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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 951: Silverblaze

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The difference between a peerless immortal ascended from the void realm and a High Immortal of the Great Firmament was unfathomably great. It was greater than even the disparity between the previous dao immortals and regular immortals.

One step into the dao immortal realm placed one a giant leap into greatness!

As a peak High Immortal of the Great Firmament, Lu Fuyaos full strength wasn't something that could be overcome with combat arts. Although the thirteen monster spirit disciples could deduce the flaws in his methods and techniques, as well as identify how to defeat him, they were too weak to execute upon their conclusions.

Lu Fuyaos weakness was still greater than their strongest counter!

“Scaled-dragon… Lu Fuyao is a scaled-dragon!” murmured one of the disciples.

The monster spirit prince caught up to one of them and grabbed the disciples head, twisting it off the neck with a quick jerk.


The headless corpse fell into the ocean, reverting back to its true form and slowly sinking beneath the surface.

Sympathy for one of their kind clawed at the other disciples; they once again looked at Levitating Island. It was just a stones throw away, but somehow seemed infinitely removed. A frightening sense of unfamiliarity rose from their hearts.


Off in the distance, senior sister Lan had made it onto the island and was about to charge into the sacred land proper when sword light flashed through the air. She fell back into the ocean, soul and spirit scattered.

That flash of light hadn't come from the Mist Land monster spirits. Itd come from Levitating Island.

Lu Fuyao stalked forward relentlessly. Instead of using his hands, he stepped on the remaining disciples and crushed them beneath his feet.

The waters in the nearby vicinity turned the color of the blood.


Within Levitating Island, Goldenlight and Silverlight wordlessly observed the proceedings on their doorstep.

“Can the two of us really endure Lu Yuns vengeance” Goldenlight looked at his dao partner, a trace of hesitation accompanying a tiny wobble in his voice.

“I am that great personages honorary disciple and his sword formation is in Dusk Province.” Silverlight looked at the province, nostalgia marking her beautiful face. “I don't know if Lu Yun is the Flame Emperor, but my master is superior to all human great emperors. My master will not agree to Lu Yun taking revenge on Levitating Island.”

“But—” Goldenlights expression shifted slightly. “If the Dao Academy is your masters, then why are we attempting to destroy it”

“Its Lu Yuns, not my masters. My master cares very little for fame and wealth, he would never bother with establishing that junk of an academy. If my guesses are right, he's only using Lu Yuns hand to repair the immortal dao. Creating a so-called Dao Academy isn't part of his plans at all.”

Confidence shone out of Silverlights eyes. Master… 

Shed never formally become her masters disciple and only attended a few of his lectures, but he welcomed all comers and considered any audience member to have a shared destiny with him. Hence, all who attended his speeches were his honorary disciples.

Based on his temperament, he would lecture at the peak of Mount Xuanhuang if he really wished to impart dao to the rest of the world. He would never mobilize so many in this kind of ostentatious effort.

However, Silverlight would be proven wrong this time.


An Arcane Immortal of the Nine Heavens, three Golden Immortals of Grand Unity, and eighteen High Immortals of the Great Firmament had surrounded Wellspring. His combat arts were far stronger than what they could bring to bear, but he was beginning to come to the end of his tether.

Blackish-red blood bubbled out of where the dreadful poison beast had slashed through his skin. If it wasn't for his core essence being of connate water energy, he would've fallen in battle long ago. All the same, he teetered on a dangerous precipice and even one of his arms had been chopped off.


A wheel of the night moon appeared in the sky, along with the long croon of a wolf howl. A limber figure walked out of the bright silver moon—the Silvermoon Wolfking, Silverblaze.

Her cultivation had reached peak Golden Immortal of Grand Unity and she was half a step away from breaking through. She was one of the few Silvermoon Wolfkings that have been born to the world, so Lu Yun naturally placed a good deal of importance on her. Hed even sent her into the kingdom of hell at one point so she could take advantage of its time compression properties.

Silverblaze hadnt disappointed. A hundred years in hell had seen her become a Golden Immortal of Grand Unity, second to only Lu Yuns first disciple Liu Qingmiao and second disciple Zou Longxiu out of all the academy disciples!

Out of those in the academy, Silverblaze was very close to Yuan Tong due to their shared experiences in the Sovereign Ranking. Theirs was a friendship forged through life and death, and she immediately rushed to the North Sea upon sensing his death.

A Silvermoon Wolfking combat art enveloped all of Levitating Island in silvery moonlight. The void stilled with silence.

“Is Yuan Tong dead” Silverblazes voice was coolly aloof. Silver radiance danced in her eyes as she looked at Lu Fuyao.

“A Golden Immortal of Grand Unity, are you another of the academys experts” Stunned appreciation flashed through Lu Fuyaos eyes as he looked upon the newcomer whod descended from the heavens. He was captivated by her beauty and entranced by her cultivation. “This prince is Lu Fuyao of the Primeval Era monster spirit nation—Qingfu. Who are you”

His entourage returned to his side and clustered around him. The Arcane Immortal of the Nine Heavens had acutely picked up on the fact that this young girl was different from Wellspring. Though both were Golden Immortals of Grand Unity, the girl was much stronger than the being of connate water energy.

“Monster spirit ancestors, do you want the monster spirit race that is with you, or the race of your ideals” Silverblaze called out to the island after taking a deep look at Lu Fuyao.

No response was forthcoming. Everything was still and silent on Levitating Island, the scarlet apes had sunk into a mysterious quiet.

“...from this day forth, the silvermoon wolves are no longer monster spirits of Levitating Island.” A frosty glint flashed through Silverblazes eyes. “Any wolf that dares disobey my orders will feel my wrath!”

All of the silvermoon wolves on Levitating Island, the other two wolfkings as well, twitched violently when they heard the proclamation. Theyd wanted to lend a hand when they saw their peers from the academy being butchered by the prince, but the two ancestors had kept them firmly in place.

“Any silvermoon wolf that dares remain on the island after three days will no longer be of our tribe! I will use my power as a Silvermoon Wolfking to expunge their silvermoon bloodline!” Silverblaze was truly enraged this time.

As a Silvermoon Wolfking and the strongest of the tribe, Silverblaze had received the little foxs special aid. Miao had utilized her abilities as the monster spirit ancestor to fully activate the wolfs bloodline. Silverblaze had become the wolfking of not only her tribe, but of all wolves in the world.

Her word was an unbreakable law in her tribe.

“Now its time for revenge,” she murmured to herself with another look at the prince.

Lu Fuyao shuddered violently from the look, and the Arcane Immortal of the Nine Heavens by his side sent out his poison beast without needing to be told to do so.

Wellspring paled even further—he knew how strong this beast was. However, he couldnt suppress the virulent poison inside his body anymore and had to sit down cross-legged for an internal battle.

“A poison beast” Silverblazes eyes gleamed with moonlight when she looked at the green creature. The moon overhead burst forth with dazzling beams like snowflakes drifting through the air.-

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