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The two great dao weapons of the human race were space and time. The one to refine the Dao Tree must have once obtained the great weapons and imbued their characteristics onto its spear and axe to create its own.


“Lu Yun, how dare you actually come!” A crimson long-haired monster that towered like a mountain brandished its bronze spear at the human.

The Dao Tree was extensive without end, like a real world. Dao fruits dotted its branches, all of them the result of the tree drawing from the immortal daos strength.

“The master of the Dao Tree plainly wants to use it to seize the immortal dao.” Lu Yun frowned faintly before looking at the enormous creature thatd addressed him.

“Why wouldnt I come What do you nonexistent things think you can do to me” He recognized the long-haired creatures this time; they had tangible forms now, which whittled away at their strength. Hed seen them in Pangus tomb before, but hed only been able to see their footprints then since they didnt have a physical form.

Akasha souls. The things that the enormous akasha ghost had nurtured in its body.

“And, Dao Tree, I know you bear a grudge, but you still wouldve died even if wed allowed the akasha ghost to crawl to the world of celestials back then! In fact, your death wouldve been even more grisly if that had happened,” Lu Yun roared. “Though I destroyed you, I left you a ray of hope. How could you turn around to ravage life instead!”


An ear-piercing crack came from the top of the enormous tree as a pair of blood-red eyes gradually opened upon it.

“Flame Emperor of the human race!” A bloody mouth slowly ripped open for it to howl back, “I am the foremost divine tree of the heavens! I would have lived in the chaos even if the great wilderness had fallen to fire and water, and the world returned to the chaos! Nothing could have destroyed me apart from Worldcarver!

“But you destroyed mine body for the sake of insignificant ants! So I will seek my vengeance upon those ants you cherish so dearly! KILL!!”

Itd gone completely mad; there were no other thoughts in its mind other than revenge.


If it couldnt kill the Flame Emperor, then it would destroy the human race and world that he wanted to safeguard!

“What! Lu Yun is the Flame Emperor of the human race! How is that possible” The bottom dropped out of the akasha souls stomach when they heard the exchange.

The Flame Emperors dreadful might had long been woven into the stories of their tribe. The first akasha ghost to invade the great wilderness had attempted to control Pangus body, but the Flame Emperor had injured it gravely and thrown it out, ultimately to die at the hands of the three founders of immortal dao.

The mighty akasha ghosts had to join their side if they were to vie against the Flame Emperor! Akasha souls that had already taken true form would only perish in front of this legendary human.

The Dao Tree flew into a rage when it saw the akasha souls refusing to move. Gray flames burst from its body and shot toward the horizon.

“Thats not good, it wants to break the seal!” Eyes widening in alarm, Qing Yus heavenly palace floated over her head and trailed down mesmerizing radiance, protecting Lu Yun and the Ten Yama Kings.

“No worries, this is Mount Xuanhuang. It wont be able to cause any trouble here.” A leer quirked Lu Yuns lips.


The void split open as a mammoth black tree descended from space, taking root on Mount Xuanhuang.


“The Dao Tree!”

All of the immortals whod reached dao immortal realm in the world of immortals, and multiverse as a whole, jerked their heads upward at the tree. Itd suddenly appeared in all of their eyes like the Dao Flower once had.

“Its Lu Yun, he really wants to destroy the tree!” Countless immortals gasped with shock.

“Flame Emperor of the human race!” the Dao Tree snarled. “Since you wish to protect these lives and this realm, then I shall personally end everything you care for!”


“Flame Emperor!” In the depths of the South Sea within Destiny City, Qi Hai and his junior brother leapt up with overwhelming shock.

“Did it say Flame Emperor! Is His Majesty Flame Emperor still alive!” Incredulity filled their eyes.

Their legacies hailed from the three hundred and sixty-five geniuses that Lu Yun had selected from the Yan Tribe. Though all of them—first generation city lords of humanitys three hundred and sixty-five sacred cities—had voluntarily offered up their lives and great dao at Emperors Fall, their legacies lived on.

Qi Hai and the city lord of Destiny City were two of their heirs. Since Lu Yun had selected those three hundred and sixty-five geniuses, their inheritance contained everything there was to know about the Flame Emperor, even though the human dao was no longer.

Born of Qingqiu Mountain, raised by the banks of the Wei River, the great wilderness knew of his glories and the heavens trembled at his might!

“His Majesty… which one is the Flame Emperor!” Shaking uncontrollably, Qi Hai fixed his eyes on Lu Yuns figure in front of the Dao Tree. “Can it be that Lu Yun is the reincarnated Flame Emperor!”


“The Flame Emperor!” Traveling through the world, the diligently working Xuanyuan Xiaoyue paused and stared at the figure in front of the Dao Tree. She was trying to integrate herself into this realms laws, and had once stood like this by her fathers side to gaze upon that man.

“It really is him! He took a strand of fathers soul force when he left, so father will be coming back now that hes returned!”

Upon her smile, it seemed as if all of the flowers in the world bloomed in unison and joy echoed beneath the heavens.


“The Flame Emperor of the human race…” The two scarlet apes in the depths of the North Sea remained silent. Theyd both experienced the era of human dao; though the period before it had been erased, the Flame Emperor had still been revered by the human race in their time.


“Im a sheep thats entered the lions den.” Down in Dao City, the demon god thatd become the dean of demonic dao also stared dumbly at Lu Yun upon the mountain. Hed gradually recovered himself after being nourished by the immortal dao and knew who he was now. He also remembered the Flame Emperor whod arrived on the scene like a meteor in his youth and killed countless connate demon gods, terrifying them with just the sound of his name.

“So hes the Flame Emperor How is he the Flame Emperor How is this possible” the demon god shook.


In this moment, countless taboo existences thatd survived since the age of mythology shrank back and fell silent. In their era, the Yellow Emperor had been the protagonist of the heavens and the one to usher in an era.

But the one they all feared the most was the Flame Emperor!-

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