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Chaos dragons!

Lu Yun registered the name with surprise, but didnt react visibly.

His true body was one of the chaos, so when he used the Shapeshifting death art to simulate the three-headed dragon, he became a real chaos dragon in both body and presence.

Upon transforming his physical body, he discovered with delight that while the chaos previously exerted some pressure on him, it now eagerly sought to fuse with him and soaked into his body. He was as if a fish in water, swimming through the hazy gray currents.

However, he could also feel another power looming nearby. It was the antithesis of local energy and continuously tried to corrupt and eat away at the chaos. At the same time, it also tried to devour the chaos dragons life force.

This is the energy of heaven and earth! Lu Yun was greatly taken aback. Though the power of his world tried to corrode him, it turned into his core energy upon entering his body since he was still Lu Yun at the heart of things. Fuxi was right, which makes this chaos dragon a being of the chaos.

…wait. The Dragonquake Scripture is a method of creatures in this dimension

Lu Yun took a deep breath. The Dragonquake Scripture far exceeded all of the combat arts and cultivation methods in the current world of immortals. Creatures of the chaos had lived for much longer than his realm. Thus, no one knew to what degree their civilization, combat arts, and cultivation methods had developed to.

A sense of impending doom grew ever sharper in Lu Yuns mind.

Its a very good thing that the energy of the world is anathema to these creatures. They can't march on us in a direct invasion, so they can only try indirect ways… but if I were in their shoes, I would find a way to negate the power of a realm and visit the world of immortals in person.

The energy of a realm was lethal poison to both the chaos natives and infinite tides of dead spirits outside the World Gates. At the same time, this meant that the dead spirits were also a chaos creation. Taking on some chaos attributes made them susceptible to the energy of a world.

The creation of the immortal dao sought to refine the worlds energy into an immortals body, creating a miniature world inside oneself. This was a great dao that Hongjun and the three founders had specifically engineered to target the inhabitants of the chaos.

Likewise, their efforts didnt go unanswered as the enemy sought to destroy the immortal dao just as soon as it was established. They first planted the Dao Tree in the burgeoning dao, then erased the void realm so that future immortals wouldnt be able to craft a world inside their being.

Though Lu Yun had repaired the immortal dao and perpetuated it through the realm, he still felt a very distinct prick of mysterious danger when he transformed into the chaos dragon. Hed been expanding knowledge and innovating dao all along, but so were those in the chaos studying immortal dao. After pouring all these years of effort into chaos and destruction, theyd finally found the true way to curtail the immortal dao.

All things in life complemented and countered each other. The immortal dao would possess its counterpart as well.

Lu Yun didnt linger after his chaos dragon form scared off the elder in gray robes. The matter at hand was to hurry back to the world of immortals and break the curse within the Ascension Pool, to eradicate the last tumor within the immortal dao.

He returned to hell with a quick turn of his body.


“A chaos dragon ventured into the boundaries of the world and took the third chaos treasure!” The news immediately spread through the edge of the realms influence.

Since territory associated with the world of immortals extended into this part of the chaos, connate demon gods who didnt wish to surrender to the humans after the defeat of the celestial court withdrew here to form their own faction.

Given that the immortal dao reigned supreme beneath the heavens, the presence of a world also became the presence of immortal dao. This enabled tendrils of the immortal dao to extend into this part of the chaos. Thus, connate demon gods within this vicinity could observe everything that occurred in the world of immortals.

They were naturally unwilling to return to their homeland. In their eyes, the world of immortals was even more dangerous than their current straits. They could survive in this nebulous dimension, but ambushes and schemes were sure to follow if they returned to the world of immortals. Complete elimination would follow in short order.

The immortals of the world werent all that strong; in fact, they were far inferior to those of the great wilderness. The issue laid with too many traps tucked in every nook and cranny—all of them left behind by the preeminent masters of the great wilderness era.

These connate demon gods would be nothing but pawns if they entered the world of immortals, but the arrival of a chaos dragon also sent them into frenzied panic. Theyd once ventured outside the boundaries of the realm and ran into chaos dragons and other creatures. After retreating with severe casualties from that encounter, the demon gods had possessed a deep fear of their neighbors ever since.

Thankfully, denizens of the chaos didnt dare approach this part of the void since the energy of a world was their fatal weakness. The appearance of a chaos dragon to the contrary and seizure of the third chaos treasure suffocated the demon gods with dread.

“You say he mentioned Lie Shan” A human figure sparkling with golden radiance frowned sternly at the gray-robed elder.

“Yes. he did. He said that Lie Shan of the human race once roasted a connate demon god, so he wanted to give it a try as well,” the elder answered hesitantly. The man in front of him was too magnificent, he wasnt someone that a demon god born in the human dao period could ever hope to aspire to!

During the era of human dao, connate demon gods who were unwilling to submit to human rule also made their way to the chaos. The human dao filled the world then, causing new demon gods to be born in human form.

The shimmering figure in front of them was a connate demon god from the great wilderness, one of Haotians celestial kings. He was the leader of the numerous connate demon gods in the chaos—Qiang Liang. [1]

Qiang Liang frowned slightly at the demon gods beside him. “Lie Shan… Flame Emperor of the human race. Do even the creatures of the chaos know his name and his feats

“It looks like we must meet this Flame Emperor if we wish to live on. I hope… that he is different from the great emperors of the human dao.”

The Flame Emperor had fought only twice in the battle to conquer the heavens. The first time to break the guardian formation at the peak of Mount Buzhou, the second time to destroy Kunlun Mountain and destroy the celestial courts foundations.

Qiang Liang had kept to himself when serving at the celestial court, emerging in public only when the bugles of war sounded. He was unfamiliar with this legendary human emperor.

“Milord, do you mean…” one of his subordinates gaped.

“We have left home for too long… its time that we came back into the fold.” Qiang Liang turned to the direction of Mount Xuanhuang in the world of immortals. “I may not know who the Flame Emperor is as a person, but I know that the headmaster of the Dao Academy will not turn us away.

“We must return to the world of immortals if we wish to survive. Otherwise, we will perish when the creatures of the chaos lead the akasha ghosts to the world of immortals again.”

1. A mythical creature with the head of a tiger, body of a human, and two yellow snakes in his hand.-

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