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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 942: Chaos Dao Fruit

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“Hes dead… Fuxis really dead!” The little fox flashed into human form and cried soundlessly in front of the demon gods tomb. Grief and sorrow overcame Lu Yun and Qing Yu as well.

Lu Yun thought back to when hed first met Fuxi and how stunned hed been to learn that the demon god was Wayfarer. Though Fuxi hadn't given Lu Yun much aid in the great wilderness, his existence had shone like a beacon of light, guiding the lost Lu Yun to the right path.

Who would've thought that their goodbyes in the chaos would be the final farewell

Fuxi really had died in his mission to the chaos!

“So who built the tomb then” Qing Yu murmured to herself. “Theres no heaven and earth in the chaos, no feng shui, no great dao… but here we have a structure that conforms to the layout of burial. Was it created by the unknown existence that inherited Fuxis identity”

Qing Yu had started learning the ways of feng shui and burial from Lu Yun, so she could tell from a quick scan that the tomb in front of them was constructed according to proper burial layouts. This wasn't something that would form naturally.

“Not him, he wouldn't be so kind hearted.” Lu Yun looked down and mentally sifted through everything that hed experienced in the great wilderness. The fake Fuxi had suffered injuries in the chaos, but Lu Yun hadn't known the truth at the time and brought the imposter to the Sea of Hellfire. There, hed brought the fake Fuxi back to life with the Resurrection death art and healed his trauma in the process.

“He wants to kill me.” Color drained out of Lu Yuns face. “He set up numerous death traps for me in Fuxis original plans. However, he never knew what my trump cards were, so I was able to evade death again and again all these years.

“Mores the pity for him that he isn't a true match for Fuxi. Its set in stone that the holy emperor will successfully bring me back to the past and see me become the Flame Emperor. The imposter couldn't eradicate me, no matter what he tried in the future. He couldn't deny a truth that had happened in the past!”

A sudden tremble shook Lu Yun. “Its no accident that he told me he met himself in the future, he wanted to ensure that I would visit Earth and see him at Mount Buzhou! The moment I retrieve all of Fuxis five senses marks the moment of my death.”

Standing in front of Fuxis tomb, everything revealed itself after an intense round of deduction.

Qing Yu looked at Lu Yun and nodded slightly. Her grasp of formula dao was greater than his, so she'd also come to these conclusions as well. But how to resolve all this was up to her dao partner.

“Fuxi learned of his destiny when he traveled to the future, but he still headed willingly to his death. If my speculations are correct, the way to counter the imposter is in this tomb.” Confidence surfaced in Lu Yuns eyes when he looked at the large tomb in front of them. It was complete faith in Fuxi. “The holy emperor created feng shui and formations after observing the laws of nature. If he could see his own demise and the existence that would walk the great wilderness in his form, he would certainly leave some contingencies in place for this turn of events.

“Fuxis tomb is the key to solving everything.”

Lu Yun didn't think that upon learning the future to come, Fuxi would just accept without a struggle that someone would be along to assume his identity and scheme against the great wilderness and the entire realm. Not only was the holy emperor well versed in feng shui and formations, but he was even more skilled in fortune telling and deducing destinies. Why else would he have chosen Lu Yun out of all the souls in all time periods of the world and bring him back to the great wilderness so that he could become the Flame Emperor

Fated Spider Ah Zhi possessed the ability to see through ones fate. Though she was dead now, her soul force slept in a Hell Flower and would awaken in due time.

Lu Yun slowly opened his hand to allow two scrolls to float above his palm. They were the Yellow River Map and Inscription of the River Luo that Fuxi had left to him before entering the chaos.


A minute change occurred in the chaos the moment the two peerless connate treasures appeared. An enormous door of black light appeared on the front of the tomb and a rainbow bridge extended from it.

“Fuxis here alright!” Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and the little fox looked at each other before setting foot on the bridge. The Yellow River Map and Inscription of the River Luo transformed into twin orbs of light and shadow to slowly meld into Fuxis tomb.

This tomb was something that Fuxi had built for himself. It followed the most primitive of burial layouts and took the form of an enormous palace. Four large pillars stood in the palace corners with carved statues of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise fixed to them. There was another enormous pillar in the center of the palace; Fuxi was present in his true form and nailed to that pillar.

As a dragon-snake, Fuxi possessed the head of a dragon and body of a snake. He had three eyes, two arms, and faintly golden scales covering his body. His normally brightly alert eyes were dim and unfocused.

