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This voice sounds a little familiar… When Chu Liuyue was thinking, she saw that the figure had already rushed up to Sun Zhongyan.

His figure was a little stooped, and he was wearing a torn cotton robe.

Who else could it be if it was not Elder Ye However, why was he here

Sun Zhongyan was even more shocked than Chu Liuyue.

“Uncle-Master Why are you here”

Uncle-Master Chu Liuyue was shocked.

She had already guessed that Elder Yes identity was not simple, but she did not expect him to be Sun Zhongyans Uncle-Master. Isnt his status too high

Elder Ye panted and glared at Sun Zhongyan.

Sun Zhongyan felt very guilty from his stares.

“… Uncle-Master, whats the matter”

“Whats the matter How dare you ask me” said Elder Ye as he directly slapped Sun Zhongyan across his face.

“Youre a brat.

How dare you fight for her with your Uncle-Master Youre too gutsy!”

Sun Zhongyan did not dare to retaliate and could only cover his head and hide.

“Uncle-Master! Uncle-Master! Why are you hitting me Even if I ate bear heart and leopard gall, I wouldnt dare to fight for a person with you.”

Chu Liuyue immediately felt amused when looking at the highly respected Sun Zhongyan being chased around and beaten up.

She coughed and turned around.

“Uncle-Master, even if you want to beat me up, could you make it clear when did I steal your person” yelled Sun Zhongyan with grievances. Uncle-Master usually doesnt show up, so why did he hit me once he did

Elder Ye finally stopped and pointed at Chu Liuyue while huffing and puffing.


The building instantly fell into deep silence.

Chu Liuyue could sharply feel that the previously hidden aura had some ripples.

It was obvious that everyone was shocked by Elder Yes words.

Sun Zhongyan was stunned for quite some time.

“T-this… Uncle-Master, you want to accept Chu Liuyue as your disciple But… youre a heavenly doctor!” Chu Liuyues strong talent as a warrior and Xuan Master has no need to be mentioned, but her heavenly doctor talent… seems to be a little lacking.

Sun Zhongyan looked at Chu Liuyue and could not help but advise him.

“Uncle-Master, did you hear that this girl entered the academy by passing all three examinations, so you wanted to accept her as your disciple You might not know it very clearly, but this girl is talented as a Xuan Master and warrior.

Shes much stronger in those two areas than in the heavenly doctor aspect.

Besides, didnt you always feel that accepting a disciple is troublesome”

His Uncle-Master had not accepted a single disciple all these years.

“If you really want to accept a disciple, there are quite a few talented ones in this batch of students.”

“What do you know” Elder Ye interrupted him frustratedly.

“Why would I not know about my own disciple”

After Elder Ye finished his sentence, Sun Zhongyan was suddenly speechless as if he had been strangled.

At that moment, the surroundings were so quiet that ones breathing could be heard.

Chu Liuyue quietly sighed in her heart.

Initially, she wanted to choose a teacher quietly and then begin cultivating in the academy, but it seemed like this was not possible… I didnt expect Elder Ye to have such a connection with Tian Lu Academy.

He even popped up at this time.

“This girl has been my disciple for a long time.

Dream on if you want to snatch her away from me.” Elder Ye was still brooding over the earlier matter as he glared at Sun Zhongyan as if he was looking at a thief.

He walked to Chu Liuyue.

“Girl, all these old fellows are very bad! Dont be tricked by them!”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Must you be so direct

While showing an indignant expression, Elder Ye said, “This girl! Why didnt you tell me that you were coming to the academy Are you really thinking of finding someone else to be your mentor”

Chu Liuyue smiled helplessly.

“Mentor, youre mistaken.


“I only went into seclusion for a few days.

I went to look for you at the Chu family estate once I was out, but I couldnt find you after looking for you everywhere.

I asked around for a long time until I found out this major thing had happened! If I were any later, wont you be this brats disciple”

The scolded Sun Zhongyan did not care about feeling wronged or explaining himself.

There was too much information within Elder Ye and Chu Liuyues conversation, which caused him to be unable to react.

Chu Liuyue froze and did not say anything.

If she knew Elder Ye was from Tian Lu Academy, she wouldnt have wasted so much effort.

However, she was pretty touched when she heard that Elder Ye had frantically searched for her.

Elder Ye looked at the young girl in front of him and did not even have enough time to dote on her.

Why would he have the heart to scold her seriously His voice became warmer as he slapped Chu Liuyues arm.

“Luckily, I came here early enough.

You cant do this anymore!”

Chu Liuyue replied to him with a delightful smile.

“Okay, Mentor!”

The mentor-disciple duo was over the moon, but Sun Zhongyan and the building full of teachers were dazed.

Upon seeing that Elder Ye was going to take Chu Liuyue away, Sun Zhongyan could not help but step forward and ask, “Elder Ye, a-are… you really accepting this girl as your disciple”

Elder Ye glanced at him.

“The girl called mementor.

Did you not hear her”

Sun Zhongyan was stumped.

“B-but her talent… Her talent, I…”

Elder Ye spoke halfway when Chu Liuyue gently pulled on his sleeves.

Elder Yes heart skipped a beat, and he glanced at Chu Liuyue.

He could guess what she was thinking. It seems like this girl doesnt want to expose herself… Thats true.

It will attract too much attention if I expose everything.

Elder Ye coughed.

“Anyway, she passed the heavenly doctor examination.

I also have some fate with her.

Since Ive already accepted her as my disciple, theres no use in whatever you say.” He looked very determined.

Sun Zhongyan really felt that it was a pity. Chu Liuyue has no potential as a heavenly doctor.

Even if she has a mentor, her future is bleak.

“Master, Im actually pretty interested in Xuan formations.

I came to the academy to learn a thing or two about it.”

Chu Liuyues words worried Elder Ye.

“Y-You really want to accept this brat as your disciple”

Chu Liuyue contained her laughter and shook her head.

“Since I already have a mentor, its not nice of me to accept another teacher.

I want to cultivate as a Xuan Master on my own.

May I know if youll agree to it”

“On your own” Sun Zhongyan immediately felt that it would not work.

“Girl, you must think this through.

If you have no teacher to guide you along, your Xuan Master path will be a difficult one.”

Chu Liuyue nodded her head in determination.

“Thank you, Elder Sun, but Ive already made up my mind.

Mentor, do you have any objections”

Elder Ye was hesitant with his words.

Actually, he had already vaguely guessed that Chu Liuyue really did not need a Xuan Master mentor.

Similar to her heavenly doctor cultivation, her potential was untested, and she was more than worthy of being his teacher.

“Why would I stop you in whatever you want to do This matter is settled.” Elder Ye waved his hand.

“Bring the name registry over!”

Someone very quickly walked out of the building and brought a thick booklet.

On the cover was a few words written in gold:Tian Lu Academy.

Elder Ye placed his hand on the booklet and released energy.

The pages actually flipped open on its own.

Chu Liuyue stood at the side and could clearly see that the pages were filled with names.

Students names were in black, while teachers names were in red.

The pages finally stopped flipping when it arrived at a new page.

Elder Ye looked focused as he extended his fingers and wrote his name, letter by letter.

“Ye Zhiting.” The sparkling golden words looked like they had a life of their own.

His name was actually in gold!

Very quickly, Chu Liuyue saw a line of words appearing below his name.

“Tian Lu Academys 65th Director!”


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