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Chu Liuyue turned back and lazily raised her eyebrows.

“Third Sister, Ive just punished a person that committed insubordination.

Why are you so angry Could it be that in your eyes, your elder sister cant even be compared to a slave”

You should have considered whose slave he was! Chu Xianmin was furious.

If it werent for the rather large group of people watching them, she would definitely not be able to contain her anger, and would directly go up and confront Chu Liuyue.

She took a deep breath and forced a smile.

“Sister, your status is definitely more precious than theirs, but as the saying goes,look at the owner before you hit the dog. Sister, you clearly knew that Liansheng is my servant.

Why must you treat him in this way That one cut of yours directly destroyed his cultivating career.”

It looked like she really wanted to stand up for her people.

The crowd could not help but compare both people in their hearts as they watched the commotion.

Chu Xianmin was extremely talented, but she did not put up an act and was gentle and mature.

She was clearly angry and frustrated beyond words at this point.

One could tell that she cared very much about her servants.


This point alone made people admire her.

On the other hand, Chu Liuyue was very arrogant as an invalid.

She was just like a maniac!

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized something.

“Oh… right.

I actually forgot that hes your servant.”

Chu Xianmin was furious to the point she almost spat out blood.

Chu Liuyue was clearly acting in front of her.

If she did not stand up for Chu Liansheng today, everyone would know that Chu Xianmin was trampled all over by an invalid when word got out.

What kind of reputation would she be left with

“Since Sister remembered it, then no matter what, may I ask…”

Before Chu Xianmin could finish her sentence, Chu Liuyue interrupted her.

“In other words, you were the one who asked him to come and wreak havoc at my place”

Chu Xianmin was suddenly stumped.

“You commanded Chu Liansheng to bring people to capture me and snatch my herbs away, right”

“W-why… would I…” Chu Xianmin subconsciously denied it.

However, Chu Liuyue refused to believe her.

“Without your instructions, why would Chu Liansheng dare to do that”

Her one sentence made Chu Xianmin speechless.

The entire area fell into a deep silence as everyone watched the good show.


Chu Liansheng was very smart.

He knew that if he let Chu Liuyue continue, it would not be good for them at all, so he hurriedly yelled, “Third Missy, its all my fault! Big Missy is a distinguished person; I shouldnt have offended her.

If Big Missy insists on telling Master or the Crown Prince, Ill bear all the consequences on my own.”

Chu Xianmins face contorted.

Chu Liuyue was using her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince to pressure her.

What exactly happened Chu Liuyue long knew that she wasnt good enough for the Crown Prince, so she was too ashamed to bring the marriage agreement up.

Why would she…

“Whats all the commotion about” An angry roar suddenly sounded.

Chu Xianmin was elated to hear this voice as she turned around to take a look.

“First Elder!” Chu Liuyue looked up and saw First Elder—Chu Xiao—walking towards them.

An unfamiliar man was following closely behind him.

“I told him to come.

Why Do you have an issue with it” Chu Xiao stood in front of Chu Xianmin and knitted his brows toward Chu Liuyue.

He did not even attempt to hide his hatred in his voice.

Chu Xianmin was calmed.

Actually, First Elder did not know anything about this issue, but she was more than happy since he was willing to take her side.

Her heart was much more composed than before as she smiled and greeted the man behind the First Elder.

“Vice-Captain Song, why are you here”

The person was precisely the Crown Princes personal bodyguard—Song Yuan.

Song Yuan hurriedly bowed and greeted smartly, “Third Missy, youre too kind.

I came here to pass something to you.”

One could just think a little to know that he was acting on the Crown Princes orders to give something to Chu Xianmin.

The expressions on the crowds faces changed.

They had long heard that the Crown Prince liked Chu Xianmin, and now it seemed like it was true.

Chu Xianmin was also very pleased; the numerous envious looks from the crowd comforted her heart more than ever.

Her cheeks blushed as if she was shy.

“If Brother Jin wanted to give me something, he could just send anyone over.

