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Aftershocks rippled out from a tremendous collision that rocked the local region of space. Any location the ripples passed through was thoroughly cleansed of dead spirits. Teeming masses that filled the cosmos disintegrated into dust and vanished entirely.

On the main world of the Quiet Realm, the faint shadow of a bell flashed across the little foxs body and casually dispersed the ripples drifting their way.

The cataclysmic collision scared Luan Qi out of her wits and all thought fled her mind. She was just a peerless immortal; the Corpse Refiner had no idea how to react to the devastating ripples flooding in all directions of the void.



Hideous cracks appeared on the Dao Palace after Lu Yuns colossal stroke. Quietus was a chaos treasure and thus superior to all regular connate treasures. Even though Lu Yun was only bringing a hundred millionth of its power to bear, the edge of a chaos treasure wasnt something that a mere palace could withstand—no matter what kind of backing it came with.

Rich aureate brilliance oozed out from the cracks. Scintillating and spectacular, the light brimmed with the dense power of a star. It was thus apparent that the palace held a giant star inside of it, one more glorious and majestic than any star in the world of immortals. Apart from the dense cosmic energy around it, it seemed to nurture stranger power and rules of… the chaos.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” Ghastly shrieks sounded from the palace when it was split open. If Lu Yun had ever witnessed dismemberment, he would map that anguish to the wails he heard now. They were the agonizing screams of flesh being scraped off the bones of those still living.

Two twinkles of black light flashed through Lu Yuns eyes to illuminate three strange looking creatures writhing in torment next to the star. He could also see boundless energy from the Quiet Realm furiously flooding into the cracks in the palace to corrode their bodies.

However, the energy of this realm wasnt strong enough to instantaneously obliterate the three creatures, which further added to their torture.

“ROAR!!!” A furious bellow traveled out of the palace that wasnt completely shattered. A vicious beast hissing with fire sprang out of the palace, clawing down on Lu Yuns head.

A connate demon god, or rather, a chaos beast!

Chaos beasts were born of the chaos, which made them existences similar to connate demon gods. But while demon gods were born at the chaos realm, chaos beasts were born at the human king realm. Back in the day, several human kings had hunted down nine chaos beasts in the cosmos to craft a palace for the dragons. That palace had now been repurposed in the new state of affairs in the world of immortals.

That a chaos beast would charge out of the Dao Palace was the last possibility on Lu Yuns mind. These creatures had gone extinct at the end of the human dao era!

“So its creatures of the chaos.” Lu Yun quickly realized what was going on here.

Creatures of the chaos!

They drew upon the star in the palace for their core essence and had built a palace around it so that the laws of the chaos would descend upon the Quiet Realm. Meanwhile, they hid inside the palace and set up their plots for this realm.

The rulers that the darkfuries spoke of were these chaos creatures in the Dao Palace, and the hunting of humans was forbidden not out of consideration for the curse on these abandoned races. When Lu Yun split the palace apart, hed spied a multitude of human flesh mashed together in a titanic embryo!

He didnt know what purpose that monstrous embryo served, but he could clearly read the boundless resentment swirling within it. There was no fear intermixed within, just pure and immense resentment. This was only possible if the humans had lived in paradise after their birth and were summarily tortured to death!

This was the real reason why the chaos creatures forbade harming the humans, and why the yin spirits here were likewise under control to not attack the humans. The Quiet Realm was a breeding range of the human race.

The appearance of the ascent and descent protocols had thrown their plans into disarray, forcing them to change their methods and create an enormous mirage in the main world. If it hadnt been for the little fox accompanying him on this trip, Lu Yun wouldnt have been able to see through the illusions either. This exerted immense pressure on him. The combat arts, techniques, and supplemental paths wielded by the chaos creatures were far superior to the world of immortals!


The chaos beast at the level of the human king realm opened a large mouth that yawned like a black hole. Dominating suction force enveloped Lu Yun, fiercely shaking Quietus as it battled the new enemy. Unfortunately, Lu Yun was as fragile as an eggshell in front of a human king. Even wielding a chaos treasure wasnt enough for him to defy human king strength.




Waves of enormous bell tolls rang through the cosmos as the infinite space, stars, and starlight gathered together to form an upside down bell. A stunning girl whose beauty could topple cities set foot into the void, approaching them from the light of the descent protocol.