“Fuxi… really… is dead…” Lu Yuns heart trembled as he stared at the demon gods corpse. Hed cherished a small fantasy that if Fuxi had built a tomb for himself in the chaos, he might still be alive here. Surely hed just made this tomb his new base of operations and was still laying out the best plans for this realm.

But, it had been just a daydream.

“No, I dont believe it!” Lu Yun took a deep breath and called upon the Dragonquake Scripture. Blinding radiance flooded from his body and illuminated the entire palace, the disturbance prompting ripples of life from the four corners of the structure. The Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise began to shift on their pillars, crying hoarsely for help amid weak struggles.

“Lie Shan! Save me!” Azure Dragon crooned faintly.

“Why are you still alive, but Fuxis dead!” Lu Yun whipped his head around and glared savagely at the dragon begging for help.

“Fuxi killed himself!” Azure Dragon trembled despite himself when it saw the look in the humans eyes. “He wouldnt have been able to leave all this to you if he didnt!

“Everything here is his gift to you, including the Ascension Pool beneath that Extermination Pillar. He brought it back from the future and took it into the chaos to hide it!” the dragon said in shaky tones. “He saw the immortal dao to come when he was in the great wilderness and also observed the cosmic dao fruits. This tomb is the chaos cosmic dao fruit that Fuxis created for you!”

Lu Yuns mouth was agape while the little fox and Qing Yu stared blankly.

“He abducted the four of us from the future because we once helped the origin divine—hiding in the chaos—steal the opportunity that belonged to the god of the Exalted Divines. Though God forgave us for our transgression, Fuxi didnt. He fixed us here to await your arrival,” Black Tortoise quickly explained when he also glimpsed that horrific killing intent in Lu Yuns eyes. “If we died, the cosmic dao fruit here would also dissolve.”

“Theyre speaking the truth, theyre the core of this tomb. If they die, the tombs layout will also break,” Qing Yu said softly. “Theres a star being nurtured in the Ascension Pool beneath the Extermination Pillar.”

“Extermination Pillar…. Extermination Pillar… thats a tool in the Dragonspike Litany second to only the Death Spike. The Death Spike scatters fortunes and results in general bloodshed when planted, but the Extermination Pillar causes the absolute death of its target.” Lu Yun shook like a leaf as he looked at Fuxis corpse on the pillar. “He used his own life to forge my dao fruit…”

Lu Yuns cultivation realm was too vast. There was no dao fruit appropriate for him in the cosmos that Xing Chen had metamorphosed into. Meanwhile, the cosmos over the world of immortals had long been corrupted and was unable to produce any dao fruits.

Fuxi had seen all this, so hed used his own life and the core essence of the four beasts to extract the power of chaos from the surroundings, forging a dao fruit suitable for Lu Yun.

“I see, I see.” Understanding seemed to illuminate the world in front of Qing Yu. “Lu Yun, youll be able to break the curse against great emperors if you refine the dao fruit within the Ascension Pool! The curse is sealed inside that dao fruit.”

Lu Yun didnt seem to hear her, he was still staring at the dead demon god. Tushan tugged on Qing Yus sleeve and shook her head gently. Understanding her beloveds inner turmoil, Qing Yu stood silently to the side.

“...can I really only have ten Envoys of Reincarnation or ten Yama Kings” Lu Yun suddenly murmured to himself. “What if… what if I want you to become the eleventh”


The Tome of Life and Death floated out from the center of his brow and drifted down to his hand.

“They say that the Extermination Pillar immediately ends the life of who its meant for, that even the ruler of hell Yanluo Wang cant save the target. But I, your father, am greater than him!

“The Great Emperor of the Eastern Peak may have been the Yin Prince and master of human hell, but he was my disciple first!

“I am Lu Yun, the true master of reincarnation and sovereign over all beings in the multiverse! I alone decide their life or death with a single thought!!

“If you truly acknowledge me as your master, Tome of Life and Death, you will obey and grant me an eleventh Yama King!” Lu Yun screamed, his roar freezing the four divine beasts on the pillars. “Take your place, my eleventh Yama King!!”


The chaos quaked as the mammoth image of the bronze book exuded bronze ripples that crashed into the void. The realm of the world of immortals began to quiver as well. In the kingdom of hell, countless Infernum and the ten Yama Kings were crouched on the ground, shuddering madly.

“My martial uncle is angry… who is he throwing a tantrum at” Ge Long murmured as he took in how hell trembled.-

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