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After Qing Hans departure, there seemed to be an emptiness in Lu Yuns heart, like hed lost something. He should be back for a visit in five months. Well eat and drink together then!

Five months from now was an extremely important date for Lu Yun. If Qing Han truly viewed him as a friend, the young man would come.

But why do I feel kind of hollow…. The idea suddenly sent shudders down his spine and he promptly rebuffed himself with a reasonable justification. No, its not because of Qing Han, I only feel this way because Wanfeng left.

Qing Han is a man, what would I miss him for Aiya, truth be told, I really do miss little Wanfeng. For some inexplicable reason, he felt a sense of loss at the maids departure.


Lu Yun spent another three days in Duskwater City. During that time, he personally filled the six vacant city lord positions with Mo Yis suggestions. 

House Ba was now thoroughly in Mo Yis camp, the first cultivator faction under her command. The fortunate Ba Chuyi had also become a city lord.

Shed wrestled back real power in the city. In fact, the entire prefecture was under her control. Shed grown from a mere figurehead for Li Youcai to being the one dictating orders to the prefect.

Itd been her detached and indifferent nature that originally allowed Li Youcai to progressively nibble away at all of her authority. Having learned her lesson since then, thanks to Lu Yuns reminder, shed realized that one needed to be a true city lord in order to spend her days in peace.


Lu Yun traveled back to Dusk City with Ge Long and ninety-nine soldiers of the Dusk Phalanx. The local situation there had also gone through tremendous changes.

Hed extinguished House Ges primary forces in Duskwater City and labelled them as traitors of the major. Once word had traveled back of these developments, Houses Feng and Youxiong immediately joined hands to uproot what was left of House Ge from Dusk City, expelling them from the city once and for all.

After its destruction, House Ges properties were divided between Houses Feng and Youxiong.

Lu Yun was fully indifferent to this development. Now wasnt the time to deal with these people. In five months, he would finally wield the provinces true power.


“Hmm” When he returned to the governors manor with Ge Long, he discovered that some people had moved into what shouldve been an empty house.

“Somethings off.” Before he could consider the issue in detail, someone barred his way at the door.

“Who goes there Who dares trespass in the governors manor” It was a group of cultivators dressed as servants. There were even nascent spirit cultivators among them, a level that would make them a powerhouse in Dusk Province.

“Are you from the Lu Clan” Lu Yun asked frostily while his expression darkened.

“Get lost,” the man snapped, his cold voice dripping with obvious scorn.

“Heh heh heh, the Lu Clan truly doesnt know good from bad.” Lu Yun burst into uproarious laughter.

“Die!” Equally indifferent as his peer, one of the cultivators lifted his hand to send a ray of sword light flashing at Lu Yun. It was a heartless strike meant to kill Lu Yun, making plain the attackers disregard for life.


The entire manor abruptly lit up as nine dragons surged out, barely blocking the sword light. Pale, Lu Yun fell back several steps, while the spirit realm cultivator stood in place, coolly unruffled.

“You tampered with the manors protective formation!” A belabored grin appeared on Lu Yuns lips.

“So youre the governor. Take him!” Their eyes gleaming, the Lu cultivators outside the gates immediately sprang into action.

“Protect milord!” With Ge Longs shout, You Tu led the other soldiers in a charge to protect Lu Yun.

“Stand down!” the governor shouted at them as a white-robed woman appeared by his side. Seven swords streaked into light and instantly executed the Lu cultivators. Her expression as frosty as snow, Yuying landed in front of her master and shielded him with her body.

“Charge inside!” the governor shouted. Without a word, Yuying set a course with her seven swords as they opened up a path of slaughter on their way in.

A cold smile playing on his lips, Lu Yun went in right behind her with Ge Long and the Dusk Phalanx bringing up the rear. Hed issued a warning on the banks of the Dusk River a few days ago, and even killed immortals from the Lu Clan. However, the clan plainly saw fit to disregard the lesson, even going so far as to occupy his manor. 

Since killing Lu Yuanhou wasnt enough, then he ought to kill a few with real status next.

They stationed some cultivators outside the gates to stop and distract me so that I wouldnt examine the current layout of the land!

Lu Yun immediately noticed something was amiss when he set foot inside the manor. The place was encircled by a brand new grand formation that immobilized Yuying the moment she entered.

Returning home was when hed be most relaxed, and seeing his residence occupied by others would naturally infuriate him. As a result, hed entirely disregarded the situation outside. His opponents had perfectly grasped his habits, leading him to unwittingly fall right into their trap.

What a powerful formation. I can see through to its origin, but to break it will require some effort. He could unravel the formation, but that would give time for its controller to kill Yuying, Ge Long, and the Dusk Phalanx.

On the banks of Dusk River, the bloodcorpses had slain the clans august immortals in broad daylight, as well as Lu Yuanhou. The formation in the manor would certainly not be an ordinary one. 

But Lu Yun wasnt particularly worried. His opponents mightve lured him into a trap, but he too was luring the snake out of its hole.

“Sage grandnephew, youve finally returned,” an aged voice travelled out from the manors interior, followed by the appearance of an old man, his features so withered he seemed to have one foot in the grave. He tottered in, supported by two female immortals. “This fifth great-uncles already waited for you for more than half a month.”

“Whose fifth great-uncle are you” Lu Yun frowned as he examined the old man.

“Oh, Im Yuanhous fifth great-uncle. Hes my poor older brothers most cherished grandson.” He panted in exhaustion after that introduction. “Id first planned to keep your mind somewhat intact. But you bastard forgot your roots and killed Yuanhou! I admit, that kid didnt live up to expectations, but he was still your cousin, and my brothers only official grandson!

“You killed your kin!” the old man shrilled with outrage. “I wouldve spared your consciousness and let you be a puppet with your own thoughts, so you could still experience the joys of life. But now, you will die! No one takes Lu Qingxuns pill without thought of the consequences!”-

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