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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 952: Breaking Off

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Resplendent moonlight drifted across the sky like fog, like snow, like frost. It enveloped a patch of seawater around Levitating Island, eliciting anguished shrieks from the poison beast when the light touched it.

The beast began to swiftly melt away, but no one glimpsed what Silverblaze had done, if anything at all. No one knew whatd happened while the poison beast thatd thoroughly stymied Wellspring vanished from sight moments later.


“This isnt a natural combat art of the Silvermoon Wolfkings!” Qingfus Arcane Immortal of the Nine Heavens glowered. “But so what if your combat arts are tremendous My cultivation level is far higher than yours. I will break all of your techniques with one stroke!”

He rose into the air and brandished a sword thatd appeared in his hand at sometime, bringing it straight down on Silverblaze.

This immortal had only sent out his poison beast to fight Wellspring earlier. If hed taken the field himself, the battle wouldve been over in moments. Though his combat arts were less than the water elementals, he possessed some secret methods from the academy as well. At the end of the day, his cultivation was higher and they were both beings under the immortal dao.

Now that his poison beast was dead, the arcane immortal knew he could no longer treat these defenders casually and decided to fight Silverblaze himself.

“Dont hurt her!” Lu Fuyao quickly spoke up. “This princes consort died from old age a long time ago. I have decided she will become my new consort!”

Silverblazes face darkened when she heard this and killing intent burned ever more brightly in her eyes.

“Break all of my techniques with one stroke You have to be strong enough to do so first!” she roared and flung out a hand. A giant hand of light appeared in the void, chopping down on the immortals strike.


Seawater exploded and the energy of the land began to scatter. Silverblaze was displaying strength on par with the arcane immortal; a brilliant silver star manifested in her eyes—a Taiyin Star!

Her cosmic dao fruit was a Taiyin Star, one that melded perfectly with her wolfking might and combined to release power far greater than any cosmic dao fruit.

Cosmic dao fruits werent selected after a round of haphazard shopping. An immortal had to seek out their destined star before they could refine it as their dao fruit. Lu Yun had yet to break through to dao immortality because he hadnt located the celestial body meant for him.

Fuxi had made use of a tomb in the chaos to craft a star for Lu Yun that happened to perfectly match his life chart. It had the potential to be his dao fruit, but was currently maturing in hell.

Silverblazes palm strike crashed ferociously with the immortals sword, the fallout from the collision reaching untold heights. If it wasnt for a great formation protecting Levitating Island, it wouldve broken apart from this devastating clash.


A muffled explosion sounded from midair. Quickly circling around, Silverblaze stomped on the immortals back, kicking him down from the air. Before he could react to his fall, Silverblaze shifted again and kicked him in the head.


Shed kicked his head to pieces and ruptured his nascent spirit! A brilliant star shot out of his headless corpse and returned to the expanse of space over the world of immortals.

“I was wrong, you arent weak, but you have no technique to your name. And you dare run your mouth about breaking my techniques with one stroke” Silverblaze wiped away a streak of blood from her mouth.

That immortal had indeed been stronger than her, but she was one of the academys most accomplished disciples! How could an old freak thatd been asleep for a hundred million years rival her in close body combat

She regained her bearings and walked through the air, bearing down on Lu Fuyao.

“Protect the prince!” Qingfus dao immortals were aghast at their colleagues death. Though fear snaked across their faces, they didnt dare retreat. Or rather, they couldnt. Their master, the lord of Qingfu Nation, was a human king of the Primeval Era. Now at peak grand pure realm, he had also awoken from his slumber.

Lu Fuyao was his only son. If he died here, they would end up in much worse straits than having their head kicked apart.

The primary purpose for their trip was to subdue the two who dared call themselves monster spirit ancestors. Who wouldve thought theyd run into a contingent from the Dao Academy as well Highly confident and fiercely proud, the prince had thought nothing of killing a few modern day ants. Contemporary immortals werent even worth a second glance.

It was rather unexpected that there was no response from Levitating Island after all of this, but that the academy had sent one expert after another.

A dozen dao immortals charged Silverblaze while a Golden Immortal of Grand Unity pulled the prince to him and activated a transportation technique with his own blood, attempting to escape from the North Sea.

However, the silver moonlight draped over everything within a five thousand kilometer radius was enough to trap a Golden Immortal of Grand Unity, even though he was burning blood essence to flee.

Stark despair rose in Lu Fuyaos heart. “Shell kill me, she really will kill me!!”

He hadnt thought that upon waking from his long rest and refining a chaos dao fruit, his first trip outside Mist Land would lead to his death.

“I am the prince of the Qingfu Nation!” he suddenly shrieked. “I promise you that anyone related to you will be exterminated if you touch even a hair upon my head!”

Thoroughly unmoved, Lu Fuyao walked on moonlight toward her quarry. Her speed was moderate, but each step promised the advent of death. One step, two steps… closer and closer, tormenting Lu Fuyao with the approach of his demise.

“Stop!! You will die if you dare touch my prince, and not only you, but your entire tribe and even that Dao Academy! My lieges wrath will descend upon all of you!” roared a golden immortal.

The only response was the ever-brightening glow from the moon in the sky. What shouldve been intangible and formless moonlight had somehow become a large bog. Sunk in the morass, the Qingfu dao immortals flailed and floundered, unable to break free no matter what they tried.

“The headmaster of the Dao Academy is the first great emperor of the human race, the Flame Emperor of the Primeval Era!” Silverblaze finally spoke up, seeming to be addressing Levitating Island more than the group in front of her.

“Who did the Flame Emperor fear in the Primeval Era He slew connate demon gods and existences stronger than great emperor with his own hands, to say nothing of minuscule grand pure realm immortals!

“Qingfu Nation The headmaster overturned even Mu Nation, one of the four divine nations in the great wilderness! What kind of nonsensical trash is this Qingfu Nation, a kingdom of monster spirits built by an empyrean cultivator”


She waved a hand as she spoke and cut Lu Fuyao into two. His cosmic dao fruit immediately shot into the sky and returned to the cosmos as a celestial body.

Silence reigned beneath the heavens.

“Prepare yourselves, ancestors of Levitating Island. There will be a reckoning for the lives of Yuan Tong and the dozen of my junior brothers and sisters. Await the fury of the Dao Academy!” Silverblaze and her tribe officially broke things off with the monster spirit sacred land in this moment.-

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