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“Lu Yun, the source of akasha ghosts in this era lies with that one,” Qing Yus voice suddenly sounded in his mind. “Its the one whos turned all of the fallen great emperors into akasha ghosts!”

“I see.” Lu Yun took a deep breath as an axe and spear brightened in his hands, flaring with the power of space and time.

Within hell, two answering beams of profound light blossomed from Mount Vastspace and the Timelight Tower, rushing into Lu Yuns nascent spirit.


The intersection of space and time formed a reincarnation of spacetime; the two dao weapons combined together and flung themselves at the Dao Tree.

Lu Yuns goal wasnt the big akasha ghost, but the Dao Tree. The akasha ghost wouldnt be a threat anymore once the tree was a pile of splinters.

“Gyakkkkk—” A human face materialized on the trees trunk, imitating the akasha ghosts expression of laughing and crying at the same time. Its black branches crisscrossed in midair, forming eight arms while four enormous heads slowly budded from the trees crown.

Four heads and eight arms! This was the appearance of the origin divine!

“The origin divine!” Lu Yun went slack jawed with shock when he saw the change.

The origin divine thatd escaped from the mother altar ultimately revealed itself in the era of human dao, calling itself the foremost divine spirit of the world. Upon its reappearance, the Exalted divines established the divine race and slowly developed the four cardinal tribes. 

However, the origin divine and its tribe afterward remained enemies of the human race and the divine race at large!

Its sculpture could be found in the Exalted Tomb, one thatd become a horrifying stone spirit and had to be terminated by the demon god. The stone spirit had been the one to wreck the empty mother altar there as well.

Unbeknownst to them all, the real origin divine had become part of the Dao Tree a long time ago!

Or rather… its obsession. Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan had killed the origin divine in his time, but its lingering obsession was enough to impart all of its strength to the Dao Tree and akasha ghost.

Four heads and eight arms represented the four core essences of the world—earth, air, fire, and water!

Their energy accumulated furiously on the Dao Tree and projected a world as well, one that could vie with the world of immortal dao. This was what Lu Yuns axe and spear ruthlessly drilled into.

Heaven and earth shook from the blow as a gaping fissure opened on the world of divine elements. Howling, the akasha ghost sent its akasha souls forth like a swarm of locusts, devouring all of the qi in their path as they dived at Lu Yun.

“Die!!” Lu Yun swung with the reincarnation of spacetime once more when he saw the horde screaming down upon him and Qing Yu. 

His cultivation level was truly at the chaos realm now, and his strength infinitely close to that of a creators! Combat arts like the reincarnation of spacetime could be deployed to their maximum in his hands.

Space and time were the core strengths of human dao. When the strengths of human dao were distilled into combat arts and combined with reincarnation, the trifecta rivalled the peak of any realms great dao!

Spacetime reincarnation swept through the void, shredding every akasha soul it came across. But as long as the big akasha ghost remained, the akasha souls were nearly immortal. When they vanished, new black and crimson monsters shot to their feet, charging at Lu Yun with their dao weapons.

However, Lu Yun still had only eyes for the Dao Tree.


A tremendous boom exploded from the world of immortal dao as sheets of aureate brilliance sparkled through the air. A golden tree slowly loomed out of the void, suppressing the Dao Tree the moment it appeared.

The Karmic Tree!

The tree that the Sal Tree of Life and Death had evolved into after absorbing goodwill, an existence even more dominating than the Sal Tree! Itd once been viewed as a demonic tree in the great wilderness—far more terrifying than the Builder Tree. Likewise, the Karmic Tree now still surpassed the Builder-Dao Tree!




Golden ripples emanated from the Karmic Tree and crashed into the world of divine elements. Itd already been reeling from Lu Yuns blow and immediately fell apart from the new offensive.

A slight hint of emotions traveled from the Karmic Tree. It seemed to be… disdainful of the Dao Tree. In their former lives, the Sal Tree had outmatched the Builder Tree to be the greatest divine tree in the world. And now, it was still better than the Dao Tree!

Bright radiance shimmered on the Karmic Tree as its fruit gleamed and glistened between its leaves, further outshining the dao fruits on the Dao Tree.

“Break!!” Lu Yun charged to the tree when its world was broken, calling upon the Size Manipulation death art. His body and weapons expanded explosively to a giant five thousand kilometers tall.

Keen edges sliced a harrowing curve through the air; the enormous axe threatened to chop down the Dao Tree from the glint of its edge alone.

“Why arent you helping yet!” the akasha ghost suddenly bawled, using its body to block the axe.

“Flame Emperor, though you set down the foundation for the glories of human dao and are its ancestor, vengeance must be enacted for the human dao. If human dao is to be reinstated, immortal dao must be destroyed!” A respectful and apologetic voice sounded in the air, swiftly followed by a bronze sword light that bit into Lu Yuns axe light and shattered it to pieces.

Lu Yun frowned slightly, peering into the void with Spectral Eye and making out an enormously strong yin soul standing there. He wielded a black sword—a dead Xuanyuan Sword.

As for its wielder, a yin soul so strong that even the Tome of Life and Death couldnt subdue it, Lu Yun didnt recognize him. He was plainly a human expert born after the time of the great wilderness.

“Yu Rang of the human race greets the Flame Emperor.” [1] Yu Rang was a yin soul, but his soul force was so formidable that it affected the world. It affected the world so much that the worlds energy gathered to form a real body for him.

He wore a tall hat and loose white robes, the uniform of a court official. He seemed dashingly handsome, but resolution burned in his eyes that were as bright as the stars. Revenge for human dao and a return to human dao, even if he faced the human dao ancestor—Flame Emperor!

1. Yu Rang was a famous Chinese assassin in the Warring States period.-

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