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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 950: Laying Plans

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Lu Yuns Xing Chen replica had transformed into the cosmos after mending the immortal dao while Qing Yu remade the dao immortal realm. In the process, the nine connate spirit roots perfectly melded into the immortal dao and injected colossal vitality into it. This prevented the obsolescence of the previous dao immortals and beings at even higher cultivation levels.

The reformation of the dao immortal realm and immortal dao as a whole also reshaped their cultivation levels. Even the demon god survivors in the chaos benefited from this change. They who had lived under the primitive great dao or human dao were accepted by the improved immortal dao and slowly transformed into immortals of the new order. [1]

Qingfu Nation citizens had always lived in the great tomb of Mist Land. Their cultivation realms were also recast when the immortal dao suffused heaven and earth. In other words, their strength didnt diminish as a result of all the changes during their long seclusion, but increased greatly instead. They, too, smoothly became new members of the immortal dao.

The Arcane Immortal of the Nine Heavens was an elder with green hair and a green glow in his eyes. His brewing presence was also far above his cultivation level.

“So you want to kill a prince of my glorious nation You can die first!”


He slapped his hand downward and formed a deep-green hand of pure force in the air. Wreathed by noxious fumes, it poisoned everywhere it passed through.

Startled, Wellspring beat a hasty retreat.

“An immortal of poison dao!” His expression darkened.

Poison dao was one of the disciplines of the academy, Su Xiaoxiao was one example who was a master of both. She was the dean of medicine dao and a sovereign of poison dao. However, Wellspring had studied neither of them, so he was powerless when facing it in battle.

“Hahaha!!” The immortal of poison brayed with laughter and walked toward Wellspring through the air. Everywhere he passed through turned dark green—even the air. A poison beast of inky-green slowly materialized on his head.

Though he didnt know how to immediately counter the poison, Wellspring didnt give up the fight. He defended himself as best he could and called upon formula dao, trying to find a way to resolve this poison.


“Why are the two ancestors still unmoved!” The academy disciples turned ghastly pale to see how still and silent Levitating Island remained.

Though theyd joined the Dao Academy, theyd done so under the two ancestors orders. Theyd never intended to sever their relationship to Levitating Island, even after they passed the examinations for the inner academy and chose a master from the teachers there. Theyd fed back numerous cultivation methods and combat arts from the Dao Academy—an act that Lu Yun hadnt forbidden. In fact, he encouraged academy disciples to share as much knowledge as possible. 

Only in this way would the world of immortals grow stronger.

But now that they were being attacked right outside Levitating Island, their old home remained completely unaffected. This was devastating in more ways than one!

The monster spirit ancestors were tremendously strong and had long returned to their prime. It would be a simple, easy task if they wanted to save their juniors. In fact, the other monster spirits on Levitating Island had also seen their strength grow by leaps and bounds. They were possibly any weaker than these Qingfu immortals.

But everyone had stood quietly by and watched Yuan Tong be beaten to death, while the rest of the academy disciples fell into dire straits. It gave rise to a strange bleakness in their hearts.

“The two ancestors wish for the monster spirits to rise up and be an independent faction within the immortal dao… They wish for conflict to develop between the Dao Academy, this Qingfu Nation, and the Primeval Era forces rising in the ten lands. We are sacrificial lambs for this cause.” Despair flashed through the face of a young girl watching Lu Fuyao approach them.

They all recalled how Levitating Island had issued this mission for the North Sea. It turned out that everything was a plot. Their home had known that monster spirits from Mist Land would come, so theyd lured academy disciples here in hopes that the two would clash against each other. Levitating Island would profit handsomely from the hostilities of others.

It was also no accident that Wellspring was here.

“Are they not afraid of the headmasters rage!” 

“The two ancestors should be the strongest experts there are beneath great emperor… they arent afraid of any retribution at all. In fact, they might even ally with Mist Land…” another disciple answered in a trembling voice.

They were all inner academy disciples with extraordinary potential and high intelligence. It only took slight analysis for them to identify the situation at hand.

The two scarlet apes were highly ambitious not for themselves, but for the entire monster spirit race. Though the immortal dao was the dao of all now, they still desired to carve out an age of glory from it that belonged to the monster spirits alone. The Dao Academy… was their greatest obstacle!

Monster spirits had once been split into two major camps—Levitating Island and those of the ten lands. After plans laid from the Primeval Era came into fruition in the ten lands, ten ancient personages awoke in their tombs. An enormous monster spirit at peak grand pure realm from Mist Land collected all of the monster spirits in those territories.

The ten lands now represented the ten greatest races beneath the heavens. Theyd been laying their plans since the Primeval Era—humans included. Now that the immortal dao traversed the heavens and the curse against great emperors was no longer, their ambitions stirred to conquer the world. Each of them wished to imitate the humans of the Primeval Era and be the sovereign of this eon.

The Dao Academy was also their obstacle.


“The headmaster wont care about the lives of a few disciples, but senior brother Yuan Tong and senior Wellspring are his acquaintances… If something happens to them—” murmured the monster spirit girl from earlier. “The two ancestors have made a mistake. Based on the kind of person the headmaster is, he will destroy Levitating Island at all cost!

“This cant happen! We must ask the two ancestors to take the field for the sake of Levitating Island. All will be lost if senior Wellspring dies here too!” Determination flashed across the girls face.

“Hold that prince off, Ill alert the ancestors!” She suddenly shot toward the island.

“Be careful, senior sister Lan!” The remaining thirteen immediately deployed combat arts together and faced off against the approaching Lu Fuyao.

“Want to run” A cold sneer blossomed on the princes face. “Die!” He stretched out a hand and pointed again, aiming for the back of the fleeing girl.

“Protect senior sister Lan!” The thirteen directed their combat arts forward and charged the prince.

They were all peerless immortals ascended from the void realm, thus bringing incredible strength to bear from a tiny battle formation they laid out together.

Face snapping with shock, Lu Fuyao whirled backward at the sudden threat and punched out at the formation.


An enormous collision rang through the air and shattered Wellsprings seal of ice over the area. The thirteen disciples spat out mouthfuls of blood as they flew backward.

“Since you want to die so badly, this prince will send you on your way!” Baring his teeth with bloodlust, green scales grew out of his skin.

1. Previously, they wouldve been rejected, as Lu Yun ran the risk of doing in the great wilderness.-

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