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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 910: Worldcarver

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“I cant do it!” Lu Yun hunched over, panting heavily. “Pangus body structure is too complicated, even more so than the world itself. Hellfire can't perfectly recreate his body!”

To utilize the nascent spirit observation method didnt mean to just simulate the subjects external appearance, it was even more crucial to observe the internal structure of the subject. It was because of this principle that Lu Yun had listed formula dao as the basic foundation of all methods within the dao academy. Formula dao could utilize the tiniest of details to deduce the true nature of something from the outside in.

He'd used Pangus body just now to deduce the great gods internal structure and make an initial projection based off of his findings. However, hed gleaned only a thousandth of the great gods structure, making for an equally short-lived projection.

“If I could enter Pangus body and make a detailed observation of his flesh and blood, I might be able to deduce a hundredth of his body structure. A projection of that level should be able to claim Worldcarver,” Lu Yun murmured to himself.

However, the great god's body was flawless and impenetrable. Even though the great axe had split it open, it still wasn't something that Lu Yun access. The ancient tomb and palace that theyd been in earlier was just a spatial plane in Pangus head. Where Lu Yun wanted to go was inside the great god's physical body.

“What is it” The Yin Prince walked out of the carriage and elegantly approached Lu Yun, curiously watching the human youth in deep thought.

“Im observing Pangus true form!” Lu Yun cast a glance at the Yin Prince and forcefully looked away. “His body structure is too complicated. I might be able to do something if I could enter his body, but its seamless and impossible to access.”

His fingers sped through various hand seals as he continuously theorized how he might tackle the problem.

“Arent you a duplication of Pangus body” the Yin Prince asked doubtfully. “Though humans haven't inherited the great gods combat arts and strength, they inherited his body and form. The human figure is Pangus true shape.”

Lu Yun started and turned around, staring dumbly at the Yin Prince. She blushed from the intense attention and bashfully ducked her head.

“You damned lecher, what do you want!” Yulei and Shentu rushed over, placing their mistress behind them.

Lu Yun heaved a sigh and lowered his head, studying his own body.

“The human body is indeed shaped after Pangus true form, but it's still not as complex as the great god. One hundredth… the human body happens to have inherited precisely one hundredth of his body structure!” Lu Yuns eyes lit up.

Possessing one hundredth of Pangus internal structure would be enough for him to project the great gods form. But the human body was still only the human body, equivalent to a devolved Pangu. What he could project from observing his own body wouldn't be the great god in the flesh. However, Lu Yun had managed to deduce a thousandth of Pangus true form earlier.

“Please step aside, Your Majesty.” Lu Yun took a deep breath after a moment and cautioned the goddess to take shelter.

She nodded slowly and returned to her carriage in a cloud of perfume. Yulei and Shentu realized that Lie Shan was about to attempt something and quickly retreated to the shadows of the vehicle as well.


The Sal Tree of Life and Death reappeared, along with the Sea of Hellfire. This time, Lu Yun deployed the nascent spirit observation method on himself. Leaping hellfire drowned him out and coalesced into the figure of Pangu.


After a tremendous reverberation, he disappeared and was replaced by a towering giant.

“Pangu!” Seated in her litter, the Yin Prince leaned forward and regarded the second giant with shock. If it was said that Lie Shan had projected only Pangus body the first time, then hed manage to recreate the great god entirely the second time!

Though she knew that the person in front of her wasnt Pangu, it still gave her the misconception that the great god was here in person.




Pangu strode out to the corpse that was many times greater than him, the air shaking with every step that he took. When Lu Yun reached the great god's head, he realized that by using his own body as the blueprint and boundless hellfire as flesh and blood, hed only managed to project a Pangu that was as big as the great god's head.

Pangu was really too enormous.

He took a deep breath and floated upwards, firmly grasping the gigantic axe and yanking it outwards.


Bolts of black lightning flared in the air and struck at the bold human.

