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Tianling Dynasty.

The royal familys ancestral hall.

There was a strong smell of blood in the somber main hall.

There was a woman trapped in the silver cage that sat in the middle of the hall.

She lay on the floor, curled up into a ball as she trembled.

Her ornate palace gown was dyed with blood, the skirt eerily empty—her legs had been cut off!


There was the sound of footsteps, and Shangguan Yue looked up with much difficulty.

A familiar face appeared before her eyes.

Her heart wildly trembled because the person who appeared was none other than her fiancée whom she was set to wed—Jiang Yucheng!

“Shangguan Yue, how does it feel to lose your force and become an invalid”


Shangguan Yue looked at him in disbelief.

“It was you!”

Jiang Yucheng smiled.

“How does the snow tea that I have been brewing for you for the past three years taste with a side of mortalizing powder”


Shangguan Yue froze, then laughed desolately.

She thought they had a perfect romance, but he had been out to get her right from the start! The expression on her face gradually turned cold.

“Jiang Yucheng, do you know what the punishment for murdering the princess is”

Jiang Yucheng smiled and remained silent, but a female voice appeared in the main hall.

“Sister, now that things have come to this, do you still think that youre still the high and mighty princess”

Shangguan Yue whipped her head around, and a girl walked in elegantly.

It was the sister that she doted on the most—Shangguan Wan!

The face that was usually gentle and timid was now obnoxious and arrogant!

“One day and one night, youve lost almost all your blood.

Whos going to come and save you Our critically ill father, or your Thirteen Yue Guard far away at the frontiers”

Shangguan Yues heart turned cold.

“Fathers illness… it was you!” They were probably behind the departure of the Thirteen Yue Guard as well!

Shangguan Wan blinked and patted her chest before she looked towards Jiang Yucheng coyly.

“Yucheng, sisters so fierce.

Waner is scared.”

Jiang Yucheng smiled as he put his arm around her waist.

“Whats there to be scared of Shes nothing but an invalid now.

If we use her blood to cultivate your Yuan meridian, your talents will increase drastically.

By then, everything will be yours!”

Shangguan Wan looked at her sister with jealousy.

“Sister, you were born with a Tianjing Yuan meridian, crowned as the ordained princess.

Everything you had was the best! But why Just because your mother was the queen, while mine was a concubine”


She was indignant, so she wanted to take everything that Shangguan Yue had and make it hers.

“Dont worry.

From now on, the man you love and your future throne, I will take good care of them on your behalf!”


Shangguan Yue felt that there were weights on her chest and that she was about to explode! The two people that she trusted the most were betraying her!

As Shangguan Wan admired her sisters tortured expression, it did not seem to be enough for her.

“Oh, right.

Sister, on account of your care all these years, Ill make sure to send you off properly.

Hopefully, you can be reunited with your mother and brother, who died young,” she added.

The words were like grenades that exploded by Shangguan Yues ears.

Could it be that her mother and brothers fatal accident by the frozen lake was not an accident


“Did you know that when seventh brother died, he was still calling for you…”

“Shangguan Wan!” Shangguan Yue cried out.

Harming her father, betraying her, cutting off her legs, and trapping her here.

All of these crimes were unpardonable! Little did she expect that her revered mother and favorite brother had perished in their hands too!


She glared at the pair with bloodshot eyes as if she were a demon from the depths of hell.

In the next instance, a crimson fire swept across the hall.

Shangguan Yue had activated the self-destruction mechanism of the Tianjing Yuan meridian in her body.

A fireball the size of a longan flew out and headed straight for Shangguan Wans dantian!

Shangguan Wan immediately felt her Yuan meridian burning! She began screaming in panic.

“My Yuan meridian!”


Even though Jiang Yucheng managed to avoid it narrowly, half of his right arm had been sliced off!

“If I get a second chance at life… Ill have my vengeance!” Shangguan Yues words were like a curse!


Nobody saw the flashing cryptic characters that formed on the pool of blood!


Year 1653 of the Tianling Dynasty.

Princess Shangguan Yue passed away because of Qi deviation.



Pain that could be felt in the bones!

It was like her flesh was being ripped apart and burned!

A fuzzy voice appeared in her ears.

“Heh heh, big brother, even though this lass is like a twig, her face is stunning.

Isnt it kind of a waste to kill her just like this”


“Yeah! Big brother, no matter what, she is the Chu familys Big Missy.

It must feel good to play with her!”

“Cheh, what Big Missy This useless thing that doesnt even have the Yuan meridian.

The entire Chu family treats her as the familys black sheep!”

“Big brother, since Third Missy only said to make her disappear, cant we just burn everything after were done Its not like people from the Chu family will come looking for her.”



There was a sharp pain in Shangguan Yues brain, and she opened her eyes!

Underneath the blinding lights, she saw a perverse looking man reaching towards her chest!

“You must be tired of living!” Shangguan Yue cried out, only to find that her voice was completely different from before! Her voice was raspy as if she had not had water for a long time.

However, it was rather obvious that the voice belonged to a 12-year-old or 13-year-old girl!


Before she could think things through, she grabbed the mans wrist and bent it hard.

At the same time, she kicked her leg out!

“Ah!” A tragic cry echoed in the forest!