The energy of a world spread through local space and even shook the neighboring realms. Immortals who happened to be within range jerked in shock when they sensed the incredible strength. Stunned and alarmed, they all looked in the direction of the Quiet Realm.

But the strength of an empyrean master was too strong for even a Supreme Immortal of Original Order to see what was going on.

“Vile cretin! How dare you harm the living and destroy a world! Today, as the dean of the monster spirit dao in the Dao Academy, this seat will put an end to your evildoing!” The upside down bell of starlight brightened when Tushan waved a hand, sucking in the giant chaos beast and trapping it inside. She then set her sights on the cracked palace. “How dare you call yourself the Dao Palace! This is sheer blasphemy against my Dao Academy!”

A harsh light flashed through her eyes as she regarded the damaged structure. The Bell of Chaos trembled in the next moment and bore down on the Dao Palace.

“Hmph!” A cold sneer echoed through the cosmos before a mammoth black hole suddenly appeared in the foreground of the stars. A huge hand made of purple fire slowly stretched out of it and reached for Tushan.

It was so impossibly gargantuan that even the main world looked like a fly next to it. Tushan wasnt even the size of a speck of dust to it. The hand flared with empyrean strength, but the great emperors of the world of immortals now were also in the empyrean realm—the one that hadnt been cursed before the human dao!

Experts across the multiverse suddenly looked in their direction. They didnt know what was happening, but they did know that two great emperors were clashing in the lower realms. One of them was the dean of monster spirit dao in the Dao Academy!

The two scarlet apes on Levitating Island were as white as a sheet, and the ruler of Qingfu Nation was so pale that he was almost translucent. Theyd thought nothing of this dean of monster spirit dao before, taking themselves to be the strongest monster spirits in the world. Who wouldve thought that this dean would be a great emperor!

“Its that fox, the one who appeared at the end of the human dao era and called herself the monster spirit ancestor!” Amazement appeared on Goldenlights face. “Isnt, isnt she empyrean realm though When did she become a great emperor”

“A fox that called herself the monster spirit ancestor” Silverlights eyes widened. “Did you just say there was a fox who called herself the monster spirit ancestor …can it be her”


“The monster spirit ancestor!”



The hand was in the shape of a humans hand. Both Lu Yun and Tushan could clearly see that the lines of the palm and whorls of the fingerprints were the same as a humans.

“Hmph! You stretch out a hand when this seat is here in person, do you really take this seat for an easy mark!” Tushan flew into a tirade and released rays of starlight from her body that connected with the Bell of Chaos of the stars. The local space became her battlefield; she was the first cosmic constitution beneath the heavens!




Shaking furiously, the Bell of Chaos tolled with ringing peals and smashed the soundwaves into the large hand, ripping it to pieces. Purple flame and purple blood sprayed through the stars, but Tushan wasnt going to stop at just that.

With a beckon of her hand, the bell fell from space and took solid form. Golden ripples oscillated through the void and blasted into the black hole, raising howls of fury and pain that shook all of the Quiet Realm.

“I have a connate treasure and you dont, how dare you throw your weight around in front of me!” Tushan flew through the void with bell in hand, white robes fluttering around her and charged at the black hole.

“Bitch! Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have a peerless connate treasure!” bellowed an incensed voice from the black hole.

“Thats right! I can do whatever I want precisely because I have a peerless connate treasure!” Curling her lip, Tushan stood next to the black hole and forced it to remain open with the bells power. 

A wooden striker appeared in her hand and she pounded the Bell of Chaos with a frenzied tempo. Accompanied by a cascade of golden ripples, glorious and stately bell tolls pulsed through the void and barreled into the black hole.

On the other side, the empyrean master screamed with excruciation as his body began to crumble and break apart from the barrage. The Bell of Chaos was no ordinary connate treasure, it was the greatest connate treasure of the great wilderness, second to only Worldcarver, Heavenfall, and Quietus!

“Stop, stop!” Dont you want to know where I come from” The empyrean master finally admitted defeat, but he grimly clung on and refused to surrender.

“Theres no need,” Tushans tones were frostily cold. “No matter your background, youre our enemy. The only good enemy is a dead enemy.”-

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