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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 945: Chaos Dragon

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As Lu Yuns replica had once sat in the middle of hell and completely refined it from inside out, the experts residing in hell could no longer pierce through the netherworld to view the outside world.

Qing Yu and Fuxi were both inside hell—Lu Yun didnt want them to take further risks. In fact, hed shoved Qing Yu and the little fox in at the last second.

The chaos was too uncanny and dangers lurked around every indistinct corner. The most terrifying of the hidden dangers were the chaos storms. If they ran into one, even the Bell of Chaos would be destroyed.

The tomb layout thatd been present here before had impacted the local chaos to a certain degree. That was why the group hadnt run across any chaos storms on their way here. But now that the tomb had been withdrawn, it completely exposed the surroundings to any nearby storms again. Lu Yun didnt want Qing Yu and the little fox to run this risk.

As for Lu Yun himself, hed sat in the chaos before with his primary body protected by the world of the golden spirit pearl. While hed protected the Dao Flower, hed passively absorbed the flowers strength and the chaos energy around him.

Though his cultivation realm and level was still lacking, his core essence was far stronger than Xing Chens. His could be labeled a body of the chaos. If he could obtain a dao fruit suited for him, hed immediately outstrip what his replica had once been capable of. Thus, a domineering level of strength from Lu Yun was only a matter of time.

And with hell in his grasp, time wasnt an issue for him either.

“If Fuxi could locate the treasures in this area…” He stood in the empty void and sank deep in thought. “…the Dragonquake Scripture!”

He lit up as he recalled one of Fuxis legacies. The Dragonquake Scripture was a connate method originating from the void. If one wanted to go treasure hunting in this nebulous zone, they would have to rely on the scripture.

To think of the deed was to act, so Lu Yun called upon the Dragonquake Scripture without another thought.


A beam of gray light rose from his body to form a gray dragon in the chaos. It looked different from the dragon race of the world of immortals or previous great wilderness. It had three heads, three tails, and twelve claws—as if three dragons were intertwined together.

However, it was only one dragon. A complete dragon.


A piercing dragon howl rang out in unison from all three heads, clearing the hazy air currents around it. Lu Yuns soul seemed to disassociate from his body and entered the three-headed dragon. He could clearly see everything in the chaos through the eyes of the strange dragon.

“There really is treasure around here!” Lu Yuns head swung in a certain direction before the dragon barreled in the same direction.


The chaos trembled violently as a torrent of air currents formed enormous pillars that scattered in all directions. Rays of cutting sword energy suddenly shot out from below, piercing through the three-headed dragon that Lu Yun had summoned with the Dragonquake Scripture.

A sword gleaming with a frosty glint slowly materialized in the void.

It would be more accurate to call it a blade, since it consisted only of the thinnest sliver of an edge and lacked a grip or a cross-guard. Its edge seemed to swim through the void as gentle water. But to Lu Yuns eyes and consciousness, it remained motionless in the void without movement.

“Am I mistaken” Lu Yun took a deep breath. A strange thought rose in his mind when he looked at the sword in front of him.

We share a common destiny.

It seemed fated to be his. No one else would be able to claim it. He wouldnt have to refine it upon taking it either—hed be able to release its strength just by wielding it.

“Worldcarver belonged to Pangu. Fuxi uncovered Heavenfall in the chaos and the imposter brought it back to me, but it shouldve been Gods.

“Then I name this sword… Quietus, the ender of heaven. It looks to have been destined for me from the very beginning.” A contented smile spread across Lu Yuns face.

“Hahahaha!! This old mans searched high and low in the chaos for a hundred million years and finally found you today! Come here, my sweet, my precious!” A delighted roar of laughter traveled into Lu Yuns ears.

The youth frowned, but didnt turn back. Instead, he wrapped a hand around the newly named Quietus.

“How dare a peerless immortal brat touch my treasure!” An elder with graying hair and beard appeared behind Lu Yun. A ruthless sneer crossed his face when he saw the sword in the humans hand—the fury of being offended by an ant.

“A peerless immortal brat” Lu Yun slowly turned around and smiled superciliously. “Old thing, since when have peerless immortals been able to walk the chaos”

Shock from the truth of those words startled the gray-robed elder into taking a few steps backward. Even empyrean realm cultivators, those so-called great emperors of the world of immortals couldnt travel here!

Playing the pig to eat a tiger! The elder immediately grasped the implications. 

The divine sword that moved like flowing water was plainly a treasure of the same level as Worldcarver and Heavenfall; the third of its kind from the chaos. Since the elder had been nearby, he was the first on the scene when he sensed the ripples of an ultimate treasure about to reveal itself.

But this fellow pretending to be a weakling had been one step ahead of him!

Uncertainty flickered across the elders face. Though the human youth was only a peerless immortal, he had to be at least chaos realm if he could traverse the chaos. That could only mean that the humans cultivation was far greater than the elders, since he couldnt see through it.

But was he supposed to just give up the treasure when it was right in front of him

“This seat has journeyed in the chaos for quite a few years and feels hunger begin to gnaw at me. How fortuitous that you have made a gift of yourself at this time.” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes when he saw reluctance struggle in the elders expression. He flicked out his tongue and licked his lips with a chuckle. “Its said that when Lie Shan of the human race roasted a connate demon god, that fragrance tempted many a craving of the supreme masters in the great wilderness.

“This seat shall satisfy my curiosity today and see how connate demon god tastes.”

“Lie Shan of the human race What a familiar name…” The elder hadnt processed Lu Yuns words yet, he was distracted by the mention of Lie Shan.


Lu Yun abruptly deployed the Shapeshifting death art and turned into the image of a dragon—the one hed summoned with the Dragonquake Scripture earlier.

Three heads, three tails, twelve claws!

“A chaos dragon!” Frightened out of his wits, the elder turned tail and ran in the opposite direction. “Chaos dragons have arrived in the region!”-

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