery sparks that coalesced into humanoid shapes. Densely clustering in the air, they filled the firmament with swiftly moving forms.

These were all Lu Yuns projections formed from the combination of the black sun and hellfire. They all deployed combat arts at the same time and flung attacks at the eight men.

“Roar!!” The eight yelled in unison and fired terrifying sound waves at the figures in the air, making a clean sweep of the combat arts and projections in the firmament.

However, thatd just been a feint to buy Lu Yun enough time to charge over himself. Ablaze with raging hellfire, he almost set the very air on fire.


He punched out and landed a blow with all of his strength on one of the mens heads. The image of the Sal Tree of Life and Death flickered briefly behind his back.


The ridiculously strong mans head exploded and his headless torso stumbled a few steps backward before toppling over.

Beside the carriage, the black-robed man paled and he quickly shuffled backward. However, the other seven burly men jerked out of their shock and sprinted forward instead of falling back. They swiftly approached the human and brought down enormous fists that whistled through the air.

“And I was wondering how there could be eight people stronger than even Leize in this world. All you have is brute strength and your muscles, you dont possess the corresponding power, great dao, and combat arts!” Lu Yun quickly grasped the heart of the issue. No wonder hed been able to beat one of them to death with one blow; the other guy hadnt even been able to resist.

If that blow had been aimed for Leize, the demon god wouldve unleashed thousands of combat arts to defuse it. He wouldve brought his great dao to bear in a counter attack instead of letting Lu Yun attack him as he would.

Lu Yun quickly discarded the idea of meeting the seven blow for blow. Instead, he released all of his arts to their utmost. Though he hadnt comprehended his own great dao yet, he possessed a body of the world. The organs within him represented five great daos of the world.

Empyrean realm was also possible for him because of his body, so where Lu Yuns body stood was where his great dao could be found.

He was once again letting loose to the maximum degree at the moment, melding his great dao into the human dao and changing it one step further. In return, his own strength increased explosively with the blessing of the heavenly dao.


With fists as sword, Lu Yun drew arcs of black sword brilliance through the air and quartered a second man.


He shifted his body and arrived in front of the carriage.

“Come on out, Yin Prince,” he called out to the person inside.-

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