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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 922: Returning Home

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The world of immortals had been born, but as a tomb for immortals and for all of life! Lu Yun found this impossible to accept.

Time was still streaking past them when he recovered from his shock. The Dao Flower gracefully bloomed overhead, permitting his primary body to walk down and return to Xing Chens body, along with the former immortal emperor Meng Wang.

Runes of the immortal dao appeared on the Dao Flower in the next second and it became one with the immortal dao.

Lu Yun heaved a sigh of relief when his primary body settled in place. If hed stayed behind in the great wilderness while his replica returned to their proper time, he wouldve eventually become a native life form of the great wilderness while Xing Chen slowly faded away in the future.

Lu Yuns true self and the Dao Flower returned together upon the establishment of the immortal dao and at the exact moment the world of immortals was born.


“Were finally back.” Lu Yun set aside all thought and the fact that the entire planet was a tomb. All he wanted to do now was go home.

Although hed once gone into closed door cultivation for a thousand years in hell, that was different from his time in the great wilderness. Hed experienced a great deal of things, making it completely different from dully sitting in place for a thousand years.

The closer they drew to their original era, the slower time flowed. Lu Yun could start to make out some details in the long river of time.

“The great war of immortals!” He shook when he realized theyd arrived at the great war a hundred thousand years ago. “I… I see! So there was always the nine majors, ten lands, four immortal seas, and the Central World! They all existed in different planes, and the war was to break apart the twenty-four facets!”

The current world of immortals had been polished out of the world of celestials and fashioned into an enormous tomb for immortals not long after its birth. The facets were its various burial chambers, and the great war a hundred thousand years ago had been to destroy the tomb!

That was how a perfect layout of burial had been damaged.

“Of course it happened, my third disciple is alive after all!” A smile curved Lu Yuns lips.

That period of time was now obscured by a huge shadow, one that even he couldnt pierce through with his current abilities. However, hed discovered traces of Tianqis presence in his brief scan.

Tianqi… the Great Emperor of the Eastern Peak in human hell, master of reincarnation and wielder of life and death throughout the multiverse, the second generation Yin Prince!

Indeed, the great emperor was also the Yin Prince. After the first generation was collected into the little foxs Bell of Chaos, the Great Emperor of the Eastern Peak had inherited the title and become the second Yin Prince over the netherworld.

A great weight lifted off of Lu Yuns shoulders.

“But now we run into two tremendous powers fighting each other in this snapshot of time… I wonder who wins” he murmured to himself.

“I dont know, my cultivation realm then was just human king, so I couldnt see through to that battle at all.” Meng Wangs voice sounded in Lu Yuns mind and he chuckled wryly. “Id thought I was the strongest beneath the heavens when I reached grand pure realm, putting me on par with the human king realm of the Primeval Era. Now I realize that I was just a frog at the bottom of a well.”

The two forces battling each other in the river of time were at least in the chaos realm, or even on Leizes level. A great emperor in the world of immortals such as Meng Wang was nothing but an insignificant gnat in their eyes.

“Im just passing by. Dont annoy me and I wont interfere in your matters,” Lu Yun suddenly announced. 

Two pillars of black flame burned in his eyes as he narrowed his eyes at the two forces locked in conflict. He fully unleashed Xing Chens strength, strength that exceeded Leizes and was infinitely close to that of a creators.

The two powers had both noticed Lu Yun traveling through time, but both chose to remain silent when they sensed his terrifying strength and didnt make a move against him.

Xing Chens strength was now the strongest across all realms below creator. The two forces had reached a crucial moment in their battle and didnt dare provoke such a fearsome third party at this time.

Lu Yun also didnt know who was friend and who was foe, so he didnt pay further attention to the fight. More importantly, he couldnt see their faces since they were both hidden in the shadows of time.



An earthshaking explosion ripped through the air as an ancient ruin exploded with a fury that rocked the West Sea. The Black Sea on its borders roiled with tidal waves while the catastrophic fallout traveled in all directions, threatening to level all of the West Sea.

The four great oceans around the world of immortals was the common bond between all of the facets. If any part of it was destroyed, the planet would disassemble and become individual worlds again.

Thus, Lu Yun reacted extremely swiftly and grasped at the air, containing the rampaging destructive energy and crushing it to pieces like he would pop an air bubble.

“You!!” Experts from the Purple and Azure Firmaments gaped at Lu Yun.

Two great emperors had been fighting in midair and a primordial ruin had exploded… but the young man had casually squeezed all of the backlash away. Was he really just a great emperor

“Im finally back.” Lu Yun laughed foolishly as he looked down at his hands. With a flourish of his sleeves, he calmed the raging waves of the Black Sea and set everything back like nothing had happened.

Then, he raised a cupped fist salute at the representatives from the Firmaments. “Lie Shan… Lu Yun admires the two seniors for being willing to die for the world of immortals!” 

He took one step forward and departed from this part of the world, leaving the experts staring at each other in stupefaction.


“Youre back!” Qing Yu grabbed Lu Yun tightly when he suddenly appeared next to her and wouldnt let go no matter what he said. “I thought… you wouldnt come back…”

“You knew” Lu Yun started.

“Yeah.” Qing Yu bit her lip and nodded gently. “I knew the moment you left. The nine spirit roots arent in the same era and many of them are only a name after all these years. If you wanted to collect them all, you would have to travel to the past…

“Thank goodness you came back…” She buried her face in his chest. Lu Yun had only left for a few days, but those days had been filled with some of the worst mental agony shed ever experienced.

“Im back, and with eight of the spirit roots.” Lu Yun caressed her head as the little fox darted out of his robes and buried herself into Qing Yus bosom, lying down with great comfort.

“Its so much more comfortable in Qing Yus arms… so nice and soft…” murmured the little fox.

Qing Yu turned beet red while Lu Yun dragged the little fox back out and threw her into a far off corner. Qing Yu turned an even brighter red at that.

Lu Yun lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, expressing a hundred years of yearning within that one kiss.-

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