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Bai Chen looked at her weirdly.

“Of course.

Since you entered the school to cultivate, how can you not have a teacher This is especially so for Xuan Masters as one needs detailed guidance from a teacher.

If not, youll take a long path.

Why Do… you not want to pick a teacher”

Chu Liuyue hemmed and hawed.

Upon seeing his weird expression, she shook her head and smiled.

“Not really.

I just asked about it casually.

There are many teachers in the academy, but Im not too familiar with them as Ive just come here.

So, I havent made up my mind for now.”

Bai Chen did not doubt that she had another reason for asking this as he laughed out loud.

“Oh, so thats the case! Actually, you dont need to be so conflicted.

Its not too late to choose when you see the teachers individually at Peach Garden.”

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then, Im assured.”

Bai Chen winked.

“Actually, most of the students are like you when they first enter the academy and know nothing about the teachers.

However, their range of choices isnt as big as yours.

You took first place in the warrior assessment and second place in the Xuan Master assessment.

All the teachers want to have you as their disciple now, so its up to you to choose.

Not everyone can have this treatment.”

Only a rare talent like Chu Liuyue could stir up all those peoples desires.

“Okay, Ill go over after unpacking my things.”

Chu Liuyues residence was a very clean two-story building.

She scanned her surroundings and discovered that everything she needed was already prepared for her.

She did not need to bring anything along.

However, she still placed her items neatly and changed into the academy uniform with the nameplate on her left chest area.

Then, she walked towards Peach Garden.

Bai Chen had already told Chu Liuyue how to go to Peach Garden, so she arrived there smoothly.

From far away, Chu Liuyue already saw a traditional and spacious building.

When Chu Liuyue stood outside the door, she suddenly felt immense pressure coming straight for her.

She focused her gaze but did not move.

She stood still instead.


The harsh aura suddenly disappeared when it almost reached her face.

The remaining wind blew up the loose strands of hair in front of her forehead.

Chu Liuyue stood there calmly and cupped her fists.

“Greetings, teachers.”

Deep laughter sounded at the next moment.

“I said this girl has true capabilities, yet you insisted on testing her.

Youre not even afraid of being ridiculed by her.” It was Sun Zhongyans voice.

“Girl, come in.”

After he finished his sentence, the invisible force in front of Chu Liuyue vanished completely.

She then stepped into the building.

Unlike its name, Peach Garden had no plants or flowers, only rough rocks haphazardly placed around.

However, Chu Liuyue could immediately tell that the rocks formed a special Xuan formation.

With this place as the center, the Xuan formation energy exuded in all directions.

The Xuan formations power could definitely not be underestimated once activated.

Chu Liuyue quickly retracted her gaze.

Sun Zhongyan sat on a stone bench in the building and placed a chess piece down when he saw her enter.

Chu Liuyue noticed that the chessboard was exactly the same as the one she used to enter Tian Lu Academy.

However, todays chess pieces were scattered around like stars in the sky, clearly much more complicated than the chessboard that day.

“Girl, have you chosen your teacher”

After hesitating slightly, Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Teacher Bai Chen told me to come over and meet all the teachers.” As she was talking, she scanned her surroundings and discovered that nobody else other than Elder Sun was in the yard.

However, some hidden aura was in the building…

“Elder Sun, the other teachers…” Chu Liuyue was confused.

Sun Zhongyan pointed towards the chessboard.

“Since everyone wanted to be your mentor, we held a small competition.

Now, all of them have lost, and Im the only one left.” He smiled and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“What do you think of me being your teacher”

Chu Liuyue was slightly stunned.

If she did not remember wrongly, Elder Sun was also Si Tings teacher.

When she was hesitating, a gray shadow suddenly dropped down from a distance, and a deep voice boomed like thunder in Peach Garden.

“I disagree!”


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