In his moment of carelessness, the man was kicked backward, and his hand was in an eerie state.

It had been broken with brute force!

“Big brother!” The two men behind him were stunned as they rushed to catch him.

They were shocked to see that the man had been hurt as they turned towards the girl.

What was going on! Chu Liuyue was known for being the Chu familys most useless member.

She could not fight at all.

Otherwise, she would not have been brought to this misty forest after they easily knocked her out!

But now, she managed to break the big brothers hand!


“You little b*tch.

How dare you raise your hand against me, Song Lian I think you are the one whos tired of living.

Brothers, go and bring her over here!”


“Yes!” Even though they were confused, they rushed over without much thought.

The three of them were stage two warriors; how could Chu Liuyue be their match That must have been a fluke!

Shangguan Yue narrowed her eyes as she regarded the two men advancing toward her.

A dark light flashed across her eyes.

She then ran straight for the two men!

Just as the three were about to clash, the two men swung their knives!

Shangguan Yue seemed to have been expecting that.

She bent and took a step aside, heading straight toward one of the men.

Just inches away, she easily grabbed the mans wrist and pressed down hard in a certain position!

A sense of powerlessness originated from her wrist, and the mans knife froze right above the young girls head!

Shangguan Yues eyes turned cold as she turned.

The direction of the knife changed and decapitated the man directly!


Warm blood splattered all across her face, but she did not even bat an eyelid!


She released her hand emotionlessly, and the headless man fell to the ground!

A cold breeze came from behind her!

She struck with the knife without looking back at all!

The man, who was trying to sneak up on her, widened his eyes.

Before his knife could land, he had been slashed across the waist!


The clean cut sent chills down ones spine!

Song Lian was stunned by everything that was unfolding before his eyes. Whats going on! Chu Liuyue managed to kill two stage two warriors in the blink of an eye!

“Ch-chu Liuyue! Are you insane!” Song Lians voice was much sharper because of fear.

Shangguan Yue turned and frowned as she looked at the man who was supposed to kill her.

She did not know them.

Besides, they were too weak.

At the very least, they should have sent stage eight warriors if they wanted to kill her.

But now this…


Thats not right! Wasnt I already dead I was harmed by Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan together in the royal familys ancestral hall! Now…

She suddenly looked down at her hand that was holding onto the knife.

This was a pair of slender and weak hands, but they had a number of calluses because of all the hard work it had done.

These arent my hands! Also, that man from earlier called me… Chu Liuyue! Her gaze changed as she pieced everything together.

“Third Missy sent you to kill me”

Song Lian wanted to take the chance to kill Chu Liuyue, but the two people before him had died so tragically.

Although he was not sure what kind of spell Chu Liuyue was under, he dared not act rashly.

His actions of kneeling down and crying out changed her thoughts and expression.

“Yes! Yes! It was all Third Missys orders! She asked us to abduct you while you were out shopping! She said she would give us 600 taels of silver as long as we made you disappear without anyone knowing! Big Missy, please have mercy on me! It was a moment of folly!”

Big Missy Shangguan Yue felt her head throb when she heard that as if something was rushing to her head! The sharp pain made her take a step back, and her face was pale as a sheet.

Song Lian glanced at her, and his eyes turned vicious.

In for a penny, in for a pound! The moment was now!

“Die!” As he cried out, he suddenly got up and flew towards Shangguan Yue! His energy was suddenly much stronger than it was before! He was already a stage three warrior!

But just as he was about to reach Shangguan Yue, a knife pierced his chest first!

It was the knife in Shangguan Yues hand!

Song Lian looked down in disbelief. How… When did Chu Liuyue become so strong


He would never know the answer.


The last one was killed too!


There was nothing but silence in the forest.

If not for the three bodies on the ground, nobody would ever expect such a skinny young girl to have that much strength!

Shangguan Yue supported herself using a tree.

When the pain subsided, she realized that another persons memories were in her head.

After sorting everything out, she slowly opened her eyes and sighed.


It turned out that she had been reborn into the body of a young girl named Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue—the big missy of the Chu family—was from one of the four big families in Country Yao Chen.

Even though she was the big missy, her life was worse than the servants.

She was born with a lacking Yuan meridian, so she could not cultivate.

Therefore, she was seen as the shame of the Chu family.

Chu Liuyues mother died when she was very young.

Her father, Chu Ning, had been first in line to be the familys next head but was injured a few years ago.

From then on, his status in the family plummeted.

As such, it was not hard to imagine how hard she had been bullied since young.

The Third Missy that wanted to kill her was her second uncle, Chu Yaos daughter—Chu Xianmin.

She wanted to kill Chu Liuyue because of the marriage agreement that Chu Liuyue had.


It was with Country Yao Chens Crown Prince, Rong Jin!

Chu Liuyue would turn 14 in a month, and the engagement ceremony would be held then!


It was not only Chu Xianmin, but countless people also tried to kill her in the dark!

Shangguan Yue stood up, curling her pale lips into a smile.

If she recalled correctly, Country Yao Chen was a subsidiary country of Tianling Dynasty!

This was not the end of her!

She was Chu Liuyue from now on!

The vengeance from her last life would be paid back a hundred-fold in this life!



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