“Break!!” Lu Yun roared and activated Thunder Palmstrike, swallowing the field of electricity whole.


The terrifying lightning poured into his body and burrowed right back out to circle around him.


Trembling ferociously, muffled bangs sounded from the void as the titanic Worldcarver inched its way out of Pangus skull. However, Lu Yuns hairs stood on end the next second and he almost loosened his grasp on the axe.

Pangus dimmed eyes suddenly lit up and peak fury exuded from his body, crashing into Lu Yuns mind.

“Youre not Pangu!!” Lu Yun snarled. “The great god hasn't truly perished, it's only his body here. Don't try to fool me!”

With a surge of strength, he pulled out the axe from Pangus head!

“Ahhhh!!” Wrathful howls emitted from the great god's mouth. His rigid arms jerked into motion and swung at Lu Yuns projection.

“No matter what you are, you will die for defiling Pangus body!” Lu Yun roared.

His projection had been replaced with a blazing inferno of hellfire and the Sal Tree at the center of the fiery ocean. Thousands of fiery dragons rushed out from the Sea of Hellfire and pounced upon the great gods body.

Lu Yun was certain that Pangus true spirit had departed and that another life form had taken advantage of the vacancy to attach on. However, Pangus body was so large and strong that it was too difficult for any other thought or spirit to exert full control over it.

That was why hed remained here and hadn't shifted elsewhere.

Hellfire blazed with wild abandon and shot along the backs of the fiery dragons onto Pangus body, fully enveloping it.

“AHHHHH!!” Shrieking and howling with fury, a giant stark-white face tunneled out of the great god's body. It was a ghostly face that seemed to be both crying and laughing, it was…

An akasha ghost!

The very same as the first one Lu Yun had encountered in the tomb!

He could clearly sense that this ghosts strength was much stronger than the owners of the empty footsteps in the palace. If it wasn't for hellfire bolstering his strength, he would've died in an instant to this thing.

The Yin Prince also grew nervous and walked out of her carriage with a scroll in hand. She looked anxiously at the akasha ghost. 

Her litter was a world of its own and she was its mistress. Nothing could harm her so long as she remained in it, but the suddenly appearing ghost raised her hackles. She could feel a prickling sense of danger from it.

Unbidden, troops of yin soldiers marched out from the carriages shadow and formed a strange battle formation, protecting their mistress within. Yulei and Shentu regarded the giant akasha ghost with grave alarm.


“It looks like the ghosts in the tomb and the source of those nonexistent footprints is you.” His projection wielding Worldcarver, Lu Yun walked over the fiery sea while staring coldly at the akasha ghost.

Its features didn't seem to be real, more like someone had drawn them with a crude brush. Seeming to be both smiling and crying, it looked rather shabby and unfinished. However, there was no doubt regarding the terror it sowed. It tainted the surroundings with palpitating negativity, even seeming to take control of Pangus body with it.

White as a sheet, Lu Yun recalled when Qing Yu first battled the akasha ghosts.

“The Scroll of Shepherding Immortals! The scroll can restrain the akasha ghosts,” Lu Yun murmured. “Though I don't have the scroll, I have God.”

Gods essence was the ink of the scroll and he depicted the birth of the divine spirits, it wasn't the scroll itself that could defeat the ghosts, but God!

Lu Yuns eyes shut open and the ocean of flames beneath his feet agitated with motion.


A man wearing purple walked out of the fiery sea.


Lu Yun had projected God with his nascent spirit observation method!

It was a million times easier to project God than Pangu as Gods corpse laid within the Tome of Life and Death. Now in this crucial moment for survival, the book voluntarily helped its master, transmitting the structure of Gods body and source of his strength into Lu Yuns mind.

The God that he projected only possessed the same cultivation level as Lu Yun, but hed fully replicated the ability to control these akasha ghosts!

His replica now holding Worldcarver, Lu Yun walked up to stand next to God as the Yin Prince also advanced to form a triangle, surrounding the akasha ghost within.-

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