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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 935.1: A Lonely Grave

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The ancestor planet: Earth.

Once known as the great wilderness, it was the source of this realm, the root of this world, and Lu Yuns homeland.

Except, the planet had been endless times greater than Earth when it was known as the great wilderness. Lu Yun had no idea what had happened for it to end up in its current state. Not only had it shrunk many times over, its qi had dispersed, and combat arts and cultivation methods could no longer be found, to say nothing of cultivation.

However, many myths and legends regarding the great wilderness still existed on the ancestor planet, as well as the heritage of the human sacred land—feng shui.


“Your homeland” Qing Yu blushed bright red when she heard that Lu Yun wanted to take her home. “Are we meeting your parents” she asked bashfully.

“Eh, in a way.” Lu Yun blinked, then kissed her loudly on the cheek. “I don't believe that my old man of a master really did die, and I've mostly guessed who he is!”

“But how do we get to humanitys ancestor planet” Qing Yu asked curiously. She'd long since learned the truth behind Lu Yuns background and how he'd reincarnated from the ancestor planet to the world of immortals, becoming the Lu Yun that she and everyone knew.

“I can naturally travel back there if I could come here. Theres got to be a way.” Lu Yun grinned broadly, suddenly feeling a weight lift off his shoulders. It was only now that he recalled that the strongest beneath the heavens in feng shui and formations wasnt himself, but his master!

He didn't know how to get back to Earth, but the Tome of Life and Death knew. As long as he communicated his most urgent matter at hand to it and followed the books rules, it would naturally lead them to the ancestor planet. Even the Great Formation of the Nineheavens Gates, as formidable as it was, couldnt stop the Tome of Life and Death.


On this day, Lu Yun and Qing Yu strolled around Mount Xuanhuang for a quiet, intimate moment. Although it looked like they wandered around without a predetermined destination, a path of hazy blue light stretched beneath Lu Yuns feet and led to an unknown terminus.


Mount Xuanhuang trembled as a pair of enormous eyes suddenly opened on the landmass. It was unfeeling, aloof, and looked down loftily upon the couple as it would two ants.

Qing Yus eyes widened with shock. She had no idea there was such a frightful existence on the mountain that kept the academy under constant surveillance!

“Ignore it. Someone tossed a few parasites into the immortal dao when it was born, this one's just a bit bigger than the others.” Lu Yun had sensed a long time ago that there was a pair of eyes always monitoring him. He just hadn't entertained the idea that the eyes would belong to Mount Xuanhuang.

The mountain has given birth to its own mountain god after the departure of the immortal dao. However, the god was a manifestation of one of the parasites in the immortal dao, much like the Dao Tree had once been.

With the perfection of the immortal dao, these leeches could no longer survive within it. They could only make use of certain things to take on corporeal form—Mount Xuanhuang had turned into one of their next targets.

“Flame Emperor, you better behave yourself and stay in Dusk Province for the next eighty years, or Ill raze all forty thousand kilometers of your little kingdom.” An extremely overbearing will transmitted from the eyes. “You will not be going to the ancestor planet to see Fuxi.”

The will was so strong thatd easily crush even a dao immortal, to say nothing of Lu Yun being a peerless immortal. But for some reason, Lu Yun and Qing Yu exhibited no signs of pressure and meandered off without a change in their relaxed composure.


A gigantic bronze hand stretched out from the mountain, so massive that it was a minor mountain itself, looming over the married couple.

“Since you wont stop, this seat will snuff you out first and then erase Dusk Province,” sounded the will again.

A destructive force flared from the top of Mount Xuanhuang, but not one felt it apart from Lu Yun and Qing Yu. No one in the vicinity saw the massive eyes and not a soul realized the couple was there.




Piercing bell tolls rang through the void as golden ripples vibrated the huge hand to dust.

The little fox burrowed out of Qing Yus robes; the Bell of Chaos around her neck shot into the sky and expanded to the same size as Mount Xuanhuang.

“Id thought there was something off about the mountain, but to think that an evil god had been born here,” grumbled the little fox. She waved gently with her furry paws and sent a long white chain snaking out from Qing Yu to wrap around Mount Xuanhuang.

A sensation of extreme fear flooded out from the mountain.

“Of all life forms to choose, why did you choose a divine spirit” sighed the little fox. The long white chain was the divine races Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, it could counter akasha ghosts and the divine race.

The evil god in Mount Xuanhuang hadnt fully arrived in the world yet—itd only collected its soul and was using the mountain for its body. Full control over the mountain currently remained out of its grasp. With the scroll tightening around it and the bell harming its core essence, it was swiftly bounced out of the mountain.

It was a mind-numbingly terrifying demon when part of the immortal dao, but absolutely nothing of consequence once detached. However, it was still irritating to be kept under close watch every second of the day by an evil god. Thus, Lu Yun had undertaken this walk today with Qing Yu and the little fox to lure it out of the mountain.

A dark shadow darted out of Mount Xuanhuang, wailing and shrieking before vanishing into the Bell of Chaos to be suppressed in its deepest world.

“Thats one latent threat gone,” Lu Yun heaved a slight sigh of relief.

“Then, are we still going to your home” Qing Yu asked piteously.

“Of course, why not Going home is the big item on the agenda, that evil god was just a convenient errand.” Lu Yun laughed heartily and flung his arm around Qing Yus waist, continuing down the hazy path of light.

The little fox squirmed with dissatisfaction in Qing Yus embrace and waved the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals around. “This is yours, why are you giving it to me”

“That treasure deploys to its fullest strength in your hands, I was just using it to suppress the poison in my body.” After a bit of struggle, Qing Yu laid her head on Lu Yuns shoulder and replied smilingly to the little fox.

The little fox was now empyrean realm—the cultivation level shed recovered in the great wilderness, not what shed gained beneath the human dao or the great emperor equivalent beneath the immortal dao. Therefore, she wasnt afflicted with the curse against emperors in the immortal dao.

Shed gone through reincarnation to be reborn in the future, but had come into her dao in the great wilderness. That made her quite an anomaly beneath the heavens.-

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