He shouldnt have troubled Vice-Captain Song to deliver the item over personally.”

Song Yuan took out a letter and passed it to her with both his hands.

He said happily, “The Crown Princes birthday party is coming soon.

I came here specifically to pass you the invitation card.

Of course, there are people who will deliver the cards for the others, but the Crown Prince had specially instructed me to pass you the card personally.”

The crowd then realized that it was the Crown Princes birthday party invitation.

It was normal for the Crown Prince to invite guests to his party, but only a handful of people would receive the invitation from Song Yuan.

This showed that he really treated Chu Xianmin differently.

“I see.

Thank you, Vice-Captain Song.” Chu Xianmin took the invitation card and was extremely pleased and elated in her heart.

She knew that the Crown Prince liked her, but his previous attitude was always quite ambiguous.

Now, he was finally willing to show it clearly.

Very soon, everyone in the Imperial City would know about this incident.

The Crown Prince had the intent to make her the Crown Princess.

She took the invitation card and purposely asked Chu Liuyue, “Sister, I heard that your engagement with Brother Jin is going to happen really soon.

You must have received the invitation card much earlier, right”

The crowd erupted into chuckles.

Invitation card

The Crown Prince must probably have forgotten about her.

Chu Xianmin said very sincerely, “Youve never gone to any of Brother Jins birthday parties in the past few years.

You are going this year, right”

Chu Liuyue sneered.

In the past, Rong Jin did invite the original Chu Liuyue to attend his birthday party, and she did attend it with high expectations.

However, she only received countless scoldings and mockery in return.

From then on, she refused to go, and Rong Jin naturally did not invite her anymore.

This time, there would definitely not be an invitation card for her as well.

Chu Xianmin covered her mouth in shock.

“Ahh! Could it be that you dont have it T-this…” She looked at the invitation card in her hands as if in a difficult position.

“Sorry, Sister.

I didnt know that you didnt have…”

First Elder stroked his beard in satisfaction. Chu Liuyue that invalid almost ruined the marriage alliance between the Chu family and the Crown Prince.

Luckily the Crown Prince has set his eyes on Minmin. Thinking about this, he looked at Chu Liuyue with a cold face. “Why would an invalid like her go To humiliate herself Hurry up and kneel down!”

Chu Liuyue looked at him coldly.

“First Elder, shouldnt you give me a reason for that”

First Elder knitted his brows tightly as he pointed towards the herbs and his voice boomed.

“You still have the guts to ask Say it! Where did you get the money to buy all these items”

Song Yuan looked at Chu Liuyue.

Was… this the rumored invalid of the Chu family—Chu Liuyue

He had never taken any notice of her in the past, and the Crown Prince did not even know what she looked like.

Unexpectedly, she started to become out of place at this juncture.

How ridiculous.

Chu Xianmin started to feel uneasy when she saw Song Yuans gaze land on Chu Liuyue.

Song Lian was Song Yuans cousin, and he had initially helped pave the way for her, which the Crown Prince might not even know about.

Even though he had never stated his stance, his attitude showed that he silently agreed with his actions.

However, Song Yuan still did not know about Song Lians precarious situation.

If he knew…

Chu Liuyue kept quiet for a while; when the crowd thought that she was about to admit her wrongs, she suddenly glanced at Song Yuan.

Then, she spoke in a seemingly laughing manner, “First Elder, where do you think I got so much money from There arent many people who would do this in the entire Imperial City.”

Just as the First Elder was about to continue scolding her, he was suddenly stunned.

Did Chu Liuyue mean that the Crown Prince gave her the money

He looked at Song Yuan with uncertainty.

Song Yuan was also dazed.

Why would the Crown Prince ever give her money However, there seemed to be no other explanation other than this.

“Third Sister, you dont have to feel guilty.

I wont be going to the Crown Princes birthday party this year.”

The moment a tinge of happiness flashed across Chu Xianmins eyes, she heard the next sentence that Chu Liuyue said.

“After all, the engagement is just around the corner, and I have lots to prepare.

How can I be as free as you, right